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5 reasons why you should always wear your gloves


We at Motocard have already established ourselves as the go-to distributor of motorcycle goods across Europe, and now we’re making a concerted effort to do the same for bicycles. The Motocard staff are, first and foremost, adrenaline junkies and motorsports enthusiasts. And we’ve made that enthusiasm a part of what we do.

Having opened our first store in the Principality of Andorra in 1982, we have since expanded to 15 locations around the Iberian Peninsula. Our brick-and-mortar locations in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Solsona, Zaragoza, Granollers, and Andorra la Vella, and our online shop at allow us to serve speed fans from anywhere in the world.

The Portuguese market has recently welcomed Motocard. We opened a shop in Lisbon in September of 2021.2 Yes, we’re expanding!

Here at Motocard, we believe that motorcycles can be used for much more than just transportation, therefore we do everything we can to promote the sport and the people who ride them through our participation in and sponsorship of events and professionals. Through the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to travel with such illustrious riders and teams as Marc Márquez, Iván Cervantes, Aleix and Pol Espargaró, Joan Lascorz, Jonathan Rea, Tom Sykes, Loris Baz, and the Kawasaki Racing Team in World Superbikes and the Ducati D’Antin Racing in MotoGP.

Yet, here at Motocard, cycling is just as significant a part of who we are as motorcycling. Motocard Andorra Centre is a gathering place for aficionados of four wheels as well as a place to purchase bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories, and apparel.

Our sincere wish is that you find as much satisfaction in your interest as we have.

Why do motorcycles have gloves?

Gloves are an important part of motorcycle safety gear. They help to protect your hands from the elements and prevent them from slipping on the handlebars. In addition, gloves can help to reduce vibrations, keeping your hands comfortable on long rides.

Perhaps most importantly, gloves provide a layer of protection in the event of a crash. When you fall off a motorcycle, your hands are often the first part of your body to hit the ground. By wearing gloves, you can help to prevent cuts, scrapes, and other injuries to your hands.

Should I wear gloves while riding?

Many cyclists debate whether or not to wear gloves while riding. There are pros and cons to both options. Gloves can provide extra grip on the handlebars, which can be helpful on slippery or wet roads. They can also help to absorb vibration, reducing hand fatigue on long rides.

However, gloves can also make it more difficult to shift gears and can cause your hands to sweat. In the end, it is up to each rider to decide whether or not to wear gloves. If you do choose to wear gloves, be sure to select a pair that fits well and does not impede your dexterity.

Top 3 Good Quality Gloves


The Dainese Athena Tex Gloves are perfect for those who enjoy a good ride. These gloves are made with a special material that is comfortable and allows you to grip the handlebars tightly. They also have a Venturi effect that will help to cool you down as you ride.

The Athena Tex Gloves also feature an incorporated visor wiper and a waterproof pocket, making them the perfect choice for those who want to be prepared for anything. Order your pair today and be prepared for anything the road throws your way.


The Dainese Mig 3 Air Black gloves are the perfect choice for motorcycle riders who want both style and protection. Made from high-quality materials, these gloves offer superior comfort and durability. The perforated leather construction ensures excellent breathability, while the synthetic suede palm offers a secure grip.

The gloves also feature strategically placed armor at the knuckles and fingers for added protection. With their sophisticated design and superior safety features, the Dainese Mig 3 Air Black gloves are sure to appeal to any serious motorcycle rider.


The Dainese Mig 3 Gloves are made of a tough and abrasion-resistant leather, with strategically placed Kevlar® reinforcements for added protection. The palms are padded with D3O® for shock absorption, and the fingers feature Pre-Curved construction for a comfortable grip on the handlebars.

The gloves also have touchscreen compatibility on the index finger and thumb, so you can use your phone or GPS without taking them off. With a wrist closure and elasticated inserts, the Mig 3 Gloves provide a secure and comfortable fit, whether you’re on the road or the trails.

Benefits of Gloves

1. Safety

Any time we’re out on public roads, collisions are possible. No one ever hops on a bike with the intention of wiping out, but mishaps can occur and you should be ready for them.

Cycling Gloves, Protection, SportsIn Cycling

When you fall, your natural inclination is to put out your hands to slow your descent. Protecting your hands with gloves is a good first line of defence against nasty scrapes and wounds. Your bicycle gloves will save your palms from becoming scraped and bruised in the event of an accident.

2. Firm grip

The warm weather in Singapore is actually a good argument for donning a pair of riding mitts. Riding in hot and humid weather might cause your hands to sweat to the point where they fall off the handlebars.

Sweaty palms might make it difficult to have a firm hold on the handlebars, but cycling gloves can assist. To prevent your hands from slipping off the wet handlebar, bike gloves are a must have in the rain.

3. Comfort

Padding on cycling gloves helps dampen vibrations transmitted from the bike and handlebar to the hands.

When you ride, you strain the median and ulnar nerves. The act of entangling them will cause your fingers to go numb, tingle, or hurt. As a result, you’ll have less control over the bike and less grip strength.

By protecting your hands with gloves, you can ride for longer without experiencing any hand fatigue or discomfort.

4. Injury prevention

Handlebar palsy is common among cyclists. An injury that occurs when a nerve in the wrist is pinched for too long. Extreme discomfort is possible, and nerve damage might set in if you’re not careful.

5. Face Wipe

Most standard bike gloves feature a towel material over the thumb. In situations where you need to remove unsightly spit or sweat, this comes in handy. Wearing gloves prevents moisture from irritating your eyes and makes riding more pleasant for the person in back of you.

So how do I choose a pair of cycling gloves?

Cycling gloves come in a wide variety of styles to accommodate a variety of weather situations; however, in this context, we are referring to hot weather gloves that are designed for use during summer rides.

To have a pleasant and comfortable ride, it is essential to select the right pair of gloves to wear.

#1 Design. Gloves can be divided into two categories: full finger and half finger. Half-finger gloves are ideal for road cycling due to their breathability and the fact that they do not impede the rider’s ability to feel the brake levers. Full-finger gloves, on the other hand, are best suited for mountain biking due to their capacity to shield the rider’s hands from thorns.

#2 Fit. Pick a size that fits you properly. If the gel cushioning is too large, the hand may not be able to fit inside. Abrasions can also be caused by gloves that are too big or too loose. To the contrary, if the glove is excessively tight, holding the bar will increase the pressure on the ulnar nerve, causing you greater pain. Pay attention to the space between your thumb and index finger. Using this method, you can gauge compatibility.

#3 Padding. Cushioning options include both foam and gel. The foam cushioning on the handlebar grip improves comfort and stability when riding. Conversely, gel is heavier and thicker, but it offers superior protection against severe surface vibration. If you plan on riding on the road, go with foam cushioning, and if you plan on hitting the trails, go with gel padding.

#4 Material. Most gloves have synthetic leather palms and spandex backs. Choose materials that are both breathable and flexible for the best sweat absorption and comfort.

If you need to take your gloves off quickly, it’s a good idea to get a pair with tabs at the palm.

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