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What do I need to know about crossbows?


Bogensportwelt is an amazing platform providing archers everywhere with the best bow and arrow products available. Their meticulous attention to detail in crafting high quality bows and arrows for accurate, consistent shooting has ensured that every item they make is of exceptional performance and value. With a wide selection from top brands, Bogensportwelt offers bowhunters and recreational archers an unbeatable range of styles, sizes, constructions and prices.

The company also provides expert guidance about their products, helping customers find the perfect bow for their needs. With Bogensportwelt, you can be sure to find the product you need to enjoy your pursuit of excellence in archery.


That you’ve found your way to their store indicates a shared passion for crossbows, which they appreciate. No matter if you’re just curious or if you’re ready to go out and buy a crossbow right this second. In addition to providing in-depth guidance for your purchase, they also stock a wide variety of crossbows and the corresponding bolts. Help BSW grant your wish and locate your desired crossbow.

Bogensportwelt – Crossbows

HORI-ZONE Rage Special Opps – Recon Package

The HORI-ZONE Rage Special Opps Recon Package is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add powerful, efficient hunting tools and equipment to their arsenal. At just 175 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to transport, capable of going wherever needed to track down any prey. Included in the package are three Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrows, one Quiet Crank 3 Arrow Quiver and a Raid Quick Lock 5 Pin Sight for optimal accuracy and visibility.

A must for serious hunters, the Special Ops Recon Package is designed to help you get that trophy animal without ever missing an opportunity. Whether you are an amateur or expert hunter, this kit will give you the edge and the confidence to become an even better predator in no time.

X-BOW FMA Supersonic

If you are looking for an extreme shooting experience, the X-BOW FMA Supersonic is your top choice! This remarkable bow fires arrows up to 330 feet per second with only 120 lbs of draw weight. It has an advanced Design Eccentric System (DES) which provides supreme accuracy and is adjustable so you can customize your shooting experience.

With its progressive design that allows the limbs to flex, transfers more power and reduces vibration, this supersonic pistolenarmbrust offers unparalleled precision and performance!

SET X-BOW Specter

The SET X-BOW Specter is the perfect crossbow for hunters who are looking for a lightweight and portable model. At only 175 lbs draw weight, this crossbow will handle most mid-range game without any difficulty. Plus, with an impressive 260 fps muzzle velocity, you can be sure to make quick and accurate kills from farther distances.

Whether you are hunting small game indoors or larger game outdoors, the SET X-BOW Specter is an ideal choice thanks to its high performance combined with a light weight design.

HORI-ZONE Rage-X – Deluxe Package

From power draw to performance, the HORI-ZONE Rage-X – Deluxe Package – 175 lbs will not disappoint. With a draw weight of 175 lbs and a range of 40 yards, this model is sure to give you the power you need for your archery needs. Its superior craftsmanship and sleek design caters to both experienced archers and new archers alike, making it an ideal choice regardless of skill level.

Perfectly suited for practicing in your backyard or participating in tournaments, this model is guaranteed to give you the accuracy and reliability that you expect from premium equipment. Test the limits today with HORI-ZONE Rage-X – Deluxe Package – 175 lbs!

Why Buy From Bogensportwelt?

Buying from Bogensportwelt is an easy and reliable way to source all your sporting equipment needs. Their expansive range of items covers a wide selection of sports, from archery and darts to skiing and windsurfing. All their goods are priced competitively and have the added benefit of fast shipping times. Furthermore, with the latest in integrated payment systems, purchasing from us is simple and streamlined.

Rest assured that you are buying quality merchandise their team thoroughly inspects every item before dispatch to ensure only the best in product reliability. Join the many satisfied customers who have bought from them for their sporting needs; shop at Bogensportwelt today!

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