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Absolute Black | 100% Dark Chocolate Bars – Montezuma’s

My husband and I started their chocolate company, Montezuma’s, in the year 2000 with a kitchen sink-sized machine, boundless zeal, a healthy dose of naivete, and the lofty goal of shaking up the stale British chocolate industry with some fresh ideas. Nothing much has changed since that first machine, and every morning they are greeted by the same pure delight they felt in 1999 when they first set out to explore South America.

They’re a couple of lawyers-turned-chocolate-makers who have had to overcome some steep learning curves and do a lot of experimenting to get where they are today, but they do it all because they enjoy the creative process of making chocolate and want to share it with others in an environment they appreciate. Neither their training nor their wildest dreams could have prepared them to become Britain’s most inventive chocolate brand, with a reputation far larger than their physical footprint.

As a company, they aim to one day be recognized as Britain’s finest purveyor of chocolate in the miniature bar category. What they mean is that you should be able to find some Montezuma’s Chocolate whenever a chocolate craving strikes. They value the short internal and external communication lines that are indicative of their company, as well as the independent, family-oriented, and accountable work ethic that permeates it. They are unable to let go of things, regardless of how far society has progressed, and, in fact, become even more attached to them as a result. When making decisions, they will always keep in mind how they will affect their employees, their customers, the people in the communities they serve, and the environment.

Absolute Black

Totally Cocoa Chocolate, 100% Recyclable Containers

As far as they’re concerned, only the highest quality cocoa can achieve such a high percentage of cocoa. When no sugar is added, the flavor and quality of the cocoa must be impeccable, as sugar can disguise many flaws in the cocoa.

Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Chocolate

Here you will find their Absolute Black chocolates, made with only the finest cacao. This is as dark as dark chocolate can possibly be! They conducted extensive testing to perfect their Absolute Black chocolate bars. The combination of cocoa beans guarantees uniform flavor and, more importantly, eliminates the bitterness found in many other chocolates. They were able to add amazing flavors after they perfected the 100% chocolate base.

Absolutely no soy, dairy, gluten, or sugar goes into the Absolute Black line. It’s about as virtuous as chocolate gets. They have an excellent selection of dark chocolate, vegan chocolate, gluten-free chocolate, and flavored chocolate if you’re looking for something lighter.

It Starts With The Cocoa

The highest quality cocoa is essential for making 100% cocoa chocolate, in their opinion. When no sugar is added, the flavor and quality of the cocoa must be impeccable, as sugar can disguise many flaws in the cocoa. They are also dedicated to only purchasing cocoa from ethical suppliers. All of these factors contribute to the extraordinary quality of Montezuma’s chocolate.

You’re the One Who’ll Put an End to It

Even the plastic they must use for food safety can be recycled or composted along with the rest of their packaging. Before throwing away any of your packaging, please make sure it can be recycled or composted.

Montezuma’s Absolute Black Chocolates


Montezuma’s is a major UK brand that specializes in vegan and organic products, and they recently launched the Absolute Black Eco Egg. This product is designed to be a sustainable alternative to traditional Easter eggs that use non-recyclable print and plastic packaging. It features a biodegradable box, card sleeve, and dyes made from plant extracts instead of synthetic colors. The robust egg itself is made of 100% dark chocolate and contains both Montezuma’s Love Potion truffles and 36g of Montezuma’s Giant Buttons within. Montezuma’s Absolute Black Eco Egg is an original way to treat your family this Easter without sacrificing sustainability.


Montezuma’s Absolute Black 100% Cocoa is a must-try for true chocolate lovers. This rich, dark, and intense cocoa creates the ultimate indulgence with little to no added sugars or milk solids for those who prefer bitter over sweet. Enjoy the bar on its own as is or get creative with your own recipes – make Montezuma’s Absolute Black the real deal in all your baking projects. The possibilities are endless! Experience pure cocoa pleasure like no other, only from Montezuma’s Absolute Black.


Montezuma’s absolute black with almonds is dark and delicious. Perfect for those who are fans of dark chocolate, this bar combines the deep, rich flavor of Montezuma’s finest dark chocolate with strips of crunchy roasted almonds, making it a trail mix lover’s dream come true. Even if you’re not normally an aficionado of dark chocolate, Montezuma’s absolute black with almonds has a flavor that is suitable even for those with a less acquired taste in this variety. With Montezuma’s absolute black with almonds you can be sure that your sweet tooth and dietary needs will both be fully satisfied when you take your first bite!


Montezuma’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a unique twist on classic color combinations. Their absolute black with mint style is sure to catch your eye – and make you stand out from the crowd. This vibrant look features stark black panels paired with uplifting pops of light green, creating a fashionable yet bold contrast that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Add Montezuma’s absolute to your wardrobe rotation for an edgy and daring statement piece with just a hint of playfulness.


Montezuma’s makes the perfect little indulgence with their ABSOLUTE BLACK 100% COCOA MINI BARS. These chocolatey treats are packed with intense, unsweetened cocoa, finest ethically sourced cocoa beans and no added sugar making them a guilt-free snack to enjoy throughout the day. Offering a delicious burst of intense cocoa flavour and an energising treat that can be carried in your pocket or lunch bag, Montezuma’s ABSOLUTE BLACK 100% COCOA MINI BARS are a no-compromise way to indulge.

Why Montezumas?

Montezumas is founded on the idea that premium chocolate should be accessible to all. That’s why they make each batch of chocolates by hand and use only the highest quality ingredients. And because they think eating chocolate should be a joy, they make it available in a wide variety of flavors and textures. They have what you need, whether you’re in the mood for traditional dark chocolate or something a little more out of the ordinary. Then why not try some Montezumas? Do it; you won’t regret it, they assure you.

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