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Revitalize Your Shower Experience with B & Q Mixer Showers

Mixer showers

Both hot and cold water sources can be connected to a mixer shower valve. Your desired shower temperature is achieved by combining these two sources in the shower bar. Mixer showers with thermostatic shower valves are preferable because they protect the user from rapid temperature changes caused by other household water usage, allowing the user to simply select the desired temperature and forget about it. Mixer showers require a hot water input, so they work best with a pumped gravity system or a water system that uses a combination boiler.

Mira Atom EV 4-spray pattern Chrome effect Thermostat temperature control Mixer Shower

  • Manufacturer guarantee: 5 years
  • Fittings & fixings included
  • Comes with Hose, shower head & riser rail
  • Easy clean nozzles, rub clean for easy limescale removal
  • Assembly required
  • Compatible with Works on all systems and pressures

The Mira Atom EV, with its attention to fashion and its passion for performance, is the ideal accessory for any contemporary bathroom. While the spacious 110mm showerhead provides a refreshing deluge across all four spray modes, the Mira Magni-floTM technology produces three times more flow than other mixer showers, even when the water pressure is low.

  • Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family
  • 4 spray showerhead with rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal
  • Separate temperature and flow controls to fine tune your perfect shower
  • Cool shield™ ensures the valve doesn’t get hot during showering
  • Maximum temperature stop for increased safety with override for a hotter shower
  • Slide rail with variable fixings for ease of replacing existing fittings kit
  • Works on all systems and pressures

Mira Atom ERD Chrome effect Shower

The combination of the two showerheads creates a more luxurious experience. The Mira Atom ERD is the pinnacle of elegance and functionality, thanks to its cutting-edge chrome finish and streamlined design. The overhead deluge reimagines the concept of revitalization, while the addition of a hand shower allows for individualized control.

  • Comes with Fixed shower head with diverter
  • Fittings & fixings included
  • Manufacturer guarantee: 5 years
  • Compatible with Works on all systems and pressures

Matt Black Thermostatic Mixer Shower Set Square Black Twin Head Exposed Valve

This trendy thermostatic exposed shower mixer is crafted from pure brass. Stylish 8-inch (200mm) square shower head with swivel and height adjustment is included. The bar valve on this thermostatic shower mixer allows you to pause or adjust the flow of water, and the thermostatic control ensures consistent temperature throughout your shower. Includes everything you need for a quick and simple installation on standard plumbing systems (minimum pressure 0.5 Bar). This Matte Black mixer shower goes beyond the traditional function of a shower due to its sleek, modern design. The statement is made. What you’re saying. This shower will help you reflect the perfect mood, whether you’re trying to compliment a colorful décor or create your own personal island of tranquility. The application of electroplating finishing technologies produced a superior matte black surface.

When compared to other black taps and showers on the market, such as those that use a powder coat finish, the one achieved with this process is superior and more durable. No matter your stature, the riser rail’s height is easily modified from 800 to 1150 cm. Packaged with a Quick-Assembly Hardware Set Telescopic Ultra-Thin Stainless-Steel-Head 200mm Height-Adjustable Handrail Modernize your bathroom with the sleek contours of a modern vanity. Made of the finest grade stainless steel Featuring a high-end matte black coating Superb usability is a hallmark of the handle. durability Integrated safety feature turns off water heating at 38 degrees Celsius Longevity and efficiency in ceramic disc technologyCE Expert Thermostat Technician Maintains BSEN 1111 compliance Includes Included: 1 Thermostatic Valve Purified Handset (One) One 200mm slender solid brass showerhead with a 1.5m double-braided hose. Size: 1 Bracket 1 × Quick Fit Setup Kit

  • Matte Black finish
  • 8″ (200 mm) slim shower head with an adjustable swivel joint, so it can be tilted to adjust the spray and allow ease of use
  • Exceptional build quality and finish
  • Tarnish and corrosion resistant
  • Child-friendly – features a built-in anti-scalding safety device, which makes it ideal for family bathrooms
  • Durable and solid brass construction
  • Rub clean handset with a black matte plating

GoodHome Cavally 3-spray pattern Black Thermostatic Shower kit

This thermostatic shower mixer set by Cavally will transform your bathroom into a haven of tranquility. The overhead and handheld showers feature a curved design, making them ideal for modern bathrooms, and the inbuilt diverter allows you to effortlessly switch between the two shower heads, allowing you to customize your shower experience. If you’re worried about getting burned in the shower, a thermostatic model is your best bet. It does not take much effort to remove limescale buildup from the rubber nozzles and PVC shower hose. This shower includes an integrated regulator that allows you to control the quantity of water you use without sacrificing the quality of your showering experience, making it ideal for those concerned with water conservation. This shower, along with the rest of the Cavally collection, will give your bathroom a sleek, coordinated look.

  • Manufacturer guarantee: 5 years
  • Fittings & fixings included
  • Comes with 1x shower mixer (thermostatic cartridge), 1x riser rail, 1x shower head, 1x overhead, 1x fixing kit, 1x hose and 1x instructions manual
  • Assembly required
  • Compatible with All heating sources

Shop mix showers from B & Q

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom experience, consider a shop mix shower from B & Q. These showers offer a refreshing and invigorating flow that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. With a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect shower to suit your bathroom decor. Plus, B & Q‘s shop mix shower range is constructed with the highest quality materials and is built to last. Trust in the reliability and durability of a B & Q shop mix shower for a refreshing and enjoyable shower experience every time.

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