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How do you get herb seeds? checkout Seedpantry


Seed Pantry’s goal is to help people everywhere start vegetable and flower gardens so that they can reap the benefits of nature and improve their own health.

Seed Pantry is a startup that came to be because of Neil Whitehead, who had the idea of growing vegetables in his (first-floor!) London apartment. For those who are intimidated by the prospect of starting their own vegetable garden but lack the time or energy to travel to a more modern garden center, he created Seed Pantry to ship everything needed to plant and maintain a garden. Since then, Seed Pantry has expanded to provide a plethora of plant-growing resources, including indoor hydroponic food-growing technology and a wonderful selection of retail ‘high street’ products for growing plants, all delivered to your door in convenient monthly subscription boxes.

A creative crew with a shared love of gardening, plants, design, and technology now runs the company. Seed Pantry employees place a premium on being trustworthy and fair in their dealings with customers.

Is it better to buy herbs from seeds or plants?

The debate of whether it is better to buy herbs from seeds or plants can be argued both ways. On the one hand, purchasing full-grown plants ready to be planted and grown in your garden provides an immediate impact in terms of flavor, fragrance, and color on your home decor. The amount of time spent growing them would be reduced considerably as well. On the other hand, starting with herbs from seeds could offer a unique form of satisfaction over watching something you’ve nurtured grow into something savory and delicious. Another benefit could be the cost savings associated with planting from seed – this offers a greater return in terms of the investment made for that particular herb plant. Ultimately, whether it’s from seed or full grown plant, the result should be equally valuable when it comes to enjoying fresh herbs for use in recipes or as natural remedies.

Do herb seeds need heat?

As winter approaches, a common question arises among gardeners: do herb seeds need heat in order to germinate? The answer is that it depends on the specific type of herb. Some herb species require warm soil in order to start the germination process, while others can actually thrive in cooler environments. For example, parsley and dill are two herbs that may not germinate if the soil is too hot, whereas chives will sprout earlier when provided with a bit of extra warmth. Ultimately, it’s important to do some research on each variety you plan to grow in order to understand their preferred temperature and other environmental conditions in order to ensure successful germination.

How to Collect Herb Seeds

  1. Pick a sunny, calm day. Choose a robust plant that is free of pests and diseases and has seed pods that look ready to burst. Take off the seed cap completely.
  2. Place the seed head in a paper bag upside down. When sealing the bag, be careful not to squash the seed head or the label. The seeds need to ripen, so put the bag somewhere dry.
  3. Keep an eye on the development of the seeds. Once the seed pods have opened up, dump the contents onto a clean, dry surface and sort through the seeds to find the ones that are still attached to the seed head.
  4. In order to prevent contamination, it is essential to thoroughly clean the extracted seeds before storing them. Shaking a pile of dried seeds through a series of progressively smaller sieves/screens will separate the seeds from the chaff. Place the largest sieve on top of the smaller ones, then tip in the seeds and shake until you reach the desired size of mesh. All but the smallest seeds will be caught by one sieve, while the remaining sieves will be left to collect the chaff.
  5. Put the sorted seed in an airtight container and label it precisely. Store in a place that is dry and cool until use. These seeds have a minimum shelf life of six years when stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

Herb Seeds

  • Herb French Sorrel ‘De Belleville’
  • Herb Thyme Broad Leaf
  • Herb Lemon Grass
  • Herb Borage ‘Bianca’

Herb French Sorrel ‘De Belleville’

Herb French Sorrel ‘De Belleville’ is a delicious herb, and seedpantry is the best place to find it! This unique variety of sorrel produces large green leaves with a tangy flavor. This herb should be harvested in the summer months when it produces young and tender leaves with the most flavor. The ‘De Belleville’ variety of French sorrel can be used in salads, stir-fries, soups, and more. For those looking to add a flavorful punch to their dishes, seedpantry has just what you need! Get Herb French Sorrel ‘De Belleville’ from seedpantry today for your culinary creations.

Herb Thyme Broad Leaf

Herb thyme broad leaf is a versatile herb found in seedpantry stores all around the world. The herb is known for its pleasantly fruity flavor and aroma as well as its variety of medical applications. With notes of mint, fir, and lavender, this fragrant herb can be used to spice up different dishes and recipes. Beyond that, it has a long list of therapeutic uses – from boosting immunity to relieving congestion in the respiratory tract. With seedpantry offering this herb in particular, you can easily find the perfect addition to your cooking or medicinal pantry!

Herb Lemon Grass

Herb lemon grass is a unique and fragrant addition to any seedpantry. It grows throughout warm climates, but it can be started indoors with seed starting kits, too. This herb has many culinary uses, such as making tea, sauces and marinades. Its tall stalks with yellow-green blades also make a stunning addition to flower beds and garden displays. Lemon grass’ lemony scent can add an inviting aroma to any area where it’s planted. This herb is easy to grow once established, but must be kept moist in early days of growth or it won’t start properly. With the right care and nurturing, seedpantries will be able to enjoy the succulent beauty of this bright and flavorful plant for years of gardening pleasure.

Herb Borage ‘Bianca’

If you’re looking for a beautiful, edible addition for your garden, herb Borage ‘Bianca’ is the perfect choice! This unique plant produces stunning white flowers and tender leaves that can be eaten fresh or cooked. You can even save the seed to use in seedpantry projects or as a tasty snack. Plus, this hardy perennial can come back year after year for continued enjoyment. Herb Borage ‘Bianca’ makes an excellent choice for those wanting something unique to add flavor and visual interest to their garden.

What’s so special about Seedpantry?

Seedpantry is the best choice for those looking to try something new in their garden, or start a new one altogether. With the widest variety of pre-measured and pre-packed seed varieties at unbeatable prices, Seedpantry is the go-to resource for anyone who values quality without breaking the bank. Plus, with helpful customer support, friendly staff, and hassle-free payment methods, you’ll have everything you need to succeed without stress – making Seedpantry an easy decision.

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