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Best Funky Socks Designs at Super-Socks

Super-Socks is the perfect spot for all of your funky sock needs! With a huge selection of vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, and unique textures, it’s no wonder this store is becoming increasingly popular. Plus, Super-Socks offers socks with messages that add a fun touch. Best of all, prices are affordable enough that everyone can find something they’ll love – so don’t hesitate to head on over and find your perfect pair!

Pizza Socks

Add a little fun to your look with these stylish Pizza Crew Socks. These mid-cut crew socks come up above the ankle and just below the calf, ensuring you stay cozy from the office to a date night out. Ribbed cuffs provide extra reinforcement to help keep your socks in place no matter how you move. Plus, they are easy care and machine washable at 30 degrees on a low spin – perfect for busy days! Whether it’s time to create your own unique style or add something special to an already amazing outfit, you can count on Pizza Crew Socks for maximum comfort and personality.

Daisy Socks

These crew socks feature a classic mid-cut design that hits your ankles and lower calf, offering the perfect level of coverage and support. The ribbed cuffs keep these stylish socks in place, so you can remain worry-free as you go through your day. And when it comes to washing, there’s no need to worry since you can throw them in the machine at a low spin on 30 degrees! At just 100% polyester, they’re easy to keep clean while still feeling ultra comfy on your feet. Put an extra spring in your step with daisy crew socks!

Doodle Camo Socks

Step out of the ordinary and into something new with Doodle Camo Crew Socks. Stand apart from the classic black or white sock choices with a bold pattern that is sure to draw in attention – whether you’re looking for a fashion statement or just want to switch up your basics. These mid-cut socks offer plenty of coverage that won’t slip down, thanks to their ribbed cuffs, and will make any outfit look more put together. And best of all? They require minimal care, as they are 100% polyester and can easily be machine washed at 30 degrees on a low spin cycle. So go ahead, upgrade your style and strutt your stuff in these fabulous new doodle camo crew socks!

Scribble Heart Socks

Don’t let those bland socks put a damper on your style. Unleash your personality with these Scribble Hearts Crew Socks! Ultra soft-breathable fabric features cushioning that will ensure maximum comfort, while the mid-cut covers your ankles and lower calf. Ribbed cuffs provide the perfect snug fit – that won’t slip off during all those sports activities or just lounging about. Don’t waste your time fiddling in the laundry – just machine wash at 30 degrees on a low spin – so you can keep looking stylish every day! Perfect for any occasion, these socks made from 100% Polyester are sure to be your next go-to urban accessory.

Splat Tie Dye Socks

Add some fun to any outfit with the eye-catching tie dye splat crew socks. These mid-cut socks are designed to not only offer great coverage of your ankles and lower calf, but also boast ribbed cuffs to stay securely in place. You can wear them with confidence, knowing that you’re getting lasting comfort thanks to the breathable fabric and cushioning details. Plus, they’ll stay looking great for longer since they’re machine washable at 30 degrees on a low spin! Crafted from 100% polyester these trendy socks make an easy fashion statement every time you step out.


The folks at Super-Socks are definitely obsessed with socks! Not only do they make and design them, but they have also brought joy to hundreds of thousands of customers with their signature custom designed pet-socks. Since their launch, they have been embraced in 46 countries and the demand continues to grow as more stores leap onto the trend. At the heart of it all, Super-Socks is a fun, playful brand that celebrates personal style and individuality – encouraging everyone to express themselves through socks!

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