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What do I need to know about juicers?

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High Street TV is a multi-channel retail enterprise operating in the UK and overseas. We are one of the UK’s fastest-growing firms as designated by The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and International Track 200. High Street TV was established in 2008 and has since grown to employ over seventy people from its headquarters in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

What do I need to know about juicers?

When it comes to juicers, there are a few things you need to know in order to make the best purchase for your needs. First, you need to decide what type of juicer you want. There are two main types of juicers: centrifugal and masticating. Centrifugal juicers are the most popular type and they work by spinning fruits and vegetables at a high speed, extracting the juice through a strainer. Masticating juicers work slower but they extract more juice and retain more nutrients. They work by grinding fruits and vegetables into a pulp and then squeezing the juice out.

Second, you need to consider what kind of features you want in a juicer. Some features to look for include a wide feed chute (to accommodate larger pieces of fruit), adjustable settings (for different types of produce), and a pulp collector (to make clean-up easier).

Finally, you need to think about what kind of budget you have for a juicer.In general, centrifugal juicers are less expensive than masticating juicers, but it is important to compare features and find the best value for your needs. With these factors in mind, you will be able to find the perfect juicer for your kitchen.

What is a juicer used for?

A juicer is a device that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables. The juice is then collected in a container for drinking or for use in cooking. Juicers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be operated manually or electrically. Some juicers are also equipped with filters to remove pulp or seeds from the juice.

Juice extractors are similar to juicers, but they typically produce a larger quantity of juice and do not have filters. Juicers and juice extractors can be used to make a wide range of juices, including orange juice, grapefruit juice, tomato juice, and carrot juice. They can also be used to make cocktails and smoothies.

High Street TV – Juicers

  1. Nutribullet Juicer Pro 1000W
  2. Nutribullet Juicer 800W

Nutribullet Juicer Pro 1000W

High Street TV is proud to offer the Nutribullet Juicer Pro 1000W. This powerful juicer is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their fruits and vegetables. The Nutribullet Juicer Pro 1000W extractor blade breaks down even the toughest ingredients, making it easy to get all of the nutrients and vitamins that you need.

The High Street TV Nutribullet Juicer Pro 1000W also comes with a jumbo-sized cup, so you can make enough juice for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to improve your health or just want to enjoy a delicious glass of freshly squeezed juice, the Nutribullet Juicer Pro 1000W is the perfect choice. Order yours today!

Nutribullet Juicer 800W

High Street TV is proud to bring you the latest in kitchen technology with the Nutribullet Juicer 800W. This powerful juicer can extract all the nutrients from your fruits and vegetables, making it easy to get your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. The Nutribullet Juicer 800W is also easy to use, with a simple push-button operation that makes it quick and easy to get started.

Plus, the included strainer means that you can juice directly into your glass or bottle, making it even more convenient. With the Nutribullet Juicer 800W, getting your daily dose of fruit and vegetables has never been easier.


  • They are the quickest at squeezing juice out of produce, particularly if the tube is wide enough to accommodate whole, smaller fruits and vegetables like apples, cucumbers, and oranges.
  • They’re vertically aligned, saving you valuable counter space in the kitchen.
  • The low cost of production means that they are typically the cheapest juicers on the market.


  • Heat generated by the blades’ rapid rotation lowers the quality of the juice extracted from them.
  • The increased oxidation causes the fresh juice to quickly separate and form a foam on top.
  • They can be quite noisy
  • Wheatgrass and other greens are difficult for them to digest.
  • The juice will go bad in a short amount of time, separating.
  • Juice contains a high amount of solids or “pulp” and indigestible fiber
  • It is not advised to use a centrifugal juicer to make nut milk because of the juicer’s inability to properly process nuts and seeds.

If you’re not making a lot of juice and you want to drink it right away, then this is the juicer for you. It’s also ideal for those who wish to reap the health advantages of juicing but have little time to devote to the process. Plus, they’re less expensive than competing products, making them ideal for newcomers.

Why We Choose High Street TV?

Here at High Street TV, they pride their selves on offering a unique shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for the latest in fashion or the perfect gift for a loved one, we have something for everyone. They source our products from all over the world, so you can be sure to find something that’s just right for you.

And with their convenient online shopping portal, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. So why not give us a try today? You won’t be disappointed.

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