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Chocolate Birthday Bars with a Personal Message from Cadbury Gifts Direct


Seeking a truly memorable present to commemorate a landmark birthday? Their wonderful assortment of custom birthday chocolate bars puts an end to your quest. Give a gift that will make them cry (at least till the last piece is gone) with the personalized sweetness of one of their traditional Dairy Milk bars, complete with their name or a heartfelt message.

Creating a one-of-a-kind birthday present for a loved one is as simple as 1, 2, 3; just pick a chocolate, write a personal remark, or include the lucky recipient’s name (or anything else you’d like), and they’ll handle the rest. If you place your order by 4 p.m., they will ship it to you or your loved one the very same day. In addition to pre-filled gift baskets, they also provide customizable gift boxes and “build-your-own” gift baskets for you to fill with all their favorite Cadbury candies. Give one a shot right now.

Searching for additional ideas for celebrating your birthday? Visit their birthday gift ideas page and place your orders early for stress-free shipping just in time for the big day!

Cadbury Gifts Direct Birthday Bars


The beloved Dairy Milk Bar has reached a historical milestone, turning eighty this year! This classic chocolate treat continues to be loved by all age groups generations after it first rolled out of factories in 1923. It still remains one of the top popular products from Cadbury and it likely will for many years to come. Back then, the bar had five fingertips each containing smooth milk chocolate, offering a shareable sweet treat for all family members. Today, folks can find several flavor varieties that cater to their individual interests everyone can enjoy this delicious chocolate bar at any special occasion! It’s no wonder that Dairy Milk Bars are sure to be a part of celebrating 80 more years of timeless sweetness.


On its 80th birthday, the iconic Dairy Milk Bar (850g) is as popular as ever with all generations. Celebrated for its sweet and creamy taste, the original Dairy Milk Bar has maintained its beloved formula since 1940. Its long legacy is due to the dedication of its creators to making a delicious bar that can be enjoyed by everyone. Still a classic treat, it’s no wonder that the Dairy Milk Bar (850g) retains the same irresistible flavor after almost a century on shelves. Here’s to many more years of this delightful chocolate bar!


Happy 70th Birthday to the beloved Dairy Milk bar! Developed by Cadbury’s chocolate company in Birmingham, England in the year of 1951, the Dairy Milk bar has been a staple across generations. Generations of families these past seventy years delighting in the smooth, creamy taste that a Dairy Milk bar has to offer. Moreover, as time passed and delicious flavors such as Oreo, Caramel, and Fruit & Nut have also been loved by fans worldwide. Arguably the most beloved Cadbury product of all time falls nothing short of deserving for it’s 70th birthday celebration! Here’s to another 70 years of the sweet indulgence that the Dairy Milk bar provides!


Cadbury Gifts Direct celebrates the 70th birthday of Dairy Milk Bar this year! What a delicious way to mark such an important milestone! Cadbury Dairy Milk is a classic and has been an integral part of Cadbury history since its launch in April 1951. Every bite into this creamy, delicious chocolate bar provides pure indulgence – it’s no wonder why Dairy Milk Bar has been popular for so long. Cadbury Gifts Direct allows you to purchase a special celebratory giftbox for your special someone, showcasing the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar. They also have various versions of the bar included exclusive limited edition flavors, sure to make any chocoholic’s dream come true! Cadbury Gifts Direct wishes the happy Cadbury family – and all those who love their mouth-watering chocolates – a very Happy 70th Birthday from Dairy Milk Bar. Enjoy this sweet treat with friends and family!

About Cadbury Gifts Direct

Hemingways Marketing Services Ltd. runs Cadbury Gifts Direct with permission from Mondelz International. Hemingways, headquartered in Ripon in northern England, is an e-commerce and distribution powerhouse. It has been linked to the Cadbury name for over half a century, and over that time has introduced several unique features, such as the ability to customize the sleeves of Dairy Milk and Milk Tray products and the creation of the world’s largest chocolate selection box, the famous Giant Selection Box. Green & Black’s (, a website created by Hemingways, sells organic chocolate gifts to individuals and businesses.

Both operations are based out of a company-owned, state-of-the-art warehouse that has earned a coveted Grade A storage and distribution rating from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

In addition to candies, Hemingways also manages the online sale of gift cards and digital presents for more than 50 of the largest retailers and provides a variety of technical solutions to the retail sector. There are more than 120 full-time employees at the company, and they just finished celebrating their 100th year in operation. Visit for more information about the author.

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