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Try some of your favorite vegan desserts

About Vegan Sweets

Vegan desserts are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, consumers are seeking for more moral options when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth. Manufacturers are increasingly sensitive to the needs of consumers with dietary restrictions or personal preferences for nostalgic candies, therefore they provide a wide variety of possibilities. It’s nice that they don’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of their canine companions these days. Vegan treats offer a wide variety of tastes, colors, and textures, and their popularity isn’t limited to the vegan community. Remember to carefully check the label to be sure there are no hidden surprises!

In case you’re wondering, yes, both Candy Necklaces and Candy Watches are cruelty-free and vegan. These soft pastels are still very much in style on the playground and are a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Even better, they contain no animal ingredients, so even vegetarians and vegans can enjoy them. How late is it? No more animal testing!

Another fantastic and colorful choice is flying saucers. They think they’re rather “out of this world” in terms of vegan treats; they have a wonderful zizz of flavor and leave your lips tingling in a delightful way when you slurp them. What more could you want for in a vegan dessert than the unusual feel of the brilliant rice paper and the blast from the past nostalgia hit? If you prefer sherbet, you’re in luck: Rainbow Dust, Sherbet Filled Bottles, and Sherbet Filled Fruit are all cruelty-free options. What a wonderful assortment of dazzling possibilities there are for satisfying one’s cravings.

What could be more enchanted than a vegan Liquorice Wand, say those who favor liquorice? They’re fun for youngsters and adults alike because to the foam of magic bubbles they produce, yet many of them will miss Liquorice Pipes. Liquorice Wood (or Root) is another excellent choice if you’re not in the mood for a fairy-themed experience but still want to feel close to nature. Nothing but good old-fashioned liquorice; no added colors, flavors, or anything else to disrupt the natural balance of the product.

If that isn’t satisfying enough, try Edinburgh Rock instead. You might be surprised to see these beautiful, crumbly delights on the vegan list, but they are a lovely fruit-flavored boiled sweet that has no gelatine, no animal products, and is even gluten free. Those gentle pastel tones really deliver on their promise to be approachable to everyone. Scented Satins are a great alternative to regular boiled sweets if you like something with a little extra color and flavor. The rich, pearlescent tones make these look almost too good to eat, but they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and everyone else.

Vegan desserts can be as delicious as any others. You can indulge in any number of strange and amazing snacks without feeling guilty. If your favorite candy isn’t vegan quite yet, keep your fingers crossed; many companies are adapting their products to meet consumer demand.

Vegan Sweets

You have found the right place if you are in search of Vegan Desserts. Although they are ideal for Vegans, Vegetarians, and anyone avoiding gelatine, they are also Halal-friendly.

They are delicious, and the names are reminiscent of classic candies from the past, so everyone will enjoy them.

Choose something delicious from their fantastic vegan-friendly assortment and dig in! In case you were wondering, they clearly state all of the ingredients for each candy on each individual product page.

Acid Drops

Acid Drops, a traditional favourite since their inception in the late 19th century, offer a refreshing and mouth-watering sour boiled confectionery that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. These citrus treats come in a variety of fruit flavours including lemon, lime and orange for zestier tasting experience. Whether you’re looking for something simple yet sweet or something with a little bit of sour to pucker your palette, Acid Drops deliver every time. Try one today and discover why it’s been loved by generations!

Acid Drops (Mouth Puckering)

These acid drops (mouth sores!) are awesome.They function similarly to regular acid drops, but with a noticeable increase in intensity, resulting in a pleasant tingling sensation in the tongue. Both their delicious flavor and the fact that the word “puckering” found its way into the name of one of their desserts make them incredibly fond of them.

American Hard Gums

American Hard Gums are large, chewy, sugar coated fruity gums that are guaranteed to stick. What makes these gums unique is the extra long lasting natural fruit flavor balance of tart and sweet. With a variety of fruity flavors from strawberry to blue raspberry, you won’t get bored with American Hard Gums anytime soon. The superior quality ingredients used in crafting this gum means a longer lasting chew treat for your enjoyment every time. Try them today and see why they have become a favorite among gum aficionados everywhere!

About A Quarter Of…

After chatting in a bar, they decided to open a nostalgic candy store.

They took a stroll down memory lane, discussing how great it was to have a candy store at the end of their street (on the way to school!). The Chocolate Box was the name given to it.

They thought the project was doomed from the start because the nostalgic candies couldn’t possible be produced today. Surely they would have seen them around if they were still being produced, but they haven’t. But generally speaking, they made (and make) them!

This is how the concept developed. And the looks on the faces of friends and family when they informed them about the concept, and they began listing all the candies they had to have in the shop (the list often went on and on; they fought to keep up as they scribbled the names down!), was priceless. had them believing it would be a popular website with the public.

Then they needed a feel for the site, so they took inspiration from a comic they read as kids called Whizzer and Chips (which is, however, no longer in production) and modeled their virtual candy store around it.

The drawings for A Quarter Of needed just the right tone, and they hit the jackpot when they found a famous cartoonist to do the job. Colin Whittock is the name of this incredible man. Apart from the endless candy sampling, working at A Quarter Of is great because Colin is continually sending them new drawings that are really fantastic and always bring a smile. Visit to view further works of art by Colin.

The book I read and loved as a kid was the final spark that ignited the idea for A Quarter Of. The book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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