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How To Personalize Kids Clothes

This page was specifically thought out and designed for you if you have any questions about how the personalised children’s and infant clothing service operates.

The personalization tenet is quite straightforward.

With a few exclusions that are clearly stated, you can add the child’s name or any other text you wish printed to a number of iELM apparel products. You only need to enter the required wording into the space on the product page. The product that is shipped, not the one that is shown as a model on the product page, will always be the one with the text that you ordered.

iELM staff carefully chooses the colours for the printed text and zipper to ensure that they blend seamlessly with the overall colour scheme of the goods.

iELM customers have expressed their appreciation for the customised baby clothing service based on printed language. You also have the option to add different emblems for kids to each piece of apparel because their attention has always been on you. Your child can appreciate the distinctiveness of their models whether we’re talking about adding symbols like a heart or a star. You can select special characters on each product page to make it your own by personalising it.

If printing wasn’t done on high-quality, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabrics, the custom kids’ and baby garments service would not be possible. Each product’s colour scheme has been carefully chosen to ensure that the personalised wording or symbol always stands out.

iELM particularly created products for brave, attractive children with individuality include a significant amount of the charm of childhood.

iELM Softshell Jumpsuites

The kids and infant outerwear line from iELM is especially designed to provide comfort, variety, and style, and it’s the ideal option for your child’s wardrobe! Their goal is to give your kids freedom of mobility, thermal comfort, and safety, especially during the chilly months of the year. As a result, they produce limited-edition babies and children’s clothing with cheerful prints that are motivated by their lively nature.

The unique designs of waterproof jumpsuits with a cosy hood that covers your child’s head in all weather conditions are the emphasis of the baby and toddler outerwear line you can find on their website. Their winter jumpsuits are made of softshell, a material that is waterproof, shields your child from the wind, and is padded with fleece to effectively wick away moisture. The children’s outerwear from iELM is the ideal choice of clothes for playing in outside areas because of the soft texture, which allows the young ones to move around freely. The wristbands are stretchy, ensuring complete heat isolation and comfort. They therefore provide you with children’s and infant apparel that ensures your child’s safety and freedom of movement at all times of the day.

The custom clothes optional service on their website has made the items in the babies and kids outerwear category more appealing and will enable you to create a unique present for your child that will make him smile all day long!

iELM Cozy at home

In search of kid-friendly clothing with an added dose of chic and ease? The best selection of infant and children’s jumpsuits can be found at iELM.

Their jumpsuits for children and infants are both functional and cute, with bright colours and cheerful patterns. The iELM collection has the hip children’s jumpsuits you’ve been looking for: they’re comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and feature safe zippers for play and sports.

iELM‘s jumpsuits for infants and toddlers are designed to be worn in a variety of ways and matched with a wide variety of other garments Your kid will be nice and cool in the summer when worn with only a t-shirt, and toasty warm in the winter when layered with a sweater.

Their infant and child jumpsuits are made from soft, breathable cloth. They only utilise GOTS-certified organic cotton in their production, which is kind on your baby’s skin and easy to care for in the wash.

Browse their selection of kids’ and babies’ jumpsuits and take advantage of their tailoring service to make one-of-a-kind garments for your little one.

iELM‘s Cool accessories

Explore the iELM kids & baby hats and caps line, developed for your child’s year-round thermal comfort. Children’s hats and caps from iELM come in a wide range of colours and patterns to complement any wardrobe.

Products in their baby & kids hats & caps collection are painstakingly made by skilled artisans using supple, high-quality materials, and are designed for infants and young children aged 6 months to 6 years. In addition, your tiny ones’ skin will not be irritated by the silky fibres.

The kids’ hats are made with love and attention to detail, and they’re meant to keep small noggins warm and happy on chilly winter days. They are well aware that not all kids will readily don a cap or hat, so they made sure to choose only the most eye-catching and vibrant patterns for their offerings.

Their infant and toddler hats and caps are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and have a high moisture-absorbing capacity, so youngsters may run around and play without getting sick.

Customizing your kid’s favourite things with their name or other cute sayings or icons is a great way to inject some individuality into their clothing. Caps and hats for infants and children are currently on sale at iELM. Order quickly because they are producing only a set number of each item.

iELM‘s unisex kids’ and infant apparel lines are sewn from organic cotton and feature a wide variety of prints, colours, and patterns to help kids express themselves and grow into unique individuals. As a result, they prioritise the quality of the childrenswear they sell and take a realistic, pragmatic approach to dressing children.

Their selection of infant and toddler apparel takes a minimalistic approach to fashion, drawing design cues from Scandinavian minimalism; the result is a clean, bright aesthetic with a sprightly sense of humour. iELM‘s kids clothing online shop features brightly coloured patterns inspired by the energy and excitement of youngsters during play. They make and sell children’s clothing in all sizes, from newborn to age 9, adhering to strict safety and comfort guidelines. iELM puts forth great effort to design and manufacture kid-friendly, universally flattering clothing that is both long-lasting and comfortable.

Whatever the season, iELM has the kids’ and babies’ clothing your family needs. As a result, they assist parents by providing windproof and waterproof clothing, softshell jumpsuits, hoodies, and helmets and caps for children. Additionally, iELM provides a large selection of blouses, tees, and slacks that may be worn throughout the year. Finally, the gowns in their collection are ideal for your child girl’s everyday life and for any special occasions that may arise.

The fabric used in the making of the iELM children’s and infants’ clothing lines is another factor worth discussing. Because youngsters have sensitive skin, they only utilise GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton. Furthermore, it does not harm the environment in any way and is therefore considered eco-friendly. Buying children’s clothing from iELM is an ethical choice that helps people all across the world, not just your own children.

Don’t think twice about ordering children’s apparel from them online. Take advantage of current iELM discounts by placing an order right away!

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