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Buy Premium CBD Oil | High Quality at CBD Armour

CBD Armour

They have pioneered the development and manufacture of CBD oil products. CBD Armour is the most popular CBD oil in the United Kingdom, and the only CBD oil expert to stock such a wide variety of premium products.

To guarantee that every CBD Armour oil product is of the highest quality, their in-house scientists perform rigorous quality checks.

Because they care deeply about the wellbeing of the CBD Armour family, they only use organic, all-natural ingredients. The CBD oil they sell contains no artificial ingredients, flavors, chemicals, or alcohol.

With your wellbeing and wallet in mind, they will regularly update and introduce cutting-edge CBD oil products.

Those who specialize in CBD oil are the ones they collaborate with in order to bring you the best possible products. Their CBD oil products are constantly being refined thanks to the input of their dedicated customer service and development teams.

Locating the finest CBD oil available.

CBD Armour – Oil

5% CBD Oil – Cool Fresh

CBD Armour goes above and beyond to supply CBD users with yet another premium product with their Cool & Fresh 5% CBD oil. In the form of our Cool & Fresh 5% CBD oil, we’re releasing a revolutionary new product formula that no one has ever attempted before.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil) is the refined carrier oil used in our original CBD formula. The medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) carrier oil provides a stable and balanced blend of fatty acids. In addition, the incorporation of fatty acids into the CBD oil makes for a purer oil concentration and a more adaptable final product.

The first step in making our Cool & Fresh CBD Oil 5% is to use carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction to get the oil from the hemp plant’s leaves and flowers. After that, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is distilled out of the CBD compounds so that the product is completely safe for human consumption.

There are many uses for this Cool & Fresh CBD oil, which is why it contains 5% CBD. So, it works better if you’re trying to limit your exposure to THC. The peppermint flavor is added after extraction to give the final product a minty, cool, and fresh flavor.

Bottles of the Cool & Fresh 5% CBD oil come in 10 ml and 30 ml capacities. The CBD content of the 10ml bottle is 500mg, while that of the 30ml bottle is 1500mg. We also include a pipette so you can accurately dose your CBD tinctures.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 30% – Cool Fresh 3000mg

CBD Armor’s Cool and Fresh CBD 30% Oil is a CBD Oil derived from the hemp plant’s leaves and flowers. You’ll have an easier time reaping the rewards of cannabidiol thanks to the full spectrum of hemp compounds included in this signature formula, which also includes flavonoids, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids.

To ensure that you can enjoy CBD without worrying about its psychoactive effects, we have refined this 30% CBD Oil, eliminated all traces of THC, and created a broad-spectrum CBD Oil product.

We flavored it with peppermint oil to give it that distinct cool, minty taste and used MCT oil as the carrier oil because of the essential fatty acids it contains.

Due to the extremely potent nature of this CBD oil, only one size is offered. Each bottle of the 30% CBD oil contains 3000mg of CBD, and it comes in a 10ml container. For precise dosing, we have included our trusty pipette. In order to get the full benefit of the CBD oil, it should be taken slowly and steadily.

Because the THC content is less than 0.03%, and the CBD content is 1mg per bottle, this product qualifies as full-spectrum CBD oil.

Method of Extraction: They used their CO2 extraction process to make this oil.

CBD Oil 10% – RAW Original

Now available from CBD Armor, our Raw & Original 5% CBD oil. This is CBD oil in its most refined and unadulterated form, with no added sugar or flavoring.

This CBD oil is derived from hemp seed oil, preserving both the nutritional value and the authentic hemp flavor as intended by Mother Nature. We did not employ any post-distillation processes in order to preserve all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and minerals.

The beneficial compounds in the hemp plant are preserved in this potent CBD oil by making it at low temperatures and using cutting-edge extraction techniques. This technique optimizes the entourage effect, in which a variety of compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes, work together to increase the oil’s effectiveness.

Available in both 10 ml and 30 ml bottles, the Raw & Original comes in two convenient sizes. The CBD content of the 10ml bottle is 500mg, while that of the 30ml bottle is 1500mg. In addition, we include a pipette for precise dosing of the CBD tinctures.

There are no intoxicating effects, but you get the maximum health benefits. Every bottle contains less than 0.01% THC, or less than 1 mg of CBD per fluid milliliter.

We use cutting-edge, risk-free CO2 extraction methods we developed in the United Kingdom to produce our hemp extract. Further, we use only the highest quality natural ingredients in our products to guarantee their safety and efficacy. Indulge in it as a dietary supplement, or sprinkle it on your food before serving.

CBD Oil 5% – Raw & Original

An exciting new frontier in CBD oil oral drops is represented by the Cool and Fresh peppermint CBD oil line. In order to provide a more versatile product and a purer oil concentration, they have taken their original product formula (CBD Silver) and refined it.

Medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT) has been used as the base oil in this recipe. This carrier oil maintains the oil’s stability and equilibrium by contributing a plentiful supply of fatty acids. After extraction, they flavored the oil with peppermint (mint), giving it a delightfully minty, fresh, and cool flavor.

Because they distilled it after the initial manufacturing process to remove the THC entirely (0.00%), they can call it broad spectrum CBD oil. They recognize that an oil without THC may be preferable for some patients, and so they’re pleased to offer this alternative to their usual full-spectrum product.

There are now 10ml and 30ml bottles of this peppermint CBD oil on the market to choose from. Both the 10ml and the 30ml bottles contain 1,000 milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD). They’ve included a pipette so you can precisely administer the oral drops they recommend.

Following extraction, the THC content of each bottle was reduced to below 0.00%, which is significantly less than the 1mg of CBD contained therein.

Their proprietary Co2 extraction process was used to produce this premium CBD oil in a refreshing peppermint flavor.

Why choose CBD Armour?

If you are in search of the highest quality CBD products available, then look no further than CBD Armour. Their range of CBD oils, capsules and topical skincare products provide excellent relief from physical pain conditions and mental health issues alike. An organic hemp-infused product line made from only the most natural ingredients mean no nasty chemicals ever come into contact with your skin or body. The company’s commitment to using transparent and traceable processes make sure that you only get the best. Plus, every sale gives a portion of profit back to local charities; making purchasing from this brand feel even better than it already does!

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