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Sales & Deals on helms – Firestar Toys

FireStar Toys

They’re just a group of (somewhat insane) LEGO fans who want to share their enthusiasm for the brand by providing you with an amazing selection of unique, bespoke minifigs and collectible LEGO sets. They’re also devoted to stoking the imaginations of fantastic people like yourself so that you can build your own minifigures from their selection of over 25,000 pieces and accessories.

FireStar Toys – Deals On Helms

BrickWarriors – Bladed Helm – Black

FireStar Toys is proud to offer the BrickWarriors Bladed Helm – Black. Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic, this fantastic medieval helmet is suitable for any minifigure who wants a stylish and protective helmet. Its black color also makes it perfect for any type of living situation. This helm features extreme attention to detail with its three jagged blades designed to grow noticeably worse over time as your battles take their toll on your figure. Have faith that FireStar Toys has created a highly durable, battle-ready piece of gear perfect for those adventures in your epic war games.

BrickWarriors – Bladed Helm – Pearl Gold

FireStar Toys’ BrickWarriors Bladed Helm in Pearl Gold is an incredible combination of awesome design and armor-grade craftsmanship. FireStar Toys has created this helmet with remarkable attention to detail, with realistic features such as protective grill plating and the iconic curved horns for a unique look. Not only is it eye-catching, but it is also one of FireStar’s toughest helmets and features an inner lining for even more protection and comfort. Whether you’re looking to expand your LEGO collection or dreaming up new creations, FireStar Toys’ BrickWarriors Bladed Helm in Pearl Gold is an amazing centerpiece for any minifigure.

BrickWarriors – Rhino Helmet – Pearl Gold

FireStar Toys is proud to present the BrickWarriors Rhino Helmet – Pearl Gold! This specialized helmet has been expertly constructed from the finest pearl gold bricks, providing superior strength and durability. In addition, this helmet features a unique rhinoceros horn design on top that is sure to draw attention in any setting. Get ready to look amazing during your next costume party or Lego adventure with FireStar’s BrickWarriors Rhino Helmet – Pearl Gold!

BrickWarriors – Sabertooth Helm – Black

FireStar Toys has done it again! Introducing BrickWarriors’ Sabertooth Helm in Black. This sleek, stylish and durable helmet is sure to make your LEGO figures stand out from the crowd. With FireStar’s attention to detail, this helm features a full range of facial features and intricate etchings that won’t peel, flake or chip off. FireStar ensures quality with each product; as a result, this item was designed for both adults and children alike. Get your own Sabertooth Helm today and dress up your LEGO adventures!

BrickWarriors – Sabertooth Helm – Brown

FireStar Toys is the home of the highest quality LEGO accessories, like BrickWarriors’ Sabertooth Helm – Brown. Apart from its sleek design and intricate detail, this helm features a magnetic assembly system that makes it compatible with every FireStar Toys product. With its textured look, it gives you character and distinction perhaps as a ranger on horseback or as a hero striding through the forest. Whether you want to give your figure a fierce look or simply add an element of authenticity to your building set, this rare Sabertooth Helm is just what you need.

Why FireStar Toys?

FireStar Toys is the ideal destination for anyone looking to purchase toys or games. They have a range of products at varying price points, all while providing unbeatable customer service. Their products are carefully chosen and tested to ensure top-notch quality. FireStar Toys also has an impressive selection of rare and unique items that can’t be found anywhere else perfect for collectors seeking specific pieces for their collections. Furthermore, buying from FireStar Toys means supporting an independent shop with a passion for providing the very best. With FireStar, you get personalized attention and superior service: exactly what’s needed when searching for that special toy or game!

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