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In whose favour does the Royal British Legion act?

The Royal British Legion

On May 15, 1921, four national organisations of ex-Servicemen that had established themselves after the end of the First World War came together to form The British Legion. These organisations were as follows:

  • The National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers
  • The British National Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers
  • The Comrades of The Great War
  • The Officers’ Association

Field Marshal Earl Haig and Tom Lister, who was a member of The Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers, are the two men who may be credited with playing a significant role in the consolidation of these various organisations. The position of President of The Royal British Legion that Lord Haig held until his passing was held by Lord Haig.

We’ll stick by them through thick and thin, making sure their special contribution is always remembered. Our presence here dates back to 1921, and we intend to remain for as long as they require our services.

With 180,000 members, 110,000 volunteers, and a network of partners and charities, we are the largest Armed Forces charity in the country, providing aid whenever and wherever it is needed.

Why is the Royal British Legion important?

The Royal British Legion is a UK charity that provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans, and their families. They offer practical, emotional, and financial help and advice. The Legion is also the national Custodian of Remembrance, committed to ensuring that future generations understand and learn from the sacrifices of the past.

In 2018, they launched their Poppy Appeal which raises money to support Armed Forces and their families. The Legion has a nationwide network of branches and clubs, all run by volunteers. They also have a team of professional staff who provide specialist advice and support. Their work would not be possible without the generous donations they receive from the public.

Who benefits from the Royal British Legion?

The Royal British Legion is a charity that provides support to members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families. The charity offers a wide range of services, including financial assistance, advice and guidance, and social and emotional support. The Legion also works to raise awareness of the issues faced by Armed Forces personnel and to campaign for improvements in their care and welfare.

The Legion is funded by donations from the public, and its work would not be possible without this support. By donating to the Legion, you can help to make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

Can anyone go to the Royal British Legion?

The Royal British Legion is a charity that provides support to members of the armed forces, veterans, and their families. The organisation offers a wide range of services, including advice and guidance on benefits and pensions, financial assistance, housing advice, and support for mental health and wellbeing. Anyone can join the Royal British Legion, regardless of whether they have served in the armed forces. Membership is open to all who wish to show their support for the organisation’s work.

To join, simply visit the website and fill out an online application form. There is no subscription fee, and members receive a range of benefits, including access to exclusive events and discounts on products and services. By joining the Royal British Legion, you can show your support for those who have served our country.

Can the British Legion help with funeral costs?

The British Legion is a charity that provides support to members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families. One of the ways they provide support is through financial assistance. This can include help with funeral costs. The Legion can provide a grant of up to £1,500 towards funeral costs, which can be used to cover expenses such as funeral director’s fees and the cost of a headstone or memorial. They also offer advice and guidance on planning a military funeral.

If you are eligible for assistance, you can apply online or by calling their helpline. The British Legion can provide vital support during a difficult time, so be sure to get in touch if you need help with funeral costs.

Why The Royal British Legion?

The Royal British Legion is the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity, providing lifelong support to serving and former members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Marines, Reserve Forces and their families. We are proud to be the Nation’s custodian of Remembrance, ensuring that today’s generation never forgets the sacrifice of previous generations.

We also support the interventions of today’s generation who put their lives on the line to protect our Nation’s security. The Legion has a unique footprint across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, providing direct support to millions of people every year.

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