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How healthy is Cow cheese? checkout Pong Cheese

Pong Cheese

They can relate to you because they are human too. WOW, that cheese sure is tasty. To put it simply, everyone loves cheese. The British, however, feel that cheese is often overlooked: it is usually served last at dinner gatherings, and in restaurants, they often have to choose between dessert and cheese. Therefore, Pong was developed to put a stop to this insanity and give cheese its due.

In the United Kingdom, nearly all households consume at least some cheese each year, with the typical citizen consuming 10 kilograms. Sounds like a lot, but the French, Italians, Greeks, and Germans eat more than twice as much cheese daily as the typical American because they eat more often (for example, breakfast).

Pong was created so that you would have access to the highest quality cheeses available, including those from the best artisanal and independent makers in the UK and Europe. It takes a great deal of skill and knowledge to properly prepare each cheese, as they each have their own unique flavor and structure. Whether it’s the strangely colored but incredibly delicious “Oxford Blue” or the now-famous “Stinking Bishop,” any of Pong’s cheeses would be worthy of a place in the limelight.

Pong was invented by two buddies from Bath, England (also known as the “Napa Valley of cheese”). Since its inception, The Cheese Club has been the most popular cheese subscription service in the UK, thanks to its expert founders’ ability to select only the finest cheeses from around the globe and deliver them to members on a monthly basis.

Is cows milk cheese good?

Cow milk cheeses are as diverse and flavorful as the cultures that create them. Cheeses can range from soft and sweet to firm and salty, and everything in between, all thanks to the cheesemakers’ freedom to experiment with different techniques and flavors after starting with rich, mild cow’s milk.

Cow Milk Cheese


This is the unpasteurized, French counterpart to Switzerland’s Vacherin Mont d’Or. It has the distinct flavor of alpine milk and is absolutely stunning in appearance.

Could you tell me where you got it? Made in the shadow of the Jura Alps, this AOC Mont D’Or is a 100% natural product. For baking convenience, Mont d’Or is packaged in a lovely wooden case (approximately 450g).


Artichoke and beetroot Vacherin Mont d’Or salad. The artichoke’s delicate flavor and the beet’s savory, earthy undertones give this salad a silky texture and flavorful aftertaste. Read on for the complete recipe details.

Vacherin Cooked in the Oven

When baked in the oven, vacherin achieves culinary bliss. Using half of the garlic clove, rub the surface of the Vacherin Mont D’Or with garlic butter. Dribble the white wine into the holes you pierced into the Vacherin’s epidermis. Roast for 20 minutes, or until the top is pliable and the cheese is bubbling underneath. As a shared appetizer for four, try slicing up some crusty baguette, some celery pieces, some assorted nuts and berries, some mini potatoes, or some salami to dip.

When baked in the oven, many types of cheese achieve a state of near-perfection. In order to achieve success, you’ll need to select the appropriate baking container. The next step is to season the cheeses with the appropriate complements, while also making the perfect serving sauces.


Constant rinsing in a mixture of saltwater and Marc de Bourgogne creates the distinctive orange color of a soumaintrain. The Soumaintrain cheese from France is a marvel for its richness and creaminess.

Both the potato and the skin have been roasted once, and the filling has been baked twice, to ensure that it is thoroughly heated through.

Throw in some soft cheese for a new texture and burst of flavor in your Niçoise salad.

The tartlets’ silky soft cheese is complemented by a vibrant and fruity Cranberry sauce. If you put some on your lips, you’ll feel a tingling sensation.

These crostinis are perfect as a hearty canapé or light appetizer. Compliment the cheese with some anchovies, pickled red scallions, and sun-dried tomatoes. Incredible variety of tastes in each delicious mouthful.

The use of soft cheese in these pork steaks results in a juicy, creamy filling with a faint hazelnut flavor. The perfect weekday meal when paired with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

This Poached Potted Fish is the perfect highbrow lunch choice. It works great as a spread on toast or as a sandwich filling and is perfect for making individual appetizers for a gathering. Due to its decadence and richness, a single small saucepan can feed 6-8 people.


The rustic brown patina of Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOC is the result of careful handling and the aging process in the sandstone caverns of Kaltbach.

Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOC, after aging for at least a year, becomes a truly exceptional cheese, one that will impress even the most discerning cheese connoisseur with its beautiful appearance, crumbly body, and lasting aftertaste that is surprisingly free of bitterness.

Recipes using Kaltbach Le Gruyere:

Your own personal Alpine celebration, with a delicious spin on the classic rösti. The parsnip balances the spicy potato and nutty Gruyere.

Use up any leftover cooked meats, herbs, or cheese in your freezer by making a frittata. The recipe calls for Le Gruyere because of its rich flavor and smooth texture when warmed, but any other strong cheese will do.

Traditional German cheese dish Käsespätzle has all the qualities of a perfect comfort cuisine. Layers of Spätzle, caramelized onion, and cheese are cooked in the oven until crisp, creating a dish that is essentially German mac and cheese.

Typically, Cantal cheese is used in this French recipe, but they use Le Gruyere AOC because it is a flavorful hard cheese.

For a fast and healthy dinner, try serving truffade with cured meats and salad greens.

Classic French rôti de veau Orloff is a delicious substitute for traditional roasting. This dish, which is presented on a bed of vegetables and stuffed with tangy Le Gruyere and salty bacon, appears and feels the part.


The fact that its name translates to “Monk’s Head” hints at its sacred origins. It was first developed by Jura monks and is now produced by only a handful of farms.

For the big flavors of this beefy cheese, consider a Burgundy like this Christophe et Fils Chablis – Vielles Vignes 2015 or a Rhône like this Reserve de Pierre 2015


Throw your own Alpine celebration with this delicious spin on classic rösti. In contrast to the savory potato and nutty flavor of the firm cheese, the parsnip provides a pleasant, subtle sweetness.

Cheese gratin is already heavenly, but this Gratin is on another level thanks to the addition of Stinking Bishop, which adds a beautifully creamy and sweet element. Although it goes well with a variety of meats, lamb is especially delicious with Stinking Bishop Gratin.

This fondue is easy, entertaining, and ridiculously buttery. For superior outcomes, use their pre-made fondue mix, which consists of grated aged Gruyère AOC and Emmentaler.

The German cheese dish known as Käsespätzle embodies all the qualities of a perfect comfort cuisine. It’s like a German version of mac and cheese, with layers of Spätzle, fragrant onion, and melted cheese that’s finished with a crisp.


One of their current favorites is this amazing new cheese created by the science wizards at Village Maid.

This buttery Guernsey milk cheese has a tangy, punchy flavor thanks to the skin being rinsed with Treason IPA from Windsor’s Uprising Brewery.

Recipe ideas for Maida Vale:

Soft cheese like Maida Vale, with its tangy, punchy flavor and creamy texture, is a great addition to a classic Niçoise salad.

It’s hard to beat the flavor of cream cheese icing. This delicious pineapple, carrot, and nut cake is named after Maida Vale, and it’s the perfect place to go if you’re craving something rich and satisfying.

A homemade pizza from scratch is the best pizza ever. The crust is thick and crunchy, and the three cheeses add savory depth to every mouthful.

Summertime is the best season for quiche. Use it as a side dish or a main course, and eat it hot or chilled. Here’s another option: a Leek Quiche made with hazelnut dough.

Cheese tarts made with puff pastry dough that has already been prepared are delectable. These Rosemary and Red Onion Tarts and these Spinach Puffs are great vehicles for it.

Get the party started with these Cheesy Chilli Tarts. The filling consists of a coating of spicy pickle and cheese that has been baked until it is golden and crisp.

If you’re looking for a great burger, try some Maida Vale Cheese with some beautiful Portobello mushrooms and some smoky bacon.

Why Pong Cheese?

Since its inception, three generations of the Pong family have worked to perfect the art of cheesemaking at Pong Cheese. They have a deep love for cheese and are dedicated to making it in the conventional way so that it tastes as good as it looks. The cows that provide the milk for Pong Cheese graze in the lush fields of the English countryside. Because of the care they give their cows, they are able to create milk that is not only delicious but also nutritious. After the milk has been collected, it is processed into cheese using methods that have been passed down through their family for centuries. Pong Cheese is a specialty cheese that is made by carefully crafting individual wheels by hand. By purchasing Pong Cheese, you are supporting local farms and artisan cheese makers while also enjoying a tasty, nutritious, and environmentally friendly product.

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