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Taking Charge of Your WordPress Website: How My20i Simplifies Management

Managing WordPress sites has never been easier with the help of My20i. This platform is custom-built to cater to every customer’s needs, making it hassle-free to launch, scale, and manage WordPress cloud servers and sites. Say goodbye to the tedious command lines and complicated cPanel. With My20i, you can easily access all the necessary tools and features to optimize your WordPress site’s performance and security. The user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, even for those who are not tech-savvy. You can now focus on delivering quality content while My20i takes care of the rest, providing you with peace of mind.

Management of Cloud Servers Made Simple

Thanks to 20i user-friendly and straightforward interface, you can quickly spin up servers, activate or halt sites, and install scripts, among other things.

Built-in Analytics

Monitor critical metrics for all of your WordPress sites, including load average, disk I/O, and bandwidth utilization, among other things.

Time-Saving Dev Tools

WP-CLI, secure shell (SSH) access, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP/FTP), PHP version control, phpMyAdmin, PHP configuration, and many features.

Login Security

Two-factor authentication, file transfer protocol (FTP) security locks, protection against brute-force login attempts with StackProtect, and blocking of IP addresses and countries are all methods that assist prevent unauthorized access to your control panel and data.

Team Collaboration

Grant access to unlimited additional users and allow different levels of access permissions.

More Than Hosting

Manage all your domains, email, backups, CDN, SSL certificates and more from the same UI as your hosting. You have full control over all the settings.

Number one for WordPress support

20i WordPress technical support specialists are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and their experts will reply rapidly no matter the nature of the issue.

Expert WordPress support provided by WordPress enthusiasts who are well versed in all aspects of managed hosting.

Support that you can count on 24 hours a day, seven days a week Here when you need them, with prompt responses and solutions.

WordPress Hosting That Comes Highly Recommended
Customers have given them the highest rating possible on Trustpilot.

About 20i

20i announce Managed Cloud Hosting to help users design, deploy, and manage sites/apps at scale across 20iCloud, AWS, and GCP.

20i site hosting is 100% renewable energy. 20i green hosting customers get quick, reliable service without affecting the environment.

green host
First US data center. This allowed US clients better access to 20i’s high-performance hosting, while current Hosting Resellers could host websites in the US and UK.

20i launches a free CDN with edge caching like Cloudflare. their content delivery network expanded by 8 nodes.

HostShop debuted. Their free app launches your Reseller Hosting business quickly. They launched WordPress Tools, including staging, and made over 1000 control panel updates.

Their platform offers page loading speeds that rival competitors. Their first Virtual Private Server, DDoS protection, and free malware scans were introduced.

Tim and Jonathan launched 20i in 2016. They founded a groundbreaking hosting company with 20 years of experience.

Brothers created Heart Internet in 2004. Deloitte awarded Heart the “Fastest Growing Internet Company in the UK” in 2009.

Tim and Jonathan established Webfusion and 123-reg. 123-reg leads UK domain name registration today.

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