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Varieties of Women’s Dresses by Jarlo London

About Jarlo London:

JARLO’s origins can be traced back to a tiny stall in Portobello Road Market, where the company first opened its doors a little over ten years ago. The brand’s current distribution and popularity across the globe can be attributed to the efforts of creative director Carly Hallahan. What was her secret? By pursuing what she was passionate about.

The brand has grown with each new collection, becoming more well-known and versatile without sacrificing accessibility or staying true to its roots. JARLO has a look for every type of woman and promotes the idea of following one’s own path.

Prom Dresses

Jarlo London has long been the leader in the design and production of beautiful prom dresses. Jarlo London’s attention to detail, quality fabric choices and intricate beading have cemented their reputation as the go-to designer for prom dresses. Not only do Jarlo London offer styles that can suit any taste from classic silhouettes to dramatic gowns, but they also cater to an array of budgets. Best of all, Jarlo London’s craftworkers are committed to creating unique pieces that will make any prom-goer shine on their special night. With Jarlo London’s vast selection and stellar reputation, it is no wonder they continue to be a favorite when it comes time to choose a perfect prom dress!

Party Dresses

Jarlo London designs the perfect party dresses for any occasion. Jarlo’s expert craftsmanship and fabrics mean that each dress is designed to be both fashionable and comfortable. Jarlo’s wide range of styles can be tailored to personal tastes – from bold and vibrant cocktail dresses, to more subtle lace midi dresses – there is something for every kind of party style. Jarlo even offers pre- coordinated accessories, so you can achieve a polished look with minimal effort. Jarlo London is the go-to destination to find your dream party dress.

Evening Dresses

Jarlo London is a world-renowned company known for its classic and modern evening dresses. Jarlo dresses are designed with an eye for both detail and art, making them perfect for special occasions. Each Jarlo dress is tailored to ensure the best fit. From romantic tulle to bold velvet, Jarlo London has something for every taste in style when it comes to eveningwear. For someone looking to make a clear statement of their unique fashion sense, Jarlo evening dresses are the perfect choice.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Jarlo London specializes in creating beautiful bridesmaid dresses that are sure to make the bridal party stand out on the big day. Jarlo’s collection of flattering, fashionable pieces helps ease the stress of choosing the perfect look for all members of a bridal party. From intricate laces and graceful chiffons, to body conscious cottons and floaty maxis, Jarlo’s whimsical designs will ensure that no one feels left out and every guest sparkles in her dress on a very special day!

Why shop from Jarlo London?

Jarlo London offers customers the trendiest and highest quality fashion apparel. Whether you’re looking for a unique summer dress, jeans that will last through any season, or the perfect jacket to complete an outfit, Jarlo London has something for everyone. Customers can rest assured knowing they are investing in clothing that is well-made and long lasting – no matter how often they wear it. Additionally, their team of designers understand the latest trends in fashion and continuously update their inventory accordingly. So whether you’re in search of something forever stylish or something more of-the-moment, you’re guaranteed to find it when shopping from Jarlo London.

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