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Easy Christmas Craft Activities For Kids

With the arrival of winter break and the impending celebration of Christmas, it is time to get into the spirit of the season. Stay inside and do some art and craft work with the kids to avoid the cold. Crafting something for Christmas is a fun way to keep the kids occupied and give them an outlet for their imaginations.

Baker Ross has a wide selection of fun and educational arts & crafts for kids. Their kits and packs provide an opportunity to master new abilities while having fun with a wide range of materials and textures to choose from. There’s something for every budding artist, from robot mask design to bracelet crafting.

Benefits of crafting with kids:

Encourages visual-processing skills: Pattern identification, sequence detection, and the ability to conceptualise space in a new way are all talents that benefit greatly from time spent crafting.

Improves fine motor skills: Children’s fine motor abilities are developed through activities like crafting, which require them to use fine motor skills such as colouring, cutting, twisting, and glueing.

Challenges executive function skills: The ability to plan ahead is facilitated by the development of children’s executive function. Making things helps with concentration and working memory, which are important for success in school and in life.

Fosters bonding and fun: Crafting is a wonderful way for adults to spend quality time with their children, and children of all ages enjoy working on art projects together. I can speak from personal experience on this one. Even while organising and carrying out a craft project may seem like a lot of work at first, the results are well worth the effort.

Increases self-esteem: When kids finish something they’ve been working on, they feel an immense sense of accomplishment. They take pride in the results of their efforts. It’s important to keep in mind that kids could get frustrated if the projects you’ve planned are too challenging for them.

Stimulates creativity and imagination:

Through participating in arts and crafts, kids are encouraged to develop their imaginations and express their unique perspectives. After that, they’ll be able to apply their originality and imagination to their studies and leisure pursuits.

My gut feeling had been right all along, but after reading this I was convinced. When the boys and I make something, I sense a swell of joy, creativity, and insight in their minds.

It’s also crucial for us as parents to enable art and craft projects at home because students aren’t getting nearly enough time to engage with art at school due to budget constraints and an increased emphasis on academic rigour.

The Thanksgiving holiday is passed, and preparations for the Christmas holiday are underway. If you already engage in creative parenting, that’s fantastic! If you haven’t done any crafting with your kids yet, you should start immediately. You can see that it not only entertains everyone in the household, but also encourages numerous cognitive processes. This year, why not make it a priority to do some Christmas crafting? It’s a decision you won’t come to regret, I assure you.

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Make sure Santa finds your house with ease by hanging up a Baker Ross homemade sign “Ho, ho, ho.” This year, step up your Christmas decorations by adding a touch of holiday cheer to your bedroom door. Putting your handiwork front and centre will surely put a smile on Santa’s face, we’re sure. Little ones will enjoy bringing out the crayons and colouring books and focusing their creative energies on their favourite picture or page. For added pizazz, you can use glitter glue, decorations, and all that other good stuff. Show off your creation however you like. Get out your crayons, glue, sewing needles, and picture hanging hooks!

When you see what Baker Ross has prepared for the holidays, you won’t believe your eyes. This year, make sure your loved ones don’t miss your holiday greeting by sending them a message they can’t ignore! Baker Ross has you covered with pre-printed colouring cards, but they’ve added a fun twist. Color inside the lines with your favourite pens, pencils, and crayons, then unfold the card to see the hidden message that makes it so brilliant. Kids will love receiving some creative practise while sending a special card they’ve helped colour in and designed themselves. Pick from one of five designs; they’ll all bring a smile to the recipient’s face! Style, colour, presentation, and excitement!

Now is the time to start working on a brand new and exciting Christmas project. Use your imagination and these wonderful, blank canvases to make your own Christmas crackers. Create a one-of-a-kind centrepiece for your holiday table with the help of a Bake Ross Design Your Own Christmas Cracker Kit. All you need is some paint, glitter, and a little imagination to turn these plain cardboard crackers into a work of art. After you’ve added the snaps and ribbon, fill them with the included hats and jokes, they’re ready for the dinner table. This is a fantastic Christmas colouring page! Plan, execute, finish, and break!

Use this small book of exciting exercises to introduce children to the Nativity narrative. Absolutely correct, with days it couldn’t be simpler to study the Nativity. Prepare a Baker Ross Christmas Nativity Craft Sticker books are both informative and fun, with a new puzzle, game, or artwork to create on every page. There is also a wide variety of beautiful stickers for you to use. This holiday season, rather than buying several puzzle books and colouring books, why not just get one of these? This set of Nativity-themed activities, including colouring pages and puzzles, is sure to be a hit with kids. You may use them for anything from stocking stuffers to party game prizes to keeping kids occupied on a plane. Break out the crayons and markers!

Highlight this year’s Christmas festivities with a spotlight. Baker Ross’s DYO Lanterns are a hit with kids since they allow children to make their own unique lighting with a “stained glass” effect. Just trim the colourful cellophane to fit and glue it in place behind the hole in each lantern panel. You just need to fit the cellophane into place and pop the templates into place; it’s that easy! You are welcome to leave the paper lanterns plain or add your own flair with markers or paint. Place on the mantel with an LED tealight for a romantic glow in the colder months. Don’t miss out on this advanced papercrafting opportunity and make your own paper lantern right now! Just snip, glue, layout, and turn on the light!

About Baker Ross

Baker Ross, which was co-founded in 1974 by Patti Baker, is still a family-owned and -operated firm that has become a leading provider of arts & crafts to schools, playgroups, and organisations in the United Kingdom because to its original ideas. There are more than 80 hardworking employees at their Harlow, Essex headquarters and warehouse.

Since its inception, Baker Ross has supplied thousands of schools, playgroups, charities, and other organisations in the United Kingdom and across the world with arts and crafts, educational, and fundraising products via mail order.

More than three thousand products are available for purchase on their website and in their catalogues right now.

ChildLine, Clic Sargent, and PDSA all benefit from a sizable one-time donation from Baker Ross.

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