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If you’re trying to decide between shorts, briefs, and jammers, square cut swim trunks are the best option.

The length is about the same as swim shorts, and the fit is similar to that of swim briefs.

Though not quite as long as jamming devices. They can still come in a range of sizes.

Square-cut swim trunks are common in European pools, especially in France, where loose swim shorts are not always permitted. For those who prefer not to swim in their underwear, this is a great alternative.

Made from a stretchy material, they provide optimal comfort and a chic look for swimmers.

Inderwear – Swim Trunks

Basic Colors Swim Trunks – Neon Yellow

These low-rise swim shorts are made of ultra-smooth, neon microfiber and are as comfortable as they are attractive. Branding in silicone. A contrasting drawstring cinches in the elastic waist. There’s no lining inside. UNIQUE to Les Dessous d’Apollon, the lingerie brand.

Basic Colors Swim Trunks – Neon Orange

Neon orange is a great way to stand out in the beach crowd. These basic colors swim trunks are made with lightweight and fast-drying fabric that will keep you comfortable all day. With an elastic waistband for extra comfort, it’s easy to find the perfect fit and make a bold statement. Whether you’re looking for attention or just want add a bit of fun to your beach wardrobe, these neon orange swim trunks are sure to be a hit.

Basic Colors Swim Trunks – Neon Pink

Make a statement the moment you step onto the sand with their Neon Pink Basic Colors Swim Trunks. The eye-catching pink design will be sure to draw all the attention, meaning you’ll look and feel your absolute best at all times. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, these swim trunks won’t just make a statement – they will ensure that you stay comfortable, no matter how long you’re soaking up the sun. There’s no better way to stand out than with the Basic Colors Swim Trunks in Neon Pink.

Swimderwear Trunks – White

When it comes to beachwear in summer, white trim is always a timeless look. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of swim trunks or something a bit more modern, you can never go wrong with white trims. Their Swimderwear Trunks are made from lightweight nylon fabric for comfort and long-lasting style and feature crisp white accents on the sides that add to your summertime look. With the perfect blend of fashionable detail and optimal performance, these trunks are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


  • The best of fashion

INDERWEAR carries only the most popular brands in men’s and women’s underwear, carefully chosen for their reputations for innovation, comfort, and style.

Addicted, Andrew Christian, Barcode, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Emporio Armani, ES Collection, Hom, Manstore, Olaf Benz, and Rufskin are just some of the brands they carry.

  • An uncompromising presentation

Take pleasure in concise and thorough explanations! Each item has an in-depth description (fabric, features, comfort), complete with photos and a bespoke sizing chart.

Discover the item you need with minimal effort. Select the desired brand, color, size, and underwear type (brief, boxer, thong, jockstrap, etc.) with a few clicks.

  • An irreproachable service

They hope you enjoy shopping on INDERWEAR as much as they do! Because they value their relationship with you, they promise.

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