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Because of its status as Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer, LOOKFANTASTIC® is the best place to shop for cosmetics and other beauty supplies. They are the go-to online retailer for major brands like MAC, Kérastase, and Yves Saint Laurent since we stock over 22,000 items and ship for free to over 200 countries.

LOOKFANTASTIC® is one of the world’s most successful beauty websites, with a portfolio of more than 660 premium brands available on the site and a revenue share that has increased by 40% annually over the past four years. In 2017, they attracted over 10 million monthly visits, 71% of which were international, thanks to their cutting-edge technology and their elite team of specialists who were able to localise their content into more than 30 languages.

Keeping up with and embracing shifts in the luxury market is essential to their growth as a company. They have a wide variety of cruelty-free, vegan, and organic skin, hair, and body care products to address the unique needs of each customer.

THG Holdings plc, of which LOOKFANTASTIC® is a subsidiary, is an end-to-end technology platform that specialises in connecting companies with customers around the world. THG Ingenuity, the Group’s patented technology and infrastructure, helps companies scale up their operations while delivering unparalleled value and consistent performance.

Inspired by the idea that their customers should have nothing but the best, LOOKFANTASTIC® uses its integrated technology and professional staff to create unforgettable, life-changing moments for its clientele. They are at the forefront of the online beauty revolution, which aims to provide access to high-quality beauty products and give men and women everywhere more agency. They have an expert-run blog on the site, and they’re committed to bringing you the finest in beauty. They have a wealth of informative content to address any issue or concern you may have about your appearance.

Men’s Eye Cream & Eye Masks

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment

Lookfantastic offers something to elevate your beauty routine. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is a revolutionary way to reduce wrinkles and eye puffiness while moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes. Lookfantastic ensures that you can trust this product, as they only collaborate with trusted brands. Lookfantastic’s Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment contains natural ingredients, making it gentle and non-irritating on the skin. Look no further, Lookfantastic has you covered!

Medik8 Eyelift Peptide

Lookfantastic is proud to carry the revolutionary Medik8 Eyelift Peptide. This amazing peptide combines powerful skin-conditioning properties and hydrating ingredients to give you the youthful appearance you desire. It’s power to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, deep set wrinkles, and puffiness around the eye area has made it one of Lookfantastic’s best sellers. Medik8 Eyelift Peptide will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, refreshed and ready for any challenge that comes in its way. Look no further for a highly effective solution for restoring your radiant complexion – Lookfantastic and Medik8 Eyelift Peptide are here to rescue you!

Medik8 Advanced Night Eye

Lookfantastic is proud to present Medik8 Advanced Night Eye, an intensely hydrating and restorative eye cream formulated with a powerful blend of natural ingredients. This luxurious eye cream provides intense hydration that works to plump the skin, reduce dark circles and puffiness around the delicate eye area, whilst working alongside other natural extracts to soothe and restore the skin for a smoother and clearer-looking complexion. Enriched with hyaluronic acid to add all-day moisture, as well as brightening lemon balm which reduces signs of fatigue including wrinkles and dark circles. A must-have addition to any skincare routine, Medik8 Advanced Night Eye will revitalise the delicate eye area overnight and leave you with brighter, glowing eyes in the morning.

BeautyPro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask with Collagen and Green Tea Extract

Lookfantastic is the destination for those in need of a beauty fix to help enhance their inner and outer glow. The Lookfantastic BeautyPro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask with Collagen and Green Tea Extract provides an easy and effective way to reduce dark circles, puffiness, dryness, wrinkles and fine lines on a weekly basis. It is designed to hydrate, moisturize and remove fatigue from a long week providing your eyes with a fresh, more youthful look. Key ingredients such as collagen offer structure and elasticity helping retain moisture while green tea extract helps reduce inflammation of the skin under the eyes. With just 20-30 minutes of using this eye mask each week, you can breathe new vitality into your look so that you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to face the day!

Why Lookfantastic?

Lookfantastic is a leading beauty retailer and the ultimate destination for all your makeup, skincare, haircare, and bath & body needs. With hundreds of brands in categories such as cosmetics, fragrance, haircare tools, supplements and more Lookfantastic makes beauty shopping fast, easy and fun. Plus, with regular weekend discounts of up to 20%, you’re guaranteed to find the products you need for an affordable price. Best of all, Lookfantastic offer free delivery on all orders within 3-5 business days so you’ll never have to wait to get your hands on your favorite products! Make Lookfantastic your one-stop beauty shop today!

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