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Rensair’s Clean Air Tech: Solution for Indoor Air Quality



The patented clean air technology of Rensair was developed more than two decades ago for the purpose of infection protection in hospitals. This technology has been demonstrated to be effective even in the most difficult healthcare settings.

Leveraging Rensair’s experience and expertise in the healthcare industry, Indoor Air Quality solutions are now offered for all varieties of real estate buildings, including offices and educational institutions. These services are supplied by Rensair.



Proven air purifier invented for Scandinavian hospitals

Rensair’s patented air purification technology, which combines H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light, was developed to satisfy the stringent standards of Scandinavian hospitals. Additionally, this technology has been independently validated by scientific research laboratories. It has earned the trust of hospitals all over the globe and in both of the hemispheres.

The air purification technology developed by Rensair is utilised extensively across the healthcare industry, including the following:

Primary care includes visits to family dentists and medical practitioners.

Hospitals, particularly in the General hospitals, Respiratory wards, and Covid wards; spirometry; endoscopy; and radiology departments

Facilities such as nursing homes, convalescent centers, and assisted living communities.

Real Estate: Energy And ESG

Smart Buildings: Optimise your ventilation with Rensair

Rensair’s “Smart Demand Controlled Ventilation” (SDCV) system creates an environment with superior Indoor Air Quality while simultaneously cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions in structures by more than 40 percent.

Rensair’s “Smart Demand Controlled Ventilation” (SDCV) raises the bar for HVAC efficiency by partially replacing costly mechanical ventilation with more affordable air purification and also by optimising the blend of mechanical ventilation and air purification in real time to accommodate varying levels of occupancy.

Rensair is currently implementing SDCV with major multinational corporations, public institutions, and leading universities, assisting these organisations in making significant strides forward in lowering their overall energy consumption and moving closer to achieving their Net Zero goals.


Air purification for the transport industry

Whether they are in a public or private vehicle, drivers and passengers are significantly more at risk from the adverse effects of air pollution. It is possible for the air quality to be up to ten times worse inside a vehicle than it is outside, and the cumulative effect, over the course of one year, is comparable to the passive smoking of one thousand cigarettes. In the event of an epidemic, public transportation also serves as a very effective spreader of the disease.

The air purification technology developed by Rensair can be installed in driver cabins, vehicle headrests, and the carriages of buses and trains, thereby making transportation safer for everyone.

Rensair – Products

1. RENSAIR Compact 460i

Air cleanser that is adaptable to fit any environment

  • Using a combination of HEPA filtration and germicidal UVC light, this patented technology is able to capture and kill microorganisms.
  • 5 ventilation speeds: cleans up to 460 m3 of air per hour in a whisper-quiet manner
  • WiFi connectivity, which enables remote control and intelligent utilisation
  • Transportable: having a total weight of only 10 kilogrammes and being able to be transported by its handle
  • Independently certified: demonstrated by the DTI to eliminate 99.99% of smoke particles in a space with a volume of 20 m3 in just thirty minutes

The Compact portable air purifier is an adaptable and very quiet piece of equipment that is perfect for use in interior places that are less expansive. It has a powerful motor, as well as 5 different airflow speeds, a clean air delivery rate of 460 m3 per hour, and WiFi communication.

RENSAIR Core 560

Purges a 45 m3 space in 1.3 minutes.
Patented airflow: maximises delivery of pure air; captures and destroys 99.97%+ of particles, including Covid-19.

WHO, CDC, EPA, and SAGE all endorse this technology for its efficacy and safety.

Superior to leading names thanks to its innovative HEPA and UVC filtering system.

DTI, EuroFins, ESI Group, and Norconsult validation provides comfort in an uncontrolled market.

Rensair’s Core is a hospital-grade air purifier that is both heavy-duty and portable, making it suitable for a broad variety of common spaces. These shared spaces include hospitals, care homes, offices, and hospitality venues, among others.

Why Rensair?

We are able to survive and breathe in healthy air.
Rensair is an industry leader in air purification, with the mission of saving and improving lives through improved air quality.

“Purifying the air is essential to reducing the possibility of contracting a Covid infection.” In order for businesses to increase the likelihood that their workers and customers will frequent their locations, actionable measures need to be taken to give health and safety a higher priority.

People have the same expectations for the quality of the air inside structures and public areas that they have for the water that comes out of the tap and the food that they buy at the supermarket. It is not merely an expectation; rather, it is a fundamental human privilege.

— Christian Hendriksen, Co-founder & CEO

People are understandably nervous about going back to work, school, restaurants, and hotels as the globe begins a massive reopening after lockdown. This is understandable given that the most recent recommendations from the World Health Organization stress inhalation of airborne droplets as the primary route of Covid transmission rather than direct contact with contaminated objects.

The portable Rensair air purifier, built to hospital standards, is assisting companies and communities in their recovery. Their patented technology was originally designed to accommodate the stringent requirements of hospitals in Scandinavia. It blends H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light. More than 99.97% of airborne germs and viruses are captured and destroyed by this device, including members of the Coronavirus family.

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