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PalletOnline – The Affordable Shipping Solution for Businesses


PalletOnline is the name of their company. The most trusted option for pallet collection and transport throughout the United Kingdom, to and from any location in either country.

They are pleased to have earned the reputation as the most dependable pallet delivery service in the UK, and as a result, so many companies and individuals put their faith in them to transport a HUGE variety of goods all over the UK and even further afield.


Send a pallet through the most dependable Network in the UK with the help of PalletOnline!

More than 6,000 vehicles, 96 collection and delivery depots, and seven strategically located hubs work together to ensure that your products are delivered promptly and without damage.

Each year, 3.5 million pallets are transported through the Palletline network, and with a damage rate of 0.01%, you can rest easy knowing that your goods are in excellent hands.


When it comes to delivering to Amazon’s UK distribution centers, no other container network comes close to matching their level of service.
Their expedited and trustworthy service is ideal for FBA and Vendor vendors who want to avoid the hassle of making deliveries to their customers.

Just book a pallet through their Amazon page and they’ll take care of the remainder of the logistics for you, as Amazon has scheduled delivery times.


An Exclusive Network of Carrier Pallets in the United Kingdom Approved by Amazon

Used and trusted by thousands of internet merchants. Use them as your trusted delivery provider to ship pallets to Amazon’s FBA facilities. They have a hassle-free authorized carrier service to get your pallets to UK Amazon warehouses.

Start by scheduling a container delivery through their safe website after completing the “Send to Amazon” process in Amazon Seller Central.

Everything is taken care of by them. Sending containers to Amazon’s fulfillment centers has never been simpler.



Follow the “Send to Amazon” procedure on your Amazon account page. There is no need to organize transport. Get your outgoing belongings in order. When this is complete, Amazon will send you stickers to affix to your goods.


The cost of shipping to the appropriate distribution center can be quickly calculated above. Be sure you have the right Fulfillment Centre number, as some Amazon FC postcodes are different. (EG: BHX4). Just give them your Amazon information, and they’ll get you booked.


If you schedule your pallet pickup before 11.45am on weekdays, they’ll be able to receive up to three pallets that same day. They offer same-day delivery for less per pallet if you mail more than 10 of them. Be sure your pallets are packed, labeled, and available for pick up.


They place orders for your products at If the estimated arrival date they give you falls within the window you’ve been given by Amazon, you won’t be charged a late fee for using their service. A POD (or a BOL) will be issued once the shipment has arrived at Amazon’s facilities.

Pallet Size Guide

To help you choose the right size container, they’ve provided a handy chart. Include the height of your container in your calculations.

Why Choose PalletOnline?

Quick Collection

How quickly do you need your package delivered? Your pallet will be collected the same day you schedule collection (if you do so before 11:45 AM on a workday).

Detailed Tracking

Forget about late dispatches and uncollected items. You can rest assured that you will never miss a pickup or delivery of your containers again thanks to their sophisticated notification system.

Amazon Approved

Thousands of Amazon vendors rely on PalletOnline to transport their pallets to Amazon’s warehouses in the United Kingdom.

Super Support

Pallet transportation services with a committed staff are not the norm. Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST, one of their LiveChat representatives will be available to address any questions you may have.

Reliable Service

The most dependable container network in the UK, they never miss a deadline. Know that your goods are in good hands.

Highly Rated

Customers consistently give PalletOnline high marks for being the best service of its kind.

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