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Explore Coach Travel to UK destinations with megabus


The city-to-city bus tickets offered by Megabus can be reserved from your desktop computer or mobile device for as little as one dollar, making it easy to travel across North America. The effectiveness of our system is demonstrated not only by the low cost of our bus tickets and the ease with which they can be purchased, but also by the fact that our customers continue to choose us because of our well-connected North American transportation network and excellent bus service, beginning with the booking process and continuing until you arrive at your destination in a safe and timely manner. The megabus model was designed with the consumer in mind from the very beginning, and we here at Megabus can’t wait to hit the road with you!

Where is megabus?

Almost anywhere you could possibly think of requiring our presence! By reading this post, you will acquire more knowledge on our most popular routes as well as our night buses. Megabus, which maintains key transportation hubs across North America in both the United States and Canada, services more than one hundred unique cities and university campuses.

These locations can be found all around the continent. You will be able to maintain your connection with the help of Megabus, which will only cost you an incredible amount, and it will be convenient for you.

What can you expect with megabus?

Our high-end double-decker buses provide passengers with power outlets at their seats, panoramic windows, and an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

When you book your trip with Megabus, you can rest certain that you will travel in comfort thanks to the meticulous upkeep of the vehicles and the experienced drivers who will be operating them. We adhere to the strictest cleaning processes possible for the sake of your wellbeing. Find out more about the measures we are doing to ensure your safety in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Our bus services are known for their affordability and dependability, in addition to their high levels of comfort and security.

When you choose megabus, you can rest assured that you will have a wonderful experience and be satisfied in general.

Whether you are travelling across the country or just a few cities away, we are able to provide you with the dependable and high-quality service you deserve thanks to our highly trained and experienced staff as well as our modern fleet of double-decker buses that are clean, comfortable, well maintained, and accessible for people using wheelchairs.

Is Megabus comfortable?

Megabus customers have given the organisation high marks for the quality of their upper deck seats and rides. The large seats and recline feature make long bus journeys more bearable for many passengers. You won’t be too hot or uncomfortable if you doze off on the bus.

New York to Philadelphia bus details

Between New York and Philadelphia, our bus route M23 makes stops at two different locations. The bus will pick you up at the Megabus Bus Stop at Market Street and 6th Street, and it will drop you off at the Megabus Bus Stop on 34th Street between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue.

New York

There are numerous bus stop sites across the city of New York for the services that are offered by

Kindly check your ticket to ensure that you are boarding at the correct spot.

The bus stop for passengers departing via can be found on 34th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues, directly across the street from the Javits Center.

The bus stop for services offered by Coach USA can be found in the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 8th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Street in New York City.

The Port Authority bus terminal is also used by Fullington Trailways for the operation of some of its services.

Your reservation will include complete information regarding the locations of each stop.

Make arrangements for your trip to New York via bus.


The services provided by can be accessed at a variety of bus stop sites across the city of Philadelphia.

Kindly check your ticket to ensure that you are boarding at the correct spot.

At the northeast corner of the junction where Schuylkill Avenue and Walnut Street meet is where you’ll find the bus stop for services provided by About two blocks to the south of the 30th Street Train Station is where you’ll find the location.

There is a second stop on the south side of Market Street, immediately west of the intersection of Market Street and North 6th Street, which is used only by the New York service. This stop will not be impacted in any way by the adjustments.

Only the bus terminal located at 1001 Filbert Street is used by Fullington Trailways for the operation of its services.

Make arrangements for your bus ride to Philadelphia.

Our Buses

We are very proud of our fleet of state of the art buses

  • Individual power outlets*
  • Reclining seats
  • Reserved seating
  • Onboard Restrooms
  • Travel in luxury with megabus

Why We Choose Megabus?

When it comes to traveling long distances, there are a lot of factors to consider. How much time do you have? How much money are you willing to spend? What is your preferred mode of transportation? For many people, the answer to these questions is Megabus. Megabus is a popular long-distance bus service that offers affordable fares and convenient schedules. But what makes Megabus the preferred choice for so many travelers? Here are just a few reasons:

First, Megabus offers some of the most competitive fares in the industry. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you can find tickets at a price that fits your budget. Second, Megabus operates on a convenient schedule, with multiple daily departures. This makes it easy to plan your travel around your other commitments. Third, Megabus offers a comfortable ride, with plenty of legroom and storage space for luggage. And finally, Megabus is committed to sustainability, operating with a fleet of modern buses that meet the latest emissions standards.

For all these reasons and more, Megabus is the preferred choice for long-distance travel. So if you’re planning a trip, be sure to check out Megabus first. You might just find that it’s the perfect way to get where you’re going.


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