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Best Virtual Office Services From MYCO Works

Introduction to MYCO Works

MYCO Works’s Virtual Office plans give you more time and money to invest in expanding your company. They provide several packages that can meet your company’s requirements, whether you want a professional mailing address, mail forwarding, or call answering services. Not positive which plan best fits your requirements? Feel free to ask their helpful staff any questions you may have.

In just a few short minutes after signing up, you can begin using your new professional address and using the available conference spaces whenever you like. Make sure your new company address is prominently displayed on your website, invoices, marketing materials, and more to set you apart from the competition.

A full suite of virtual office services to support the expansion of your company

Use one of their exclusive company addresses to establish credibility quickly while remaining anonymous. Your mail and phone messages will be forwarded to you. For more details, please contact a member of their knowledgeable staff.

Business Address Services

Registered Office Address

As your company’s official address in the UK, you can choose one of their distinguished locations. Gain instant credibility and anonymity with a distinguished business address for all your company’s correspondence.

Having a physical location where Companies House, HMRC, and legal papers can be served is a legal requirement for any business.

Virtual Business Address

Do you wish to give off the perception that your company is well-established and operates out of its own location? You may list their location as your business’s registered office on any official documentation outside of the Registry of Companies, such as your website, invoices, stationery, advertisements, letterheads, and the like.

All of your company correspondence (from financial institutions, customers, vendors, investors, and service providers) is sorted daily and sent via 1st class mail or scanned and emailed. When compared to the expense of renting an actual office space, their virtual business address service, which includes use of a conference room, represents significant savings.

Virtual Business Plus

Offering a Registered Office Address, Director Service Address, and Virtual Business Address, their famous 3-in-1 Virtual Business Plus package is ideal for new businesses and small to medium sized enterprises. Having a virtual business address gives the perception to customers and vendors that your company is well-established and has its own physical location, which can boost credibility and business.

You can register your business and yourself as directors with Companies House using their Registered Office Address and Director Service Address. Those who subscribe to Virtual Business Plus will also have the option to reserve conference space.

Telephone Answering Service

Small and medium-sized businesses, solopreneurs, and independent contractors who are too swamped to answer their phones can benefit from their low-cost telephone answering service.

By answering the phone in your company’s name, their helpful staff projects an image of professionalism to your customers. Everyone on their small support staff has been hand-picked and thoroughly taught to sound more like a teammate than a robot from a call center.

Who it’s for

  • Startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • Business owners who cannot always get to the phone
  • Companies that want to save money on hiring a receptionist

Company Formation & Ready Made Companies

Company Formation

There has never been a better moment to launch a startup, and to get things off to a flying start, a limited company can be registered for as little as £12.99.

Documents for your newly formed business will be emailed to you in PDF format for free as part of all of their company formation packages.

Ready Made Companies

With a ready-made company, you can skip the hassles of starting a business from scratch and jump right into making money.

Their administrative costs, as well as those charged by Companies House and incurred by the electronic filing of the new director’s information, are all incorporated into this price. Free registered office and directors service location for one year (renewable for £49.99 plus VAT) are included with the purchase of any of their ready-made companies.

Meeting Rooms

Looking for a low-cost meeting space for a team meeting, brainstorming workshop, client presentation, or other type of gathering?

In the heart of London, Edinburgh, and Ipswich, MYCO Works offers a selection of private conference rooms for up to 12 people that are both modern and unbranded.

Key features and pricing

Their private, non-branded meeting rooms can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 12 individuals at just £20 per hour (+VAT).

Their meeting rooms come with a number of convenient features, such as a business lounge, staffed reception areas, free Wi-Fi, free tea and coffee, kitchen and toilet facilities, contemporary ergonomic furnishings, and air conditioning. Each virtual office address has slightly different amenities, so it’s important to do some research before making a final decision.

Their Virtual Office Packages


In order to receive important papers from Companies House, HMRC, and the courts, every business must have a physical address. Their Registered Office & Director Service Address will help you keep your personal life and business life distinct, protecting your identity and avoiding scrutiny. Included in their privacy programs is the option to have all legal correspondence forwarded to you or scanned and sent to you via email at no extra cost.

Business Address

Instantly establish credibility and raise brand awareness with one of their exclusive business addresses. Their most popular bundle, Virtual Business Plus, offers a Registered Office Address, a Director Service Address, and a Virtual Business Address all in one convenient package, making it ideal for new businesses and smaller enterprises. As part of their Virtual Business Plus package, they’ll forward all of your company’s official and business mail, as well as give you and your staff full reign of their Business Lounge and the ability to reserve meeting rooms online.

Why choose MYCO Works?

Virtual Business Address

When you sign up for a Virtual company package, you can use their address as your official company address anywhere you see fit, including on your website and stationary.

Customer Support

Take advantage of their 24/7 customer care. From Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., feel free to contact them via phone, online chat, email, or in person with any inquiries.

FREE Unlimited Scans & Email

Every one of their Virtual Office Address plans comes with unlimited “Scans & Email” for your correspondence at no extra cost. Forwarded or stored mail can also be collected later.

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