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Tailored Treatment Plans for Male Hair Loss – Sons

About Sons

Will and Adrian, co-founders of Sons, began to worry that they might lose their hair. They were looking for answers because they were not prepared for starting over at 1, but they ended up more perplexed than ever.

With Adrian’s expertise in clinical research and Will’s in business, the two friends realized over a beer that they were uniquely qualified to launch a company aimed at educating and inspiring men to take charge of their health.

The health and well-being of men is being brought into the present day. There should be less of a stigma attached, more easily accessible information, and better outcomes.

See why over 50,000 men trust Sons

Sons Best Hair Products

Hair Loss Oral Tablet

Finasteride is a prescription drug used to treat hair loss in men by inhibiting the production of DHT. The product leaflet should be read in its entirety.

A receding hairline around the temples and crown is a telltale sign of mild to moderate hair loss in men. This strategy is best for those who score a 2 or 3 on the Norwood scale.

Oral Capsule

Those who would rather take a pill than apply topical minoxidil can do so with Oral Minoxidil. Studies have shown that taking Minoxidil orally can stop hair loss and even stimulate new hair growth. More than 90% of men saw improvement with this alternative to Minoxidil, and there were fewer reported side effects.

If you’re a man experiencing early signs of hair loss across the temples and crown, and prefer a tablet option to topical treatment, consider trying their Oral Capsule.


Using saw palmetto, a clinically-proven DHT blocker, they were able to create a shampoo that effectively lowers scalp concentrations of the hormone. Argan oil, iron, and vitamin B3 are also included in the shampoo’s formula.

Gentlemen whose hair loss is just starting to show signs of progressing to a receding hairline and thinning on top. This strategy is suitable for those who score a 2 on the Norwood Scale.

Combination Spray

If you’re a man looking for a non-daily pill-free solution to hair loss, try their combined spray. The only two FDA-approved medications for treating male-pattern baldness are found in this topical solution.

A topical treatment for hair loss is preferred by men. Intriguing new data suggests that less-invasive topical treatments for hair loss may be an option.

Why choose Sons?

At Sons, they believe hair loss can be addressed without compromising natural hair. They strive to provide quality hair products that are formulated to nourish hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Their team of industry professionals have developed a line of hair loss treatments that leverage advanced technology, without exposing hair to harsh chemicals or toxins. Whether you are looking for shampoo and conditioners, liquid scalp treatments or other hair loss products, Sons has exactly what you need to support hair health and reverse hair loss. With their broad selection of all-natural solutions, they are committed to helping customers restore volume and strength in their hair.

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