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What are different types of sponges?

About Seep

They throw away one thousand kitchen sponges every single minute of every single day. Most of them are made of uncontaminated plastic. While eco-friendly cleaning solvents are easy to come by, they were unable to do the same for cleaning equipment that didn’t contribute to pollution. Because of this need, Seep produced their plastic-free cleaning products.

They think everyone should be able to do their part to keep the home running well without negatively impacting the environment. Despite spending £5bn annually, most of the cleaning products they use aren’t environmentally friendly. It’s time for a more enticing option to plastic products that don’t harm the environment. Seep will soon be here.

Seep was created with the intention of creating a company model, mentality, and offering that is beneficial to all parties involved.

What is sponges for cleaning?

Sponge definition is – a soft, porous substance used for cleaning. Sponges are excellent at soaking up water and other water-based cleaning solutions, which is why they are typically employed to clean nonporous surfaces.

Seep – Sponges

Eco Kitchen Sponge With Scourer (1 year supply – 12 sponges)

Seep offers an award-winning eco kitchen sponge with scourer that is built to last! Each Seep sponge comes with a unique, patented foldable design which makes it easy to store and use. This 12-pack of Seep sponges gives you a one year supply and will help eliminate single-use plastic pollution while providing superior quality and performance.

Seep‘s sponges are made from natural biodegradable materials, plants and minerals, so you can rest assured that your dishwashing experience is completely safe for the environment. Seep‘s patented Sponge Lock technology ensures that debris does not seep into the sponge, providing improved hygiene and safety for your home. Try Seep today – you won’t be disappointed!

Eco Sponge With Scourer (4 Pack Of Sponges)

Seep‘s 4 Pack Of Eco Sponges With Scourer can help you clean your home without compromising on quality or the environment. Crafted from sustainable and biodegradable materials, Seep‘s sponges offer a scrubbing side for hard-to-remove messes like dried sauces and caked-on grime as well as a soft side for gentler cleaning tasks. Seep‘s sponges also come with a weighted base so they won’t tip over while in use, making them more efficient than ever.

Plus, Seep’s innovative sponges are designed to last longer than the traditional kind, meaning fewer replacements along the way. So why wait? Get Seep’s 4 Pack Of Eco Sponge With Scourer today, and start your eco-friendly cleaning journey!

Essential Cleaning Eco Power Duo

The Essential Cleaning Eco Power Duo is an unbeatable team when it comes to keeping your home sparkling clean. This powerful package includes a highly effective Seep biodegradable cleaner, plus a unique and innovative tool that scrubs surfaces with ease. Seep is formulated to naturally break down dirt and grime, penetrating through grease and ground-in messes – guaranteed to provide unbeatable results each and every time.

With this dynamic duo, you can take charge of the cleaning process confidently, knowing that you are using products safe for both people and the environment at the same time.


What are Seep sponges made from?

Their cellulose sponges feature a loofah scouring pad for scrubbing tough messes.

What are Seep cloths made from?

Plant fibres are used to create seep cloths (viscose). 

Can I wash my loofah sponge and cloth?

Cloths can be washed in water as cool as 30 or 40 degrees and still come out looking bright and clean. The sponges have also been washed, however the loofah scourer will soften and break down with time. There have been reports of other customers who have placed them on the top shelf of their dishwashers before using them.

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