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Are cushions good for you?

About Julian Charles

The Core of Your Residence Since 1947. During that time, they expanded from a modest factory in Lancashire making ready-made curtains into a thriving multi-channel retailer. High-quality bedding, ready-made curtains, plush cushions, cozy throws, and other on-trend home decor accessories are just some of the soft furnishings they provide.

They now have over 70 stores across the entire UK, from Clacton to Colne, Bideford to Banbridge, and Llandudno to Livingston. In addition to its 41 standalone locations, Julian Charles also has concessions at major retailers like Boundary Mill and horticultural industry leaders.

After acquiring Julian Charles in June 2020, investment firm SKG Capital Partners made substantial upgrades to the company’s e-commerce site, increasing product selection and facilitating new kinds of deliveries.

Why are cushions important?

Cushions provide us with a sense of comfort and security. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and materials to appeal to everyone’s different tastes and needs. Whether you are lounging on a couch, cushioning yourself while seated at a desk or adding support while sleeping in bed – cushions ensure the right level of support for maximum comfort. With the right shape, density and size, cushions can help improve posture by helping to keep the spine straight and relieve back pain. They can reduce fatigue by providing extra body support throughout the day and night. Cushions also add fun to any space by bringing a touch of color and character into our home decor!


  • Allure Silver Crushed Velvet Square Cushion (45cm x 45cm)
  • Ochre Velvet Bumblebee Embroidered Cushion (43cm x 43cm)
  • Charcoal Grey Velvet Bumblebee Embroidered Cushion (43cm x 43cm)

Allure Silver Crushed Velvet Square Cushion (45cm x 45cm)

Julian Charles is renowned for luxurious and sophisticated home furnishing pieces made with uncompromising quality. Their Allure Silver Crushed Velvet Square Cushion is an exquisite example of their attention to detail and craftsmanship. With its stunning silvery hue and sumptuous feel, this cushion instantly adds a touch of refined glamour to any room. The 45cm x 45cm size ensures that it is the perfect accompaniment to sofas, beds, armchairs and more – making it an ideal gift for the elegant homemaker.

Ochre Velvet Bumblebee Embroidered Cushion (43cm x 43cm)

For an eye-catching addition to your home, look no further than the Julian Charles Ochre Velvet Bumblebee Embroidered Cushion. Perfectly sized at 43cm x 43cm, this beautiful cushion offers a luxurious way to update your living space. A textured ochre velvet fabric is decorated with a unique and cheerful bumble bee embroidered design. An inviting and timeless piece, it will add comfort, style and balance to any space. Whether you coordinate with existing interior pieces or create a completely new look, this Julian Charles cushion will be sure to add a touch of charm to your home.

Charcoal Grey Velvet Bumblebee Embroidered Cushion (43cm x 43cm)

The Julian Charles Charcoal Grey Velvet Bumblebee Embroidered Cushion offers an extraordinary mix of beauty and comfort. It is handcrafted with luxurious velvet for a soft, inviting touch and features intricate bee embroidery to bring elements of nature into your living space. The generous 43cm x 43cm size makes it a lavish addition to any couch, lounge chair, or favourite reading nook. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this cushion is sure to become a timeless classic in your home.

Why Choose Julian Charles?

Julian Charles provides a unique shopping experience with top quality products and exceptional customer service. With an extensive collection of furniture, homeware and bedding, you can be sure that there is something for everyone. The quality of materials used are designed to last for years and the contemporary design will always be on trend. Friendly sales staff are on hand to assist with any queries and ensure that every customer finds exactly what they need. Shopping with Julian Charles means investing in your home with style and value, creating a unique look that fits perfectly within your budget.

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