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Alexandra Sports

At Alexandra Sports, we want you to develop the same passion for running as we do for the sport.

We take great pleasure in our industry-leading technology, our extensive product knowledge, and most importantly, the respected customer service that we provide as the leading running specialist in the United Kingdom.

Utilizing a profound understanding of running and fitness biomechanics (the way your body moves), as well as technical product knowledge that will impress even the most ardent enthusiasts, we use this expertise in conjunction with our well-known gait analysis to pair you with the most appropriate pair of trainers for your specific biomechanics and requirements.

Our goal is to become the running store of choice across the country without sacrificing our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients.

What is special about running shoes?

Running shoes are designed to provide cushioning and support for the feet during running or other high-impact activities. The shoes feature a variety of innovative technologies that work together to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries. For example, many running shoes feature a gel or foam insert that helps to absorb impact and protect the foot from stress injuries. The shoes also have a curved sole that helps to encourage proper form and prevent over-pronation, a common cause of shin splints. In addition, running shoes often have a very breathable upper that helps to keep the feet cool and dry during exercise. With so many features designed to improve performance and reduce injuries, it is no wonder that running shoes are such a popular choice for athletes.

Do running shoes make a difference?

It’s no secret that running is one of the most popular forms of exercise. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to get some exercise, running is a great way to get your heart rate up and improve your fitness. But do running shoes really make a difference? While there’s no denying that a good pair of shoes can be comfortablerunning in sandals is not advised!there’s no evidence that they actually improve your performance. In fact, some studies have shown that runners who don’t wear shoes actually have less impact-related injuries than those who do. So if you’re considering taking up running, don’t worry about getting the latest and greatest running shoes; just put on a comfortable pair of sneakers and hit the pavement!

Different Types of Running Shoes

6 Benefits of a Good Pair of Running Shoes

If you plan on jogging or running, you should use shoes designed for that purpose. This is due to the fact that when sprinting, your feet must support three times your body weight, but walking just requires half. Because running causes more impact than walking does, the type of footwear you need may vary. There is a wide selection of running shoes for both men and women that may be customised to your preferences, foot size, and running style. Some of the ways in which good running shoes pay for themselves are listed below.

Offer protection

When you invest in a pair of running shoes, you can rest assured that they will provide superior support and protection because of their tailored construction and narrow focus. There is less of a chance of you stumbling and hurting yourself, such as with a foot sprain or a trip. Their arch support is helpful for people who have flat feet. They also help prevent overpronation, in which the foot rolls inward, and supination, in which the foot rolls outward, both of which can occur during running.

Provide better comfort

These shoes include padding in all the right places, making them ideal for long distance races. When it comes to comfort, other footwear styles may not compare to those designed specifically for walking. The cushioning in the midsole reduces the effects of impact on your feet, but it can also speed up the wear and tear on your shoes. Different people will find different levels of comfort in shoes with different levels of padding.

Improve performance

If your gear fits you well and is comfortable, you’ll be able to perform at your peak. You’ll have a significant performance boost in sprinting events. Regardless of whether or not there is a formal competition, there are still health advantages to be gained. You can enhance your caloric expenditure by running faster and for longer distances. Both your fitness and cardiovascular health will benefit from this.

Give breathability

When you run, you may notice that your feet get hotter sooner than usual. In order to alleviate the discomfort caused by this, running shoes are constructed from materials that allow heat to dissipate more effectively. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in all running shoes, which means that your performance during your run may suffer as a result.

Make running more effortless

You’ll be able to run further and faster with less effort if you’re wearing shoes that support and cushion your feet. It’s connected to performance, another list item. Your running efficiency will increase as you get used to the activity.

Prevent pains and blisters

When you run, the discomfort will likely start in your feet because they bear the brunt of your body’s weight. The greatest running shoes won’t completely eliminate the discomfort from jogging, especially over long distances, but they will help a great deal. Running shoes provide padding and stop your feet from sliding forward and back, stopping unpleasant blisters from forming from the friction.

Use the right running socks too to go with your shoes

In order to reap the many benefits of running, you need invest in a good pair of running shoes right away. Furthermore, if you have a great pair of running shoes, you won’t mind getting out there and putting in some miles.

What’s So Special About Alexandra Sports?

Alexandra Sports is a local sports club that has been serving the community for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of sporting activities for all ages and abilities, from tennis and swimming to football and yoga. We are passionate about helping our members to lead healthy and active lives, and our experienced team of coaches are on hand to provide support and guidance. Our club is also a great place to meet new friends and socialise, with regular events and activities taking place throughout the year. If you’re looking for a friendly and welcoming environment where you can enjoy your favourite sport or try something new, then Alexandra Sports is the perfect place for you.

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