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Walk London

The founders of Walk London are dedicated to making stylish shoes of the highest quality.

Walk London, a symbol of British style and impact around the world, provides ambitious designs that allow you to look impeccable no matter the occasion.

By celebrating diversity and encouraging people to express themselves creatively, Walk London is changing the way fashion is done in the city.

Why are boots better than shoes?

A good pair of boots can often offer many advantages over a standard pair of shoes. For starters, boots can typically provide more protection and support for the wearer’s feet due to their higher ankle collar. The fact that many boots are waterproof also allows them to be used in both wet and dry conditions, providing greater protection from mud, rain and other elements. Furthermore, the use of sturdy materials such as leather or canvas can mean that certain kinds of boots will last for many years longer than an average pair of shoes.

Additionally, the specialized treads on most boots provide extra grip on slippery surfaces or terrain when compared with their shoe counterparts. Ultimately, these advantages make boots the preferred choice for activities where you are looking for additional stability and support – enabling you to perform better in challenging situations. Therefore, it is easy to see why boots are often more suitable than shoes in certain circumstances.

Do boots make you more attractive?

Many people believe that certain fashion choices can make them appear more attractive to others, and boots are no exception. While there is no universal consensus on which particular type of footwear looks the most flattering on one’s feet, they do have the potential to draw positive attention if worn in a way that complements the rest of an outfit. Depending on the silhouette, material, and color chosen, a pair of boots can give a sense of gravitas to casual attire, or inject a touch of sophistication into something more adventurous.

In either case, it’s important for any aspiring boot-wearer to make sure that the style of their footwear reflects their overall look: with everything from sleek leather ankle boots to rugged wedge soles available on store shelves today, there’s bound to be something out there that suits anyone’s personal aesthetic. Ultimately, whether or not wearing boots makes someone more attractive is down to individual preference but when done right, the right pair can certainly catch both eyes and compliments!

Walk London – 5 Men’s Boots


Walk London‘s Clarissa Padded Boot is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Crafted with supple leather, the boots feature cushioned padding that ensures your feet stay cozy, even during the coldest days. The sleek design offers the perfect balance between casual and formal look, while strong metal eyelets ensure they stay securely in place when you are on the move.

You can choose from black or stone-colored leather to suit your personal style, and Walk London‘s commitment to quality craftsmanship means these boots will stand up to anything Mother Nature throws at them. Whether you’re running errands or heading out for a night on the town, Walk London‘s Clarissa Padded Boot has you covered. With its classic design and luxurious feel, it is an essential wardrobe addition for any modern woman.


Walk London offers the perfect winter companion with the Clarissa Snow Boots. Crafted out of high-quality leather, and features a fashionable platform sole to keep your feet warm and securely grounded. Walk London has incorporated an orthotic foot bed for superior comfort, along with excellent arch support and shock absorption. Furthermore, these boots have a low profile silhouette and stylish laces for a fitted look to boost your morale from head to toe on those colder days. Walk London‘s Clarissa Snow Boot often goes beyond traditional protection from cold temperatures, by providing all-day breathability, so you can remain suitably active indoors or outdoors this season in extreme comfort.

Walk London recognizes that style must lie at the foundation of every product, and for this reason; they ensure both quality footwear performance as well as modern aesthetics through their wide range of boots like the Clarissa Snow Boots. Your feet will stay warm and dry no matter how severe the weather, while being clothed in fashion-forward design all season long! With Walk London, you can trust in a name that prides itself on dependable style without ever comproising wearability or comfort – all year round!


Walk London is proud to offer our signature Naomi Quilted Plug Boot. Featuring an innovative boot design with all-day comfort in mind, these boots provide superior traction, lightweight material, and excellent support for walking. The patented plug constructed sole stands up to wear and tear for years of rugged protection and surefooted grip when walking or running over any type of terrain.

On the outside, the elegant quilted shell keeps feet dry in wet weather while offering a contemporary look which looks great both indoors and out. Inside, the supple leather lining wicks away moisture while preventing abrasion against socks and skin. Walk London‘s Naomi Quilted Plug Boot is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion—a worthy addition to any wardrobe.


Walk London‘s DANA Quilted Chelsea boot is a great choice for anyone who values comfort and style. This sleek, classic boot offers a modern touch with a design crafted from luxurious textiles and materials for longwearing durability. Walk London uses quilting techniques to create unique detail on the sides of the uppers, as well as around the ankle and footbed. They craft the boots with an elasticated heel and pull tab for easy wearability, while its strength lies in Walk London’s premium quality leather lining to provide superior comfort.

The DANA Quilted Chelsea Boot also features Walk London‘s patented im-print shock absorption sole that disburses pressure effectively for greater cushioning and protection of your feet as you walk in any weather condition. Coupled with supreme quality materials at an accessible price point, this boot is great testament to Walk London‘s ongoing commitment to creating beautifully handcrafted products that meet each customer’s individual needs. Whether you’re dressing up or down, Walk London‘s classic boot will instantly give your look an edge and timeless refinement. Pick up your pair today!

Why We Choose Walk London?

For those looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in the world’s most exciting city, Walking London is an extraordinary option. With our personalized walking tours, they offer the chance to explore London’s attractions and hidden gems on foot. Their knowledgeable guides can provide you with all the insights and historical context you need to truly appreciate this incredible metropolis. Speaking of convenience, they tours are completely flexible meaning that no matter what your schedule is like, you can find a tour that works for you, and be confident knowing that our expert staff are dedicated to providing an insider’s experience tailored exactly to your needs. Whether exploring iconic sites like Westminster Abbey or stepping into Southward’s hip neighborhoods, they guarantee you’ll come away from the experience with unforgettable memories.

And here at Walking London, safety always comes first so rest assured that every tour includes a qualified guide who is committed to putting safety first. So why not choose us? Join us for a unique exploration of this amazing city and see why so many rely on them for their future adventures in London!

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