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Discover Your Next Read: Eason’s Top Books of the Month

Whether you’re looking for something fun to read on the beach, a thoughtful introspective novel, or just a good story to keep you entertained, Eason’s list of top reads for this month has it all. With so many books available in today’s literary market, it can be tough to narrow down your choices and decide what you should pick up next. To help make that decision easier, we’ve gathered our top picks for July from No matter what kind of reader you are there is sure to be something on the list that sparks your curiosity and captures your imagination!


The New Wife, written by JP Delaney, is a thrilling and fast-paced story that will leave readers hooked from the very first page. Following the death of their father, Finn and Jess Hensen inherit their father’s farmhouse in Mallorca, which is now occupied by their late father’s new and much younger wife, Ruensa, and her daughter, Roze. The plan seems simple enough: Finn will travel to Mallorca and tactfully take possession of their inheritance. However, things take a decidedly mysterious and dangerous turn when the Spanish police begin asking questions about their father’s death. With an exquisitely described Mediterranean setting and a page-turning plot, The New Wife is the ultimate summer read that perfectly balances suspense and intrigue.


Filled with mystery and intrigue, Lisa Jewell’s latest novel, NONE OF THIS IS TRUE, follows the story of podcaster Alix Summers and her chance encounter with a woman named Josie Fair. Although they share the same birthday, Josie’s life appears to be strange and complicated, which only sparks Alix’s curiosity even more. As their paths continue to cross, Alix soon realizes that Josie is hiding some very dark secrets. Despite feeling unsettled, Alix can’t seem to resist the temptation to keep digging – until Josie has inveigled her way into Alix’s life and home. Suddenly, Alix finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about Josie. Who is she, and what has she done? The suspenseful journey to uncover the truth will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.


Fans of Colleen Hoover’s bestselling novel, It Ends with Us, are in for a treat with the highly-anticipated sequel, It Starts with Us. This time around, Hoover delves into the story of one of the readers’ favorite characters: Atlas. As readers follow his perspective, they’ll see what happens after the epilogue in It Ends with Us. Lily, having moved on from her abusive marriage with Ryle, gets a second chance at love when she bumps into Atlas after two years apart. However, things don’t go as smoothly as she hoped, especially when Ryle is still a part of her life. It Starts with Us switches between Atlas and Lily’s perspectives to give readers both sides of this tumultuous love triangle. Get ready for another gripping and emotional rollercoaster ride from Colleen Hoover.


Eve’s life is a living nightmare. Her husband, Don Hathaway, is a bully who not only torments her but also physically harms her. She knows it’s not right, but she stays with him because of their children, Olly and Tabitha. However, one day, she finally gets the courage to leave him. But leaving him proves to be harder than she thought. Don is bitter and won’t let her go that easily. And when Eve tries to teach him a lesson, she ends up with a terrible secret that she can’t share with anyone. Will her actions betray her children’s future? Lesley Pearse’s “Betrayal” is a gripping page-turner that tells the story of a woman’s struggle to break free from a violent past and protect her children’s future.


In “A Lesson in Malice” by Catherine Kiewan, Finn Fitzpatrick, a solicitor with a passion for investigation, finds herself in a precarious situation when she accepts an invitation from a former law school classmate. Though hesitant, Finn agrees to speak at a conference at her friend’s alma mater, followed by an exclusive dinner in the College President’s private dining room. Little did she know that this dinner would lead to unexpected consequences. When a body is discovered in the College grounds, Finn becomes a murder suspect along with everyone else who had attended the dinner. Eager to clear her name and find the killer, Finn delves deeper into her fellow dinner guests and uncovers a web of dark secrets, rivalries, and hidden agendas. With much at stake, will Finn take a chance and uncover the truth, or will she leave sleeping dogs to lie?

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