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Pick out your Favorite Jackets for the upcoming 2022-23 Winter Season | Woolrich

About Woolrich

For Woolrich, social responsibility is a top priority. They aim to improve the world in which they live by, among other things, maintaining cordial relationships with their stakeholders, raising environmental consciousness, and advocating for honest and transparent business dealings.

Men’s Jackets

Woolrich is one of the most trusted names in men’s jackets. For over 150 years, Woolrich has been committed to providing high-quality outerwear that can withstand the rigors of any climate. From the Woolrich Arctic Parka to the Woolrich Woolen Mills chore coat, their jackets are designed to provide both warmth and style.

Woolrich is also known for their use of innovative materials, such as waterproof breathable membranes and Primaloft insulation. With a Woolrich jacket, you can be confident that you’re getting both function and fashion. So whether you’re looking for a jacket to wear on a hike or just to keep you warm on your morning commute, Woolrich has the perfect option for you.

Women’s Jacket

Woolrich is one of the oldest outdoor clothing companies in the United States. Woolrich was founded in 1830 by John Rich, and today the company is still family owned and operated. Woolrich has a long history of making high quality clothing for men, women, and children. The company is best known for their woolen products, but they also make a wide variety of other products including outerwear, footwear, and home goods. Woolrich is a popular brand among outdoor enthusiasts and has a reputation for making durable, high quality products

. The Woolrich Women’s Wool Parka is a classic example of the company’s workmanship. The parka is made from 100% wool and features a quilted lining for added warmth. The parka also has a removable fur trim on the hood, which can be worn in two different ways. The Woolrich Women’s Wool Parka is a stylish and practical piece of clothing that will keep you warm and dry in even the coldest weather.

Boys’ Jackets

Woolrich has been making boys’ jackets for over 140 years. They know a thing or two about what goes into a quality jacket from the materials to the construction, everything matters when it comes to keeping kids warm and dry. That’s why our jackets are made with 100% wool fabrics and are lined with quilted polyester. Wool is a natural insulator that helps to keep body heat in, even when wet. And, our polyester lining is quilted to provide an extra layer of warmth.

Plus, the quilting helps to keep the wool fibers in place so they don’t shift and bunch up. Woolrich jackets are built to last, too. reinforced stitching at key points ensures that these jackets will stand up to whatever kids can throw at them. Whether they’re sledding down the hill or building a snowman, Woolrich jackets will keep them warm and comfortable all day long.

Why We Choose Woolrich?

Founded in 1830, Woolrich is the oldest continuously operating woolen mill in the United States. Throughout its 186-year history, the company has been committed to producing high-quality woolen fabrics and garments. Today, Woolrich is still renowned for its traditional woolen fabrics, which are used to make everything from coats and blankets to scarves and hats. In addition to being exceptionally durable, Woolrich woolens are also naturally water-resistant and flame-retardant. As a result, they provide an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who need clothing that will protect them from the elements.

For city dwellers, Woolrich woolens offer a stylish and practical way to stay warm during the cold winter months. And for everyone in between, Woolrich provides a welcome respite from the mass-produced synthetic fabrics that dominate the marketplace. With its commitment to quality and tradition, it’s no wonder that Woolrich is one of America’s favorite brands.

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