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Pong Cheese Gift Boxes – Buy Cheese gifts

That’s because they’re just like you CHEESE IS AMAZING. Cheese is a universally appreciated food. However, they Brits think it gets short shrift: at dinner parties, it rarely gets the spotlight until after everyone is stuffed, and at restaurants, they often have to pick between dessert and cheese. So Pong was created to put an end to this madness and restore cheese’s rightful place in the spotlight.

More than 98% of British families eat cheese annually, with an average of 10 kilogrammes per person. Sounds like a lot, but because they eat more frequently (for example, breakfast), the French, Italians, Greeks, and Germans consume more than twice as much cheese daily as the average American.

Pong was made so that you could get your hands on some of the finest cheeses made by the best artisanal and independent producers in the UK, as well as some European standards. Each cheese has its own distinct flavour and texture, and its preparation requires a high level of expertise. Any of the cheeses sold at Pong, from the oddly coloured but incredibly delicious “Oxford Blue” to the now-famous “Stinking Bishop,” are deserving of the spotlight.

Two friends from Bath, England the “Napa Valley” of cheese created the game of Pong. The Cheese Club is the most popular cheese subscription service in the United Kingdom, and its founders are cheese experts who have used their expertise to curate a monthly selection of the finest cheeses from all over the world for their members.



PongCheese is the ultimate Pong Box, taking the beloved classic game to a whole new level. The PongCheese box provides everything you need to compete in Pong and enjoy some friendly rivalry among friends. It includes four Pong paddles plus all of your favorite Pong Balls, allowing two teams to battle it out in traditional Pong style or using different variations of the classic game. Paddle controls make it easy for precision players, while keeping the gameplay fast and fluid. It’s sure to bring hours of fun with loved ones or even when playing by yourself!


PongCheese’s Classic Tasting Box is the perfect way to sample the unique, artisan flavor of PongCheese. You’ll receive three delicious cheeses to explore the PongCheese range plus some extra goodies that make this box even more special. Every cheese has been specially chosen for its flavor, texture and quality to ensure you get a true PongCheese experience. The Classic Tasting Box also makes an excellent gift and is sure to delight any cheese lover you know. So why not take the plunge and dive into PongCheese’s delicious world with their Classic Tasting Box?


Alex James Co. British Box of 6 is the perfect combination for all cheese-lovers! Featuring PongCheese’s exclusive range from the UK, this box provides a diverse selection of flavors and textures to suit any palate. From creamy Caerphilly to tangy Leicester, there’s something here to excite even the most sophisticated gourmands. Packed with high-quality cheeses and sourced sustainably, Alex James Co.’s British Box of 6 is an ideal gift for friends near or far and is sure to be a hit!


If you’re looking for the most indulgent selection box available, a French PongCheese Selection Box is the perfect choice. PongCheese uses the freshest of ingredients to create some of France’s favourite cheeses, from Brie and Camembert to Roquefort and Reblochon. Packed with seven different types of cheese, PongCheese’s selection boxes will have your taste buds tantalized. Each selection box is also complemented with accompaniments such as honey, jams and freshly baked baguettes; providing an anglophile take on one of France’s national delicacies.


PongCheese’s exclusive edition of the “Best Dad in the World” Box is a special gift that every father dreams of receiving. Packed within this box is an array of practical and fun items that any dad would love. A personalized PongCheese t-shirt, a PongCheese mug and PongCheese stickers are just some of the features packed inside. The box also contains various gadgets such as a gaming headset, noise cancelling earbuds, and even a PongCheese mouse mat. This makes it one of the most memorable gifts for dads to show their loved ones that they truly care. With this one-of-a-kind item from PongCheese, any father can be sure to feel extra special on his special day.

Why Choose Pong Cheese?

For over three generations, the Pong family has run the cheesemaking firm Pong Cheese, which has won numerous awards for its cheese. They have a deep love for cheese and are dedicated to making tasty artisanal products in the traditional manner. The cows who provide the milk for Pong Cheese roam on green fields in the picturesque English countryside. The cows on their farm receive excellent care, so they can reliably supply us with delicious, nutrient-dense milk. Next, they use methods that have been passed down through the years to turn the milk into cheese. Every Pong Cheese wheel is lovingly made by hand, and the quality shows. Buying Pong Cheese means supporting your community’s farmers and artisan cheesemakers while enjoying a delicious and healthy product.

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