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Turn a New Page: The Best New Book Releases at Easons

Are you looking for the perfect book to occupy your time? Look no further, because Eason’s latest line-up of new releases is sure to keep you hooked for hours! From immersive fantasy novels and thrillers that will make your heart race, to non-fiction pieces bursting with fascinating facts – whatever type of reader you are, there’s something guaranteed to ignite your imagination. Get ready to discover great stories and amazing characters; it’s time to turn a new page. has become a leading force in Ireland’s literary landscape since its inception in 1998. The online bookstore and gift card retailer provides customers with a hassle-free and comfortable way to purchase books and eBooks from wherever they are. With free delivery for orders over €10 in Ireland and the UK and a vast array of titles, provides unbeatable value and service that’s synonymous with the Eason brand. The platform has not only revolutionized Ireland’s online market, but it has also connected individuals globally, enabling them to purchase and enjoy Irish literature not always available to them locally.’s remarkable accomplishment was reflected in their recognition as the National Website of the Year by the Retail Excellence Ireland award in 2012.


In the small town of West Cork, retired pianist William Barrow spends his days alone due to a debilitating skin disease that has left him unable to perform. Meanwhile, Tara, a struggling piano teacher, stumbles upon a job advertisement for a housekeeper at William’s home. Little does he know, they have met before under different circumstances. Tara keeps this secret to herself as she spins tales of a well and a saint with healing powers that she claims to have discovered in William’s backyard. As William’s hands begin to heal from the moss that surrounds the well, the lines between fantasy and reality start to blur, and secrets from their past threaten to resurface. The Well of Saint Nobody by Neil Jordan explores how the stories we tell ourselves can manifest into something tangible, blurring the boundaries between the past and present.


In Noel O’Regan’s latest literary masterpiece, “Though the Bodies Fall,” readers are transported to an Irish clifftop where duty and destiny collide. Follow the story of Micheal Burns, who lives on the family property at Kerry Head and struggles to maintain his mother’s legacy of saving lost souls from the cliffs’ deadly grasp. But when his sisters decide that the land is no longer worth keeping, Micheal finds himself at a crossroads. Will he choose a future with his family, or will he honor his mother’s spiritual duty to the visitors and uphold his past? “Though the Bodies Fall” is a captivating tale of fate, despair, and the enduring power of empathy.


In “The Bone Hacker,” forensic anthropologist Tempe gets called to investigate a body that was struck by lightning. However, what starts as a routine investigation quickly turns into something much bigger. For years, young male tourists have been disappearing in Turks and Caicos, with no trace of what happened to them. Tempe soon realizes that the victims have nothing in common and that these disappearances may have something to do with the islands’ gang violence. But as she delves deeper into the case, Tempe uncovers clues that suggest something much more significant is at play. The clock is ticking, and Tempe soon becomes a target herself in this thrilling mystery.


Happiness is a novel written by the master storyteller, Danielle Steel, that explores the intricacies of finding true contentment. Sabrina Brooks, the protagonist of the story, has faced her fair share of adversity in life. Two failed marriages, a tumultuous childhood, and a desire to escape her past have shaped her present. Thankfully, Sabrina has found solace in her writing, the beauty of the Berkshire mountains, and the love of her loyal pups. But then everything changes when she receives an unexpected letter from England, where she is now the sole heir of her recently deceased uncle’s estate. Sabrina’s decision to visit her inheritance turns her world upside down in ways she never could have imagined. Happiness is a heartwarming and inspiring novel, which will leave readers yearning for the true meaning of what it means to be happy.


In the remote town of Dugort, a body is discovered in an isolated house by the pier. DS Lucy Golden is shocked to find out that the victim is the sister of an old school friend, Sandra Byrne. Adding to the chaos, one of Lucy’s colleagues and a chief suspect in the case, Ben Lively, makes the situation even more complicated. Despite her personal connections to the case, Lucy knows that she must remain unbiased in order to uncover the truth. The deeper she delves into Sandra’s life, however, the more murky and complicated things become. With lies and secrets around every corner, Lucy must navigate a web of deceit to solve the mystery. Adding to the suspense, her ex-husband and ex-con, Rob, makes a reappearance. With things quickly spiraling out of control, Lucy must race against the clock to untangle the truth before it’s too late.

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