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How do I sell my phone to giffgaff?

Giffgaff Recycle

Giffgaff Recycle is an easy, secure and convenient way to sell used phones online. With a simple process and quick payment, you can get money for your old or broken phone in no time. All you need to do is choose your device model and answer a few questions about its condition. Not only does Giffgaff Recycle give you cash for your used devices, the service ensures responsible disposal of unwanted products to protect the environment giving e-waste a new lease of life! Selling with Giffgaff Recycle couldn’t be any simpler so why not get started and earn yourself some extra money today?

How does giffgaff trade in work?

Simply insert your phone and return it to us. As soon as the giffgaff crew arrives, they’ll give it a quick once over. The funds are transferred to you. Just like that, it’s done.

Are giffgaff numbers recycled?

Once your number has been disconnected and recycled by giffgaff, we will not be able to reactivate it. If you become disconnected and it turns out to be our fault, giffgaff may reconnect you. Review the Cancellation Rights section of the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Popular Mobile Phones

*Prices are based on device being in fully working condition

5 simple steps

Step 1

Try looking for your phone in other places. Keep in mind that giffgaff allows anyone to sell their phone.

Step 2

Put in your order by including desired items in your shopping basket. Place your order at the register.

Step 3

Clean up your device and remove any sensitive information before you start. Eject your SIM card and any other memory (microSD) cards.

Step 4

Put your device in its shipping container and head to the post office with your order confirmation. Please choose documented delivery for items of high value.

Step 5

Get paid quickly They’ll deposit your check in your bank account the very same day we process your phone order.

Why We Choose Giffgaff Recycle?

Giffgaff Recycle offers a reliable and secure way for customers to get the most value for their old phones, as well as helping the environment. Their circuit is less complex, meaning it takes far less time for us to process each phone. Plus, our fast payment system ensures that customers receive their payment quickly once their device has been verified.

Furthermore, they have a comprehensive data deletion policy in place to ensure complete privacy and utmost security of customer information. With Giffgaff Recycle, their customers can be sure they are getting the best deal with great peace of mind.

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