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Reasons why you should switch to bathroom mixer taps

Royalbathrooms is one of the leading suppliers of bathroom products in the UK. With over 10,000 products in stock, they offer a wide range of options for every budget and need. Royalbathrooms also offers a comprehensive design service, so you can create your perfect bathroom with their help.

In addition to bathrooms, Royalbathrooms also supplies products for kitchens and bedrooms. Their extensive product range means that you are sure to find everything you need to make your home look its best. For the highest quality bathroom products and service, look no further than Royalbathrooms.

What is taps in bathroom?

A tap is a valve that controls the flow of a liquid or gas. It is also sometimes referred to as a spigot or faucet (please see the usage variants for these terms for further information).

Base Taps

Browse our diverse selection of contemporary and classic basin mixer taps here at Tap Warehouse. Each of these strikes the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal, usability, and cost. Therefore, these might provide your sink an exceptionally refined look.

We at Royal Bathrooms think that the taps in your bathroom make a significant contribution to the room’s aesthetic value. Consequently, you need to be sure that the sink you select fits in with the overall design of your bathroom. That’s why our selection of UK basin mixer taps is so impressive. These are built to last using ceramic disc technology and premium brass material. And their glossy surface makes them an ideal complement to any design scheme in the bathroom.

We have a wide variety of sink faucets, including those that may be placed on the wall as well as freestanding basin mixers.

Check out our selection to locate the basin waste that is a good match for your bathroom sink.

Bath Taps

The contemporary styling of our faucets for the bathtub is sure to wow visitors to your bathroom. Choices include freestanding and wall-mounted designs in a variety of sizes and forms, including round, square, cylindrical, and open-spout styles.

Here at Royal Bathrooms, we see bathtubs as more than simply a means to an end—they’re a place to unwind after a long day. That’s why you need beautiful and practical bath taps with showers installed.

Every single one of our sink faucets is crafted from solid brass and fitted with ceramic disc technology for a lifetime of dependable service and a frictionless experience every time you turn it on. The high-quality gloss finish adds to the opulent feel.

Why not take a look at our beautiful selection of bath and shower mixer taps?

Plan Taps

The Kartell Plan Basin Taps are a perfect match for any contemporary sink or vanity. The spherical, unadorned body and lever handles are perfect for a modern, spare bathroom. The Kartell Plan Basin Taps are built to last with a lifetime guarantee with a strong brass construction and a polished chrome finish.

Mixer taps, which can be used with either a bathtub or a sink, have mostly replaced individual pillar taps

A mixer tap takes its water supply from both the hot and cold pipes and mixes them before releasing the water all at once. Water is drawn from hot and cold pillar taps separately in the more conventional approach. As you’ll see below, installing a bathroom mixer tap has many advantages.

1. Style

Mixer taps, which combine the functions of hot and cold water, are becoming increasingly popular. Mixer taps can be found in a variety of designs. They might be curled in a traditional arch design or have sharp, modern lines.

Handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can either be turned or lifted to regulate the flow. Wall-mounted mixer taps are also accessible.

2. Versatility

Mixer taps are versatile fixtures that can be used in either a bath or a sink/basin. You could even combine the two, installing a mixer tap in the bathtub and two individual faucets at the sink. Adding a shower mixer to your set of mixer taps will allow you to alternate between using the tap water and the water from your shower head. This shower system, which may be either handheld or wall-mounted, combines a bath with a shower, making it ideal for small bathrooms without the need for a dedicated shower stall.

3. Control

There are just two water sources available, one hot and one cold, because there are only two taps. While you can adjust how hot the water becomes by turning up or down the thermostat, you’ll have to settle for whatever temperature is preset in your water heater.

Mixer taps allow you to regulate the temperature of the water as it comes out. This makes it much simpler to regulate the exact temperature of the water coming out of the tap while taking a bath, doing the dishes, or shaving.

4. Convenience

The extra power is useful in many situations, but it’s especially helpful when filling a bath. When using a sink with two faucets, it is normal practise to have the hot water tap open wider than the cold one. However, many people discover that they need to either stand watch or continually checking back until they find the optimal combination.

Another frequent method is to fill the tub with hot water from the tap and then add cold water to cool it down, although this might be problematic if you have young children in the house. You may relax as the bath runs itself once you’ve found the ideal temperature using a mixing tap. Don’t let it slip your mind totally, though, or you might have a flood on your hands.

5. Economy

In order to prevent flooding from simultaneously using both the hot and cold water supplies, most mixer taps are equipped with a flow limiter. Practically speaking, combining multiple sources of hot water into one stream reduces waste and saves money.

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