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Stay Warm and Protected: The Importance of Wetsuits for Water Sports and Activities

In the last two decades, HURLEY has grown into a globally recognized icon.

HURLEY was established on the principle that they are all connected by something greater: shared interests in art, music, and culture. And a desire to spend as much time as possible outside.

HURLEY, based in beach culture and built around their values of positivity and inclusion, celebrates the full range of artistic expression, from the skate park to the canvas.

They consider music and the arts to be unifying forces, and they believe that creative drive and fresh perspectives should always come from the next generation.


ADVANT 4/3MM Fullsuit 2023 – Women

Hurley Advant 4/3mm neoprene offers unrivaled Exoflex stretch and long-lasting warmth. Superior fit and comfort achieved through the use of recycled neoprene derived from Japanese limestone. The wetsuit linings and the elastic band are coloured with a special energy and water-efficient method to improve durability where it’s most needed. Developed in collaboration with world-class surfers and scientists at California State University, San Marcos, this wetsuit allows you to surf in cooler waters without losing mobility or comfort.

PLUS 5/3MM Fullsuit 2023 – Women

Plus 5/3mm neoprene will keep you warm and cozy while you brave the elements. It’s their most sustainable and adaptable wetsuit yet, thanks to the use of their new Ecoflex 2 material. This wetsuit was made with the environment in mind, using sustainable manufacturing practices and recyclable materials. It will keep you dry and extend the life of your suit thanks to the 100% bonded seams. You’ll be energized and ready for your next session thanks to the insulated inner, which keeps you warm even in cold water and dries quickly. Developed in collaboration with world-class surfers and researchers at California State University, San Marcos to give you the best possible performance in the water without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

PLUS 4/3MM Fullsuit 2023 – Women

Because of the Plus 4/3mm, you will be able to visit locations that are inaccessible to everyone else. A full wetsuit that is friendly to the environment, will help you stay warm even in water that is cooler, and will ensure that nothing will slow you down while you are out on the water. This is the best way to stay as fast as possible.

Why choose Hurley?

If you’re looking for high-quality, innovative clothing and accessories that are designed for the active lifestyle, then look no further than Hurley. With a focus on combining cutting-edge materials and technology with timeless, stylish design, Hurley has become a top choice for discerning customers around the world. From their premium board shorts and performance fabrics to their chic and functional bags and backpacks, Hurley products are designed to help you look and feel your best, no matter where your adventures take you.

With a commitment to sustainability and a reputation for exceptional customer service, Hurley offers a unique combination of style, comfort, and practicality that simply can’t be beat. So why choose Hurley? Because they’re the smart choice for anyone who wants to look great and feel great, both on and off the board.

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