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T2 Tea UK: Discover a World of Tea Done Differently

About T2Tea UK

To them at T2, it’s all about taking the common tea leaf and making it into something new and exciting, and sharing that with anyone who will try it.

The people they meet and the exotic locations they explore serve as a source of motivation for them. They enjoy the challenge of updating traditional tea ceremonies for the contemporary tea room. Every time they brew a pot of tea, they have the opportunity to connect with other tea enthusiasts, learn about new varieties, and spread their enthusiasm for the perfect cup of tea with the world.

What’s your favorite calming tea?

It’s not always possible to get away from it all to a remote island paradise and relax in the lap of luxury. To put it another way, what can you do when your brain feels like a boiling kettle that won’t turn off? Make a cup of soothing tea and relax with it.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, unwinding, or finding your happy place, perhaps sipping some calming, calming tea would help. One of our most popular wellness teas, The Quiet Mind, is a calming brew made from an aromatic infusion of adaptogenic herbs that helps settle a stressed mind and promotes easier breathing.

Get some peace of mind with the aid of a lovely concoction designed to help you relax and concentrate. With the soothing blend of elderberry, ashwagandha, strawberry leaves, lavender, sage, linden, eucalyptus, schisandra, ginseng, blue mallow petals, and echinacea, you can take on the day with a sense of calm and serenity, no matter what challenges it may bring.

Just one whiff or sip of the ubiquitous Mint Mix or Just Peppermint is all it takes to calm your nerves and remind you to keep going. Just Chamomile, a herbal infusion of chamomile flowers, is another popular sleep-inducing beverage.

Our Relax Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane combines chamomile, juniper berries, lemon verbena, hibiscus, lemongrass, lavender, and rose petals for an aromatic and sensual experience that will help quiet your racing thoughts. Relax is an all-natural herbal tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.

Which tea helps you sleep?

Putting on the kettle and brewing a cup of calming sleep tea is a great way to de-stress, unwind, and blow off some steam. Relax with one of T2’s many soothing drinks, all of which are perfect for helping you drift off to sleep.

Sshhhhh! You only need one cup of their herbal teas to put up the “do not disturb” sign after you’ve had a cup before bed. However, if anyone dares to disturb your peaceful slumber, they do offer a tempting selection of brew-tea-ful herbal tisanes to help you drift back off to sleep again.

First, however, let’s start with a daytime tea that will help you relax and unwind in preparation for a better night’s sleep. Their adaptogenic herbs infuse delicious infusions like The Quiet Mind, making it a best-seller in their Wellness line. In order to get a good night’s sleep without having your day’s worries come back to haunt you, try drinking this herbal tisane to help calm your mind and relax the farm.

There are several tempting teas to choose from before bedtime. Their Sleep Tight Loose Leaf Tisane is the most widely consumed tisane for calming down before bedtime. Sleep Tight, also found in tea bag form, is a calming blend of herbs like lemon balm, lavender, jasmine, and rose that will help you relax and sleep soundly.

These two ultimate calming teas are available at T2 in a duo pack from their Wellness collection.

If you’re looking for the best deep and dreamy sleep, add Just Chamomile to your sleepy tea rotation; it contains a snooze-alicious blend of chamomile flowers.

Sweet Dreams, Nighty Night, and The Dreamer are the perfect complements to any of their relaxing bedtime teas; if you’ve been having trouble sleeping, you’ll find plenty of delicious solutions here.

What tea is good for immunity?

Totally tealicious hot herbie brews and zesty tisanes bursting with nature’s most powerful ingredients are an excellent way to do just that.

Their teas are formulated to strengthen your immune system and help you recover from illness by providing your body with ingredients that are effective against various pests. Turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, mint, chamomile, berries loaded with immune-boosting vitamin C, and many more of nature’s best cures are all available.

Drinking a cup of Turmeric Ginger Ninja every day will send an army of anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting herbs to kung-fu your way through the winter sniffles and keep you healthy or help you recover quickly if you do get sick.

The relaxing Just Chamomile tea will help you get a good night’s sleep, which will speed up the healing process. You can sleep off the worst of a cold, and in the meantime, Just Chamomile’s anti-bacterial properties will help ease your throat’s discomfort and drive away any pesky bugs.

When the dreaded lurgy strikes, a hot cup of organic Lemongrass and Ginger Loose Leaf Tisane will give you the immuni-tea boost you need to fight it off. Ginger teas up the ante against a nasty cold with their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

Liquorice Legs charges in to help clear a stuffy nose alongside the team of fennel, calendula, and peppermint.

Very Berry Fruitea, a favorite all year round, is a healthy tisane that provides an immunity boost, hydration, and Vitamin C via icy-cold rosehip, hibiscus, elderberry, and luscious ruby-red assorted berries.

You can keep your cool and your taste buds happy by drinking a glass of minty mint mix when you catch a summer cold. This refreshing tisane, a blend of peppermint, spearmint, and lemon verbena, will clear your mind and put you back on top of the world.

Confused about picking the right cup of healthy tea? Fortunately, T2 provides a variety of duo packs, one of which includes their Turmeric Ginger Ninja and Just Chamomile, specifically chosen to aid in immunity and recovery.

Stress Relief Tea

A cup of stress relief tea is the perfect way to combat tension and fatigue. Not only does it calm your senses, but it also delivers natural antioxidants and minerals that are essential for good health. Taking a moment to sit back and relax with a warm cup of stress-relieving tea can help you find clarity. With herbal combinations such as chamomile, lemon balm, rose hips, and raspberry leaf, you’re sure to be invigorated with a sense of peace and relaxation. Don’t forget that when life gets overwhelming; reach for a mug of calming comfort – stress relief tea!

Sleep Tea

One of the most important rituals of the day is getting a good night’s sleep. But not everyone is able to get the rest they need every night. This is where sleep tea comes in. Sleep tea will help ease you into a peaceful and restful slumber, leaving you energized and rejuvenated for your morning tasks. It consists of natural herbs known for their calming effects, like chamomile, lavender and valerian root, which can help quiet an overactive mind so that you can drift off into a blissful dream-filled state. Sleep tea is simple to make, completely organic and free of caffeine or other stimulants—so there are no worries about being wide awake all night from drinking it too close to bedtime! A nightly cup of sleep tea can make all the difference in how well you’re able to relax and get your much needed rest.

Immunity Tea

Immunity Tea is an amazing new drink bursting with natural ingredients that can help bolster your immune system. It contains herbs such as Echinacea, Astragalus root, and Elderberry which are renowned for their antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also has Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 to support a healthy immune response. This herbal concoction is absolutely delicious and naturally caffeine free! With its incredible blend of health promoting ingredients you can be sure that Immunity Tea will give your body what it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Why We Choose T2Tea UK?

T2Tea UK stands out from the crowd of tea suppliers offering its unique range of teas sourced from all over the world. Not only are they known for their quality, but also because of their commitment to customer service. They offer special tasting experiences so that customers can learn more about their products. What’s more, T2Tea UK focuses on sustainable sourcing and works hard to protect the environment. They give back to communities, support tea producers across the globe, and source responsibly-grown organic tea leaves whenever possible. With T2Tea UK you can be confident in your choice for a sustainable tea supplier with a quality product and exceptional customer service.

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