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6 Awesome Reasons To Wear Slippers

What Are Slippers and What To Consider When Buying

Slippers are typically a type of indoor footwear designed to be cozy and comfortable. When choosing a pair, it’s important to consider factors such as the material they’re made from and their level of support. For example, if you have flat feet or pronation issues, wearing slippers with arch support can help prevent discomfort and pain. Additionally, materials like memory foam or plush sherpa lining can make for a cozy and plush experience while synthetic materials may offer more durability.

It’s also important to keep in mind the style of your slippers – open back or closed toe? Slip-on or adjustable closure? Finally, consider sizing; slippers should feel snug but not too tight, allowing for enough room in the toes for wiggling and stretching. By carefully considering these components, you can ensure that your chosen slippers provide both comfort and practicality.

What is the importance of slippers?

Slippers serve an important purpose in many environments. In the home, they provide comfort and protect the feet from colder floors. In public spaces such as hotels and hospitals, slippers can help prevent the spread of germs by preventing bare feet from coming in contact with shared surfaces.

In workplaces where employees are required to remove their shoes, such as restaurants or manufacturing plants, slippers help to maintain a clean and safe environment. Additionally, slippers can also serve as a practical fashion choice, allowing individuals to express their personal style while still staying comfortable. Overall, slippers may seem small and insignificant, but they play a crucial role in maintaining comfort, hygiene, and safety.

Did you know facts about slippers?

Many people may not think twice about their trusty pair of slippers, but they have a long and varied history. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all wore some form of indoor footwear to keep their feet warm and protected from dirt. Slippers as we know them today were popularized by the Victorians in the 1800s, who often adorned them with decorative embroidery or gemstones.

In China, slippers made from wood or fibers were worn for both indoor and outdoor use, while in Japan they were considered a symbol of status. Today, slippers are often given as gifts at weddings and other special occasions in Asian cultures. Next time you slip on your fluffy slippers, take a moment to appreciate the many different cultural influences that led to their creation.


  • UGG Girls Black ‘Funkette’ Suede Slippers
  • UGG Girls Brown & Cream ‘Funkette’ Suede Slippers
  • Ugg Baby Girls Beige ‘Yeah’ Logo Strap Slippers
  • Ugg Baby Girls Grey ‘Yeah’ Logo Strap Slippers

UGG Girls Black ‘Funkette’ Suede Slippers

The UGG Girls Black ‘Funkette’ Slippers are the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe. Made with soft suede and a plush sheepskin lining, these slippers offer supreme comfort and warmth. The durable rubber sole allows for indoor and outdoor wear, making them versatile enough for any activity. In addition, the stylish black color goes well with any outfit. Choose the UGG Girls Black ‘Funkette’ Slippers for unbeatable comfort and style.

UGG Girls Brown & Cream ‘Funkette’ Suede Slippers

Get cozy with the UGG Girls Brown & Cream ‘Funkette’ Suede Slippers. Made with ultra-soft suede, these slippers are perfect for lounging around the house on chilly days. A plush wool lining provides additional warmth and comfort, while a durable rubber sole allows for indoor/outdoor use. The playful cream and brown color scheme adds day-brightening charm to any outfit. Give her the gift of ultimate relaxation with these stylish slippers from UGG.

Ugg Baby Girls Beige ‘Yeah’ Logo Strap Slippers

These Ugg slippers are a cozy and stylish addition to your child’s footwear collection. The beige color pairs well with any outfit, and the logo strap adds a touch of fashionable flair. These slippers also feature a soft lining for added comfort, and they have durable soles that can withstand outdoor wear. Your little one will love slipping into these cozy slippers after a long day of play. With their combination of style and function, these Ugg slippers are sure to be a hit.

Ugg Baby Girls Grey ‘Yeah’ Logo Strap Slippers

6 Awesome Reasons To Wear Slippers

1. Slippers Really DO Decrease Your Risk Of Catching Colds And Flu

It’s no longer an urban legend that cold feet can make you more susceptible to contracting a cold or the flu. Dr. Ron Eccles, head of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, has studied this topic for almost 25 years, and he explains that when your feet get cold, it alters your body’s ability to fight against sickness and illness.

When you put your feet in cold water, your nose’s blood vessels close off to prevent bleeding. He describes this as a “protective reflex action” that reduces the rate at which heat is lost from the body. Whiteness of the skin, whiteness of the nasal and pharyngeal linings, and diminished blood flow to the nose are all symptoms. Since the blood is where you’ll find your immune system’s white blood cells fighting off infection, when they’re depleted, your body’s defences against the virus weaken.

It’s more likely that you’ll get sick in the winter because the cold slows the movement of the small hairs in your nose that filter out viruses.

2. Slippers Keep Your House Clean

The bottoms of your shoes are dirty than a public restroom seat. If you don’t take your shoes off at the door, you’re 90% more likely to bring in the excrement, vomit, dirt, grime, and millions of bacteria that are on the floor outside. Remove your shoes at the door and change into your home slippers to avoid tracking dirt and grime inside.

Workers who are able to unwind at the end of the day tend to produce better results. Wearing cosy slippers is a universal gesture of calm. Now is the time to put on a warm pair of socks and go to work on those tax forms, resume, bank statements, and that novel you’ve been thinking about writing.

3. Wearing Slippers Can Make You More Productive

Workers who are able to unwind at the end of the day tend to produce better results. Wearing cosy slippers is a universal gesture of calm. Now is the time to put on a warm pair of socks and go to work on those tax forms, resume, bank statements, and that novel you’ve been thinking about writing.

4. Slippers Reduce Your Risk Of Bacterial And Fungal Infections

There’s a good reason why high-end spas provide customers with slippers to use in the pool, sauna, and other common spaces. Cozy slippers offer effective defence against contagious foot conditions including athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. And no, wearing slippers isn’t enough to make you feel pampered. Use these to protect your feet from harm.

5. Slippers Prolong The Life Of Socks

Wearing socks around the house causes them to wear out rapidly, and unless you receive new socks as gifts every holiday, you know how pricey socks can be. Don’t wear socks in the house; it will save your feet and your wallet.

6. Slippers Can Prevent Household Accidents

If you wear socks, you should avoid walking barefoot on a wooden, tiled, or linoleum floor. The bottoms of most slippers contain a slight grip, which can greatly lessen the frequency with which you trip and fall while hurrying to do things like answer the phone, open the door, or use the restroom.

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