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What are the different types of tray?

Emma Bridgewater

At Emma Bridgewater, they work hard to make products that enhance regular life. Everything began for Emma in 1984, when she had recently graduated from college and was living and working in London. In search of a birthday gift for her mom, she hit the stores. After much deliberation, she decided that a set of two matching teacups and saucers would make the ideal “I love you” gift. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you. A longing to be reminded of her mother’s North Oxford house led her to a china shop.

However, back then, it appeared as though the Great British high street only offered two choices: delicate and formal, or robust and decidedly unromantic. Emma immediately recalled the cabinet in her mother’s kitchen. She envisioned it amidst the chaos of the china shop’s jumbled porcelain. Only by mastering the art of hand-making ceramics could she hope to see her ambition realized. But she had no idea what to search for or where to start.

Decorative Food & Drinks Serving Trays

Their decorative trays are perfect for transporting a full lunch to the patio table or bringing tea to a guest in bed. Explore their extensive collection of beautiful, long-lasting trays and serveware that are both round and vintage in design. Get your tea and coffee cups here that go together!

3 Cheers for King Charles III Round Tin Tray

Emma Bridgewater’s 3 Cheers for King Charles III Round Tin Tray is a classic addition to any home. Its glossy finish and bold colors, highlighted by the full-color print process, add delightful style to the table while providing reliable, easy-to-clean storage options. The tray features an exceptional regal design with royal and noble imagery that honors England’s historical king, making it a timeless piece of art. Emma Bridgewater’s 3 Cheers for King Charles III Round Tin Tray is a must-have home accessory that can be appreciated now and handed down through generations.

Rainbow Toast Round Tin Tray

Emma Bridgewater’s Rainbow Toast Round Tin Tray is a colorful and fun addition to any kitchen. It’s large enough to contain a variety of items, from cutlery and napkins to utensils and condiments. The cheerful rainbow design brightens up its surroundings and adds a touch of whimsy to your mealtime tools. Made from sturdy tin, this tray is both easy to clean and resilient against scratches or dents, ensuring that it can handle the hustle and bustle of daily life in the kitchen for many years to come.

Lovebirds Round Tin Tray

Enjoy the sweet morning moments together over a cup of tea served on this delightful Lovebirds Round Tin Tray. Containing a romantic illustration of two lovebirds inside a heart, this tray is an excellent way for couples to express their love for one another through pleasantries like tea shared in bed each morning. Crafted from tin, it is robust and sure to last many years of romantic mornings together.

Vegetable Garden Round Tin Tray

With their Vegetable Garden Round Tin Tray, you can be the envy of your allotment neighbours as you proudly serve up tea and cake. This tray features a distinctive vegetable design to help you celebrate your green-fingered success in style. The tin tray measures 32 cm in diameter and is manufactured from robust and durable tin, making it ideal for serving snacks, biscuits and treats when you have visitors at the allotment. Be sure to bring some homemade goodies along so that your guests can really get a taste of your growing achievements!

Why people love to shop Emma Bridgewater?

Emma Bridgewater is a favorite retailer for many reasons. One of the most appealing features is the elaborate hand-painting on display. The company’s dedication to preserving its heritage and the high quality of its ceramics are two factors that attract and retain customers. A further appealing feature is the variety of items offered, which includes not only cups and dishes but also teapots and vases. Last but not least, customers appreciate the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff.

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