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How do you Choose the Right Tennis Shoes?


In 1966, two Swiss brothers relocating to California established K-SWISS as a tennis-specific footwear label. The brothers, who were both avid skiers and tennis players, drew inspiration for their first sneaker from these two sports.

What kind of shoes are used for tennis?

Tennis shoes are specially designed to provide the support and traction needed for quick movements on the court. The soles are usually made of rubber or a similar material, and they often have a herringbone or chevron pattern to provide good grip. The uppers of tennis shoes are usually made from leather or synthetic materials, and they often have reinforced toe areas to protect against wear.

In addition, most tennis shoes have extra padding around the ankle area to provide support and prevent injuries. While there are many different types of tennis shoes available on the market, it is important to choose a pair that is comfortable and offers the right level of support.

K-Swiss – Tennies Shoes


K-Swiss has always been an industry leader when it comes to tennis shoes, and the Hypercourt Express 2 is no exception. With a lightweight design and superior cushioning, this shoe is built for speed and comfort. The herringbone outsole provides excellent traction on all court surfaces, while the K-Swiss Shield logo adds a touch of style. Best of all, the Hypercourt Express 2 is available in a variety of colors to suit any taste. Whether you’re a serious player or just starting out, K-Swiss has the perfect shoe for you. Try the Hypercourt Express 2 today and feel the difference.


K-Swiss is excited to introduce the ULTRASHOT 3, the latest addition to our line of performance tennis shoes. The ULTRASHOT 3 features a number of innovative design elements that provide superior support and comfort on the court. The shoes have a specially designed arch support system that cradles the foot, while the thick sole provides exceptional cushioning.

In addition, the shoes have been constructed with K-Swiss‘s patented ATS technology, which provides superior stability and helps reduce fatigue. The ULTRASHOT 3 is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and comes with a one-year warranty. Whether you’re a competitive player or just looking for a comfortable shoe to wear on the court, the ULTRASHOT 3 is sure to meet your needs.


K-Swiss is a renowned athletic footwear company known for its quality running shoes. Recently, K-Swiss has partnered with ULTRASHOT TEAM, a group of elite long-distance runners, to promote its new line of K-ONNECT running shoes. The K-ONNECT line is designed to provide runners with the ultimate in comfort and support, and the ULTRASHOT TEAM is the perfect group to put them to the test.

The ULTRASHOT TEAM consists of runners from all over the world who have proven themselves time and time again in some of the most prestigious long-distance races. With K-Swiss by their side, the ULTRASHOT TEAM is sure to make a strong showing in whatever competition they enter. K-Swiss is confident that its new K-ONNECT line of shoes will help runners go the distance, and the ULTRASHOT TEAM is the perfect group to put them to the test.


K-Swiss is excited to introduce the latest addition to our line of tennis shoes, the Hypercourt Supreme HB. This shoe is designed for the serious tennis player who demands the best in comfort and performance. The Hypercourt Supreme HB features a K-EVA midsole for maximum cushioning, as well as a K-Tex outsole for durability and traction.

In addition, the shoe has a TPU shank for added support and stability. The Hypercourt Supreme HB is sure to provide the ultimate in comfort and support, while also delivering exceptional Court feel. Order your pair today and be ready to take your game to the next level. K-Swiss – The Athlete’s Footwear.

What’s So Special About K-Swiss

K-Swiss is a California-based footwear company that was founded in 1966. The company is best known for their iconic tennis shoes, which were created to provide better support and stability on the tennis court. The K-Swiss brand quickly gained popularity in the tennis world, and by the early 1970s, the company had become one of the leading tennis shoe manufacturers in the United States. Today, K-Swiss offers a variety of shoes for both men and women, ranging from running shoes to casual sneakers.

The company’s commitment to quality and innovative design has made K-Swiss a favorite among athletes and casual shoppers alike. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes or just a comfortable pair of sneakers, K-Swiss has something to offer.

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