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What is the importance of shampoo for pets?


Animals such as dogs, cats, and birds do not care about political borders or social norms. In 2008, Poland joined the international movement for the humanization of animal treatment by introducing the Vet Expert brand to the market. Their initial intention was to assist veterinarians and medical professionals worldwide.

Their products sold under the Vet Expert and RAW PALEO brands are well-known and appreciated on four different continents and in over forty different countries. The success they have achieved inspires us to continue developing and gaining the respect of veterinarians and animal caregivers worldwide.

Vet Expert is more than just a name; it is a real story about people, animals, and the business world. Their “evidence-based” ethos means they are not satisfied with just boasting about the superiority and originality of their products; they have data to back it up. Continuous improvement is one of their main goals.

Evidence? As the only Polish company, they produce their own diagnostic products using the latest research. They are pioneers in creating veterinary diets for dogs and cats and in developing the professional supplement market, for which they have received numerous awards. According to their knowledge, Veterinary Life is the only company in this region and one of only a few in the world that publishes its scientific journal.

Their entire history is proof that it is possible to create extraordinary and unique things on a global scale when passion for animals is combined with scientific enthusiasm. For them, being themselves is the only option.

Dog Shampoo

Cosmetics for bathing dogs and cats with delicate skin prone to irritation, allergies, dehydration, or intolerance to other shampoos are available in a wide range of dermocosmetic shampoos from Vet Expert. All of their products, in addition to gentle cleansing and soothing agents, have softening and moisturizing ingredients for the skin.


This is a veterinary dermatological shampoo for dogs and cats, with a formula that provides intensive treatment for skin and fur prone to seborrhea. This shampoo can be used for both dogs and cats. Products intended for sensitive skin will not irritate the skin due to their ingredients. They can be used in the animal breeding process.

  • Regulates sebaceous gland activity
  • Prevents the risk of excessive dryness
  • Restores skin balance
  • Gentle to the skin


This shampoo is specially designed for dogs and cats with sensitive skin prone to irritation, allergies, dehydration or in cases where the skin does not tolerate other shampoos. In addition to very gentle surfactants and substances that soothe the skin, it also has a number of ingredients that are known for their ability to smooth and moisturise the skin. It helps to improve the condition of the skin while reducing the likelihood of excessive dehydration. Allows for faster recovery and recovery from injury. Can be administered to young animals as well as older ones.

  • It is gentle on the skin
  • Effectively cleans and cares for sensitive animal skin
  • Prevents excessive dryness


Folliculitis and demodicosis therapy dermocosmetic cleanser for oily skin of dogs and cats. The gentle surfactants in the shampoo remove dirt and oil from the hair and scalp without irritating the skin, and fight seborrhoea and bacteria. Anti-drying substances on the skin surface promote wound healing and skin renewal.

  • Has an effective anti-seborrhoeic effect
  • Contains mild cleansing substances
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin

Why shop at Vetexpert?

Vetexpert should be your destination for all your pet care needs. Its wide range of products and services covers everything from grooming tools and supplies to in-home services, making it the perfect one-stop shop. With a team of professionals and veterinary expertise, you can be sure to get the best advice and care for all your furry friends. Fast delivery times, high quality customer service and competitive prices make Vetexpert the perfect choice for all your pet care needs – shop here once and you won’t want to go anywhere else!

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