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Find Your Perfect Match: Top Full Face Helmets on Sale at ChromeBurner

When riding a motorcycle, a full face helmet is an essential piece of protective gear for riders. Finding the right helmet is crucial as it can be the difference between life and death in case of an accident. Quality helmets are designed to provide protection against head injury or worse, while also ensuring a comfortable fit that prevents rider fatigue during long journeys. When shopping for a full face helmet, riders should consider factors such as fit, safety features, ventilation, noise reduction and personal style to ensure they find one that meets their individual needs. A good helmet provides peace of mind and makes it easier to focus on driving safely on the road.

ChromeBurner is a great place to find stylish and affordable full face helmets that meet all safety standards. With a range of designs and colours, you’re sure to find something perfect for your individual style. A full face helmet provides maximum protection while out on the road and ChromeBurner has an exceptional selection at great prices. Shopping online makes it easy to compare prices between different models, and the customer service team is happy to answer questions to help you make the right choice. Take advantage of ChromeBurner’s unbeatable selection and prices today!

Top Full Face Helmets on Sale at ChromeBurner

1. Nexx SX.100R Gridline

If safety and protection are your top priorities when looking for a helmet, then the Nexx SX.100R is just the one for you. Designed specifically for urban/street riders, this full face helmet is guaranteed to provide maximum protection, with coverage from the top of your head to beneath your chin — just like track helmets! This top-of-the line product is economical too: it’s currently available at an exclusive discounted price from ChromeBurner online store at only €175.49. Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity — find your perfect fit in Nexx full face motorcycle helmets inside ChromeBurner’s comprehensive collection!

Safety features of the SX.100R

A helmet is an essential safety accessory, but with the SX.100R you get more than just protection. The polycarbonate construction combines performance and protection without breaking the bank. But it’s not just the shell construction that is important; the chinstrap is also vital to keeping you safe in a crash. With the SX.100R, you get a Micrometric buckle that provides ease of adjustment and can even be used with gloves on for added convenience. So if you’re looking for a great helmet that offers all-round optimal performance and protection, then look no further than the SX.100R!

2. Shark Spartan 1.2

The Shark Spartan 1.2 is a great full face helmet in terms of quality and safety, making it the perfect choice for race and sport riders who require the highest level of protection. Knowing that full face helmets feature front to back coverage with guards around the chin and jaw, you can be sure that your head is safe while you’re riding at high speeds on the track. For an unbeatably low price of €240.49, instead of €369.99, you can get yourself a top quality helmet with maximum protection at the discount price offered at ChromeBurner. With this helmet on your head, you will be fully ready to take on any challenge on the road or track!

Safety features of the Spartan 1.2

The Spartan 1.2 is ideal for both on-road and off-road riding, as it’s made from a sturdy, lightweight fiberglass-and-fiber mix that is stronger than polycarbonate but still flexible enough to absorb impacts effectively. It also boasts a Double-D chinstrap buckle, the safest style available and one of the only officially allowed on racetracks. This part of the helmet is especially important in that it must be secure to work properly in a crash situation, yet should also be easy to use so you can quickly attach and detach your helmet while on the go. Whether you’re a weekend adventurer or racing enthusiast, the Spartan 1.2 provides a reliable layer of protection perfect for any environment.

3. Scorpion EXO-1400 Air

If your safety is a top priority when it comes to helmets, then the Scorpion EXO-1400 Air full face helmet is an absolute must. Compared to any other helmet style, a full face helmet offers the best protection for all riders – whether you’re riding on the track, in an urban environment or just cruising around town. The EXO-1400 Air provides reliability and coverage from head to chin, so you can ride confidently knowing that your safety has been paramount. Plus, this quality helmet is now available at a fantastic price of only €240.44 at discount price on ChromeBurner!

Safety features of the EXO-1400 Air

With an increasing number of people taking up biking for leisure or for commuting, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your head is properly protected with a quality helmet. The EXO-1400 Air is constructed from a Fiberglass / fiber mix, making it stronger than most polycarbonate shells while still being lightweight, durable and slightly flexible to effectively absorb the impact of any crash. Its Double-D buckle chin strap is considered to be the safest on the market, making it a great choice if you’re tackling some tough terrain or plan on racing your bike professionally. It’s also simple enough to use that even first time riders can quickly master putting it on and taking it off. The EXO-1400 Air has got you covered at whatever speed you take your bike!

How to Choose the Right Full Face Helmet for You

Choosing the right full face helmet is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect helmet for your needs:

  1. Determine your budget: Full face helmets can vary in price depending on the features and quality. Determine your budget beforehand to narrow down your options.
  2. Consider your riding style: The type of riding you do can impact the type of helmet you need. For example, if you do mostly off-road riding, you may need a helmet with a different type of visor and ventilation than someone who rides primarily on the road.
  3. Determine your head shape: Helmets come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different head shapes. Make sure you try on different helmets to find one that fits your head shape comfortably.
  4. Check the safety rating: Look for helmets that meet or exceed safety standards, such as those set by DOT or Snell.
  5. Consider comfort features: Features such as ventilation, noise reduction, and padding can impact your comfort while wearing the helmet. Look for helmets that offer these features to improve your riding experience.
  6. Check for compatibility: If you use communication devices or wear glasses, make sure the helmet you choose is compatible with these accessories.
  7. Consider your personal style: While safety should always be the top priority, it’s important to find a helmet that fits your personal style and makes you feel good while riding.

Why buy at ChromeBurner?

ChromeBurner is quickly becoming the go-to supplier for all your motorcycling needs. With their large warehouse, they stock products from all the big manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to buy online or in person, they’ve got you covered. When you visit the showroom, you can browse through all their sale items and take advantage of unbeatable prices. And if you need some extra help deciding what equipment to buy, don’t hesitate to ask their knowledgeable gear geeks – they’ll make sure you get exactly what you need!

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