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Travel Wash | Travel Soap | Lifeventure


Lifeventure is now a part of a 50-person team of product developers and genuine travel experts, supplying expedition gear to specialty retailers in over 40 countries. They know how to make the right equipment because as a team they frequently feel the urge to dive headfirst into an adventure.

British ingenuity and innovation go into every one of their products, and they only use the most recent and advanced components and manufacturing processes. Every detail was carefully planned to maximize your enjoyment of life’s journeys, both big and small. Providing you with the means to explore the world and the great outdoors without fear.

Lifeventure 5 Soaps

Dry Wash

This gentle yet effective antibacterial gel formula can be used as a quick dry hand wash. This dry wash is pH neutral, so it won’t dry out your skin, and it’s completely biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment, either.

Travel Tip: Ideal for a quick hand washing.

All Purpose Soap

This multi-purpose formula is effective on hair, body, dishes, fabrics, and even fresh food, and it lathers well in both fresh and brackish water. A little of this biodegradable, antibacterial, pH-balanced soap goes a long way.

Travel Tip: This multi-purpose detergent is a must-have for anyone who values space efficiency.

All Purpose Soap – 200ml

In addition to being effective on hair, body, dishes, fabrics, and even fresh food, the concentrated formula lathers well in both fresh and brackish water. There is minimal waste produced by this biodegradable, antibacterial soap.

Travel Tip: The essential all-in-one detergent for anyone who wants to travel light.

Soap Leaves

Disposable and minuscule, these soap leaves are designed for personal use only. Each discrete, airtight package contains fifty fragrant, new wipes.

Travel Tip: Perfect if you’re short on storage space or just trying to keep weight down for an upcoming adventure race.

Why Choose Lifeventure?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Lifeventure. They have great products that are perfect for any adventure, big or small. Their customer service is outstanding, and they always putting the customer first. Lifeventure is a company that you can trust to provide you with everything you need for your next adventure.

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