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All of your favorite road bikes are 75% off during the Valentine’s Day clearance sale.


A lot of innovative companies call Velorution home. It has become common knowledge that urban cyclists flock to their stores. The shop stocks the largest variety of folding bikes, electric city bikes, classic British cycles, and design-driven European urban bicycles in the nation’s capital.

That’s why they only carry the best and most cutting-edge products to go with their wide variety of bicycles, and that’s why they only sell clothing and accessories from Velorution. They have secured some of the most prestigious bicycle and accessory brands in the world as a result of their team’s extensive international research into the best cycling and lifestyle products to introduce to the UK market.

Their brands have won numerous awards for their design and innovation, and that trend continues today. Velorution is the only place in the world where you can shop for all of these brands together in one place, presented in our own special way. In the United Kingdom, 2012 was a pivotal year for the sport of cycling. In addition to crowning the first British rider to win the Tour de France, the Olympics returned to the nation’s capital for the first time in more than 60 years. The opening of the Velorution store at 88 Great Portland Street was also historic. Even though 10 years can seem like a blink of an eye when you’ve sold thousands of bicycles, we’d like to share some of the highlights with you.

Are road bikes good for everyday use?

For those looking for a reliable, durable bike for daily use, road bikes are ultimately the best option. These sleek machines are ideally suited to efficiently cover medium to long distances on a variety of terrain, making them great for commuting to work as well as navigating city streets. Road bikes also have special frames designed to make them comfortable and steady while keeping their weight light and more efficient. With a generous selection of stylish components available these days, it’s easy to assemble a personalized ride that fits your aesthetic too. Taking care of your road bike is not too cumbersome either; just monitor the tires and lubricate all the moving parts regularly, and you’re set! All in all, road bikes offer great value in both practicality and style, making them the perfect choice for everyday use.

7 Benefits of Having a Road Bike

  • A road bike is way cheaper than a car.
  • A road bike is built tough.
  • A road bike is all about speed.
  • A road bike is ergonomically constructed.
  • A road bike is advantageous to you as an individual.
  • A road bike is beneficial to the society, too.
  • A road bike is the complete package.

Velorution – Bikes

1.Giant Contend AR3 Road Bike

Ignite your velorution with the Giant Contend AR3 road bike. This is an ideal bike for those looking to add a little adventure to their rides while still having quick and reliable acceleration. With ALUXX aluminum tubing, you get the best combination of weight, stiffness, and efficiency on the road. And the sleek look of its geometry gives it a modern touch which will set your style apart from other cyclists. The included fork and seatpost dampener provide greater control while improving comfort over long rides. Make every ride count and pack more into every experience with the Giant Contend AR3!

2.Giant Contend AR2 Road Bike

For cyclists looking to revolutionize their velorution, the Giant Contend AR2 road bike is an outstanding choice! Featuring a lightweight yet robust aluminum frame and high-performance composite fork, this bike is highly up to any task you can throw it at. With its comfort geometry for optimized positioning on the bike and its Integrated wheel sensor, the Contend AR2 ensures an efficient and comfortable ride even over long distances. Additionally, with added Shimanos hydraulic disc brakes for unbeatable stopping power in inclement weather, this bike is ready to take you further than you ever have gone before – no matter the conditions.

3.Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 Trapeze Electric Bike

With velorution at its heart, the Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 Trapeze Electric Bike is a revolutionary piece of machinery that embraces the idea that anything is possible. Its sleek design is made to ensure maximum performance, efficiency and comfort whilst combining a mountain bike chassis with some impressive e-bike technology. Whether used for your daily commute or weekend adventures, the Cube Touring hybrid provides you with the versatility you need to conquer any terrain. Enjoy velorution now with a firm favorite in electric bikes – the Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 Trapeze!

4.Cube Travel Exc Urban Bike

The Cube Travel Exc Urban Bike is revolutionizing velorution in the major cities of the world. It effortlessly blends convenience and efficiency, giving users a lightweight, yet robust ride that can go anywhere. Whether in the city or on a bike path, this bike combines comfortable seating with excellent maneuverability so riders can enjoy getting around town with ease. The velorution of urban cycling has started with this incredible machine, allowing riders to save time while experiencing the fun of biking in their local areas. From stylish looks to its efficient performance, the Cube Travel Exc may be just what major cities need for a velorutionary advancement in two-wheeled travel.

Why Velorution is unique?

Velorution is an innovative transportation program, which sets itself apart from other urban bike-sharing programs in a few unique ways. Firstly, unlike others, Velorution offers technological advantages that allow users to track their trips and pay for rides with pre-loaded cards or smartphones. Secondly, the design of their three-augmented cycles allows riders to take advantage of their lightweight frames and high-torque motor for more enjoyable and efficient cycling. In addition, innovatively engineered safety features such as auto-stabilizing wheels provide added protection for riders. Finally, the variety of rental facilities (corner stores, kiosks etc.), ensures that there is always a conveniently located facility near them to rent one of these eco-friendly bikes. Velorution is certainly befitting its name by revolutionizing the way people travel within cities!

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