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The 10 Essential Cake Decorating Utensils Every Baker Needs

Making cakes is a simple and enjoyable hobby that can be done at home for a variety of occasions.

In a professional setting or when showcasing your skills, however, presentation is more important than flavour.

This is where most newcomers experience their first bouts of irritation.

Despite the fact that a great deal of simple modelling may be accomplished manually and with relatively few tools,

Having a standard set of cake decorating tools can serve you well in your professional endeavours.

In this article, we’ll explain the essential cake-decorating tools for any baker’s pantry.

1. Cake Icing Turntable

An icing turntable is an indispensable tool for every cake designer, whether you’re a professional or a hobby baker.

If you’re worried about your cake sticking while you’re frosting it, this is the perfect solution.

2. Spatula

Icing a cake cleanly with practically any frosting requires the use of a spatula. A variety of these, in a range of sizes, would be ideal.

Because of the offset design of cake icing spatulas, you can ice and frost even the tiniest of details without getting any on your hands or fingers.

3. Icing Nozzles

You may decorate your cakes and cupcakes whatever you like thanks to the wide range of icing nozzles available.

Use it to pipe buttercream swirls, add details to models, and decorate royal icing cakes with ease.

4. Cake Shape Cutter

These handy tools are just what you need for everything from making tiny stars to impressively sized heart-shaped cakes.

Cutters are incredibly versatile and can be used for both cookies and sugarpaste.

5. Non-stick Rolling Pins

Sugarpaste, icing, modelling paste, flower paste, and pretty much everything else that can be rolled requires a variety of rolling pins, including both non-stick and stainless steel varieties.

Purchase some rolling pin guide rings to help you roll out your sugarpaste to a uniform thickness. To adjust the thickness of the paste, place the desired rings on your rolling pin and roll down to the floor.

6. Silicone Brushes

Cleaning up after cake decorating can be difficult because of the sticky substances used and the brushes required for painting and dusting.

Silicone brushes are the way to go because they are resistant to bacterial and food buildup and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

7. Cake Dummies

Professionals may display their creations to customers with the help of cake dummies, which come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are quite adaptable. If you’re looking to hone your cake-decorating talents, this is the right tool for you.

Even if you don’t have a need for more cake, you can use it to build up the layers of a celebration cake.

8. Cake Stencil

Stencils are available in a wide variety of styles, and they may be used to give your cake designs that last touch of brilliance.

Sugarpaste (roll out icing) cakes are ideal for this technique, but you can also use a thin board covered with sugarpaste and let it harden if you’d rather not work directly on the cake.

9. Cake Mould

Cake decorating moulds are a terrific time-saver and add a professional touch to your baked goods. Icing moulds come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Make cake pops in a variety of shapes and colours with the help of this silicone mould set.

10. Cake Smoother & Icing Edgers

If you want your cakes to look as good as they taste, you need cake smoother and icing edgers, two indispensable cake decorating tools.

Ensure that your cake’s paste is evenly distributed by using a cake smoother to shape and smooth the top and sides.

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