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My Dua’ Pillows | The perfect bed time companion

Little Muslim Books

Little Muslim Books is a new Canadian publishing company with a mission to create engaging, positive, and educational books for Muslim children. Founded in 2020 by two Muslim sisters, Little Muslim Books aims to promote inclusivity and understanding through stories that reflect the richness of the Islamic faith and culture. The company’s debut publication, The Adventures of Amani & Aisha: The Perfect Eid Gift, has already received rave reviews from parents and educators alike. With more titles in the works, Little Muslim Books is quickly becoming a go-to source for quality children’s literature that celebrates Islamic values and heritage.

Are pillows good for kids?

Pillows are often thought of as being a necessity for a good night’s sleep, but they can also be beneficial for kids during the day. Pillows can help to support the head and neck, preventing strain and pain. They can also provide a comfortable place to rest during naps or down time.

In addition, pillows can be a great way to encourage kids to stay in one place. When used in conjunction with a soft blanket, pillows can create a cozy spot that kids will love spending time in. As a result, pillows can be a valuable addition to any child’s bedroom or play area.

What kind of pillow is best for kids?

When it comes to pillows, there are many factors to consider, such as size, firmness, and materials. However, for children, there are a few additional considerations that should be taken into account. First, it is important to choose a pillow that is the right size for your child. A pillow that is too large or too small can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Second, you will need to decide on the level of firmness that is right for your child.

A softer pillow may be more comfortable for younger children, while a firmer pillow may be better for older kids. Finally, you will need to choose a pillow material that is suitable for your child’s skin type. If your child has sensitive skin, look for a pillow made from hypoallergenic materials. With these factors in mind, you will be able to choose the best pillow for your child’s individual needs.

3 Beautiful Kids Pillows For You

My Dua’ Pillow – Candy Floss

Little Muslim Books is excited to announce the release of our newest product, the My Dua’ Pillow – Candy Floss! This pillow is specifically designed to help children learn how to perform their daily duas, or prayers. The pillow is covered in soft, colorful fabric and is filled with a special “fluffy” material that makes it extra cuddly. Each pillow comes with a removable insert that includes the text of seven different duas, as well as illustrations to help guide the child through each prayer.

The My Dua’ Pillow – Candy Floss is the perfect way to help your little one learn how to perform their daily prayers, and is sure to become a cherished part of their bedtime routine. Order yours today!

My Dua’ Pillow – Pink

Little Muslim Books is excited to introduce the newest addition to our product line – the My Dua’ Pillow! This bright pink pillow is the perfect way for your little one to learn how to pray.

The built-in cushion makes it comfortable to kneel on, and the included booklet contains over 30 duas that are perfect for kids. The My Dua’ Pillow is a must-have for any Little Muslim family!

My Dua’ Pillow – Yellow

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Little Muslim Books has the solution for you! Check out our Dua’ Pillow – Yellow. This pillow is designed to help you get a good night’s sleep by providing you with the perfect level of comfort and support. The pillow is made from high-quality materials, and the cover is machine washable.

The Dua’ Pillow – Yellow is also available in a variety of other colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Order your pillow today and start getting the rest you deserve!

Why We Choose Little Muslim Books?

They choose Little Muslim Books because they are a trusted source of Islamic educational material for children. The company has been publishing books for over 15 years, and their products are used in homes and schools around the world. Their books are carefully crafted to teach basic Islamic concepts in a fun and engaging way, and they offer a wide range of titles to choose from. In addition, Little Muslim Books is committed to social responsibility, and they donate a portion of their proceeds to support Muslims in need. They believe that these factors make them an ideal partner for their Islamic education initiatives.

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