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Explore the Outdoors with Confidence in Men’s Wide Hiking Shoes and Boots

Wide Fit Shoes

They’ve been in the business of helping people with “problematic feet” since 1965, making them a reputable shoe store. Many orthopaedic hospitals, foot clinics, general health clinics, and doctors’ offices refer their patients to them. Here at Wide Fit Shoes, they’re quite pleased with their selection. Whereas most department stores only have shoes in a single width, Wide Fit Shoes caters to customers with feet of varying widths and sizes. The soles of their sneakers are cushioned for your comfort. Some of these features are removable socks that make it possible to insert orthotic devices and seam-free soft padded leather uppers that provide ample room in the toe box for accommodating orthotics. In addition, their knowledgeable staff offers a thorough fitting service in-store to ensure that you leave with the perfect fit.

They take a methodical, scientific approach to the creation of each pair of shoes they sell. Each pair of shoes comes with a replaceable insole so you can use your own orthotics if necessary, and a lightweight, flexible, and durable outsole.

During the molding process, the sole entraps hundreds of air bubbles within its cellular structure. You’ll feel like you’re floating through the air thanks to the bubbles’ ample padding.

In addition to their wide variety of leather shoes, they also carry stretch types that can be adjusted to fit your feet and velour house shoes that combine the stability of a shoe with the coziness of a slipper.


Do you find yourself daydreaming about the great outdoors? Make sure you have the appropriate footwear for your upcoming outdoor trip before you head out into the great outdoors. This will help guarantee that you have a safe and enjoyable day. As you become more familiar with mother nature, they offer a variety of high-performance walking shoes and boots available for you to choose from so that your feet are both comfortable and protected throughout this time.

Mens Wide Fit Drew Boulder Waterproof Shoes

Not only does the fashionable Drew Boulder Hiking Shoe provide wearers with exceptional durability in a wide variety of circumstances, but it also provides wearers with comfort that lasts throughout the entire day while they are out on the trail. This is especially beneficial for hikers who spend a lot of time on their feet.

  • Because of its characteristics, the boulder is an excellent pick, not only for outdoor activities but also for a wide variety of workplace settings.
  • The use of a Dupont thermolite lining, a slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole, and a waterproof leather upper all contribute to the durability of these shoes.
  • The plus-fitting system, incorporating two removable footbeds on this wide-fitting shoe, allows the addition of extra-thick orthotics if required.
  • The shoe’s tempered steel shank makes it suitable for use in a variety of weather conditions while keeping your feet dry and comfy.

Men’s Wide Fit Drew Rockford Waterproof Boots

The Drew Rockford hiking boot is a true all-rounder. This footwear is specifically crafted for those who need a wider fit and comfort while hiking. The unique Plus Fitting System® is integrated into the shoe design to provide a customized fit for each wearer. Its durable construction and excellent grip make the Drew Rockford suitable for any terrain, whether rocky or muddy. The design ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout your hiking journey. From casual hikes to rugged outdoor adventures, the Drew Rockford hiking boot won’t let you down.

  • Slip- and oil-resistant leather uppers and linings keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • These work boots are tough and comfortable enough for regular use or a stroll in the country.
  • Comfort is key here thanks to the heel’s built-in cushion, and you are likely to forget you are wearing such a tough.
  • Strong and long-lasting hiking boot with a tempered steel shank and a non-marking rubber outsole, ideal for withstanding the elements.

Men’s Wide Fit Skechers 204453 Luxury Respected Esmont Hiking Water Repellent Boots

Men on the hunt for reliable, sleek-looking hiking boots will find that the Skechers 204453 Luxury Respected Esmont boots are a match made in heaven. With a water-repellent feature, these boots are designed to withstand even the wettest of terrains, ensuring comfortable and dry feet throughout the journey. What’s more, the wide fit provides an extra layer of comfort, accommodating different foot widths without compromising on style. Whether you’re heading out for a challenging mountain hike or simply strolling through a forest, these hiking boots are sure to keep up with your every step. Trust them, your feet will thank you.

  • Water-repellent.
  • 1 1/4-inch heel.
  • Skechers® logo detail.
  • Leather and synthetic upper with lace-up front.
  • Skechers goga mat arch™ cushioning for added support.
  • Skechers air-cooled memory foam® cushioned comfort insole.
  • Goodyear® performance outsole delivers enhanced traction, stability and durability.

Men’s Wide Fit Skechers 204406 Luxury Recon Percival Hiking Boots

The Men’s Wide Fit Skechers 204406 Luxury Recon Percival Hiking Boots are the perfect choice for comfort and style on your next outdoor adventure. With their durable construction and sturdy soles, these hiking boots offer the support and stability needed for even the most challenging terrain. Their wide fit design ensures a comfortable fit for those with broader feet, while the luxurious leather upper provides both durability and style. Whether you’re embarking on a rugged mountain trail or simply exploring the great outdoors, these boots will keep you moving comfortably and confidently. Upgrade your hiking gear collection with the Men’s Wide Fit Skechers 204406 Luxury Recon Percival Hiking Boots.

  • 1 1/2 inch heel.
  • Skechers® logo detail.
  • Air-cooled trail hiker mid-top sneaker design.
  • Lace up front with metal eyelets and top hooks.
  • Relaxed fit® for a roomy comfort fit at toe and forefoot.
  • Water-repellent treated smooth leather, synthetic and mesh fabric upper.
  • Patented skechers arch fit® insole system with podiatrist-certified arch support.
  • Goodyear® performance outsole delivers enhanced traction, stability and durability.
  • Removable insole helps mold to your foot to reduce shock and increase weight dispersion.
  • Podiatrist-designed shape developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans.

Why shop from Wide Fit Shoes?

For those who need a little extra room in their shoes, finding the perfect pair can be a hassle. That’s where Wide Fit Shoes comes in. With a dedication to quality and comfort, this company specializes in producing footwear that fits feet of all shapes and sizes. From fashionable flats to stylish sneakers, each shoe is carefully crafted to ensure maximum support and a perfect fit.

So why shop from Wide Fit Shoes? Aside from their attention to detail, this company is also committed to providing top-notch customer service. Whether you have questions about sizing or need help with an order, their friendly and knowledgeable team is always here to help. For those who value both comfort and style, Wide Fit Shoes is the perfect destination for your footwear needs.

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