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What do we know about plants?

About Gardening Direct

The brightest and healthiest plants that will flourish in your garden are what they are most dedicated to delivering you, and they love getting our hands filthy just as much as you do. Whether you have a balcony, cottage garden, patio, or window box, they have the plants you need to keep it looking great all year long. As an experienced gardener, you want the best plants for your money, and they make it their business to provide just that. They’re always adding new products since their horticulturists are always searching for the best plants and new types to provide at the most affordable pricing, with special discounts and specials for their loyal customers.

And what could be more convenient than having everything brought right to your doorstep? Even if you have never gardened before, you can rely on them to help you out. To help you get the most out of your garden, our team of experts has compiled how-to guides for each plant they carry, and they also sell plants in curated collections and as ready-to-plant options. Since their founding in 1996, they’ve made it their mission to become the world’s preeminent mail-order supplier for plants, and they’re well on our way to achieving that goal.

What are the importance of plants?

Plants are a fundamental part of all ecosystems, providing food for animals and humans alike. They also play an important role in the cycling of water and nutrients, acting as natural filters for groundwater and releasing oxygen into the air that we need to breathe. Moreover, plants purify the air by capturing pollutants such as dust particles, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone.

Finally, plants provide us with materials needed in our daily lives such as lumber, paper and textiles. In sum, plants play an integral role in sustaining life on earth; they must be protected if we want to foster healthy ecosystems and maintain a stable global environment.

What are the 5 facts about plant?

1. Plants go through a process called photosynthesis.

This is how plants make their own food.

They absorb sunlight through the plant’s chlorophyll.

The energy from this turns the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen that is made and the carbon dioxide from the outside air are used as the plant’s food.

2. Photosynthesis creates glucose.

You might have heard of glucose when learning about the food you eat.

Photosynthesis is why it is found in fruits and vegetables.

Glucose gives your body the fuel it needs for energy!

3. How are seeds created?

A flower has pollen on it, it also has an ova, which is an egg.

When these join together, it creates a seed.

The seed will make a new plant grow!

4. Seeds are dispersed so they can grow in other areas.

Plants can’t grow in different areas unless their seeds are spread there. There are numerous approaches to this.

Wind dispersal

Seeds can be carried on the wind. The sycamore tree is one example of a plant that will experience this. The seeds can travel by air thanks to their winglike structures. The seeds of a dandelions are similarly feathery. They can be easily blown away with a blast of air.

Water dispersal

Did you know a coconut is the seed of a palm tree? These can float and so water can take them to a different location to grow a new tree.

Explosion dispersal

Once in a while, a group of peas in a pod will disperse in a spectacular fashion. The peas (seeds) will disperse after the pod bursts open. Fruits contain seeds that can be eaten. If an animal eats the fruit, it will then poo elsewhere which will have the seeds in it! Burdock seeds, like many others, have tiny hooks that help them to cling to an animal’s fur.

5. The roots of a plant are usually under the soil.

These transport food and water from the soil to the plant’s upper leaves. They ensure that the plant maintains its vertical position as well.

Gardening Direct – Plants

Pair of Cordyline and Decorative Planters

Gardening Direct has some of the best decorative planters on the market. Now pair them with a lush, bright-colored Cordyline for an even more impressive display! Gardening Direct offers options ranging from traditional rustic to modern and classy. Whether you’re looking to make a statement in your backyard or give your office space a much needed pick-me-up, Gardening Direct will help you do it right.

With their vast selection of cordyline and decorative planters, Gardening Direct will have you spoilt for choice.

Apple ‘Braeburn’

Gardening Direct offers a unique variety of the popular Apple ‘Braeburn’. This apple offers a sweet, yet tart flavor, making them an ideal choice for baking and cooking. Gardening Direct‘s Braeburn assortment features a juicy and crisp texture for optimum snacking enjoyment.

Additionally, this variety is disease resistant and long lasting, making it relatively easy to grow in home gardens or even in containers. If you’re looking for flavor and longevity in your apple orchard, Gardening Direct has the perfect solution with their Braeburn apples!

‘Conference’ Pear Tree

Gardening Direct is proud to present the newest addition to its lineup: The ‘Conference’ Pear Tree. This robust and hardy variety of deciduous tree produces a fruitful harvest of ripe pears ready for picking come mid-summer! An environmental gem, the Conference pear tree enjoys full sun exposure and does well in normal garden soil conditions.

Its origins lie within the UK, where it earned its name after hosting an 1894 Gardener’s Conference. Whether you’re a seasoned or novice gardener, Gardening Direct‘s ‘Conference’ Pear Tree is sure to bring bountiful harvests and endless satisfaction with each season.

‘Stella’ Cherry Tree

Gardening Direct is proud to offer a variety of fruit trees for planting in the home garden, and one of our many popular items is the Stella Cherry Tree. This distinctive tree with its deep green foliage and small-sized cherries is an excellent choice for home orchards due to its quick growth and low maintenance needs.

These reddish-brown fruits can easily be harvested by hands off the branches or kept on the tree until they ripen. Gardening Direct‘s Stella Cherry Tree will provide delicious harvests of rich, sweet cherries season after season, creating delightful edible works of art right in your own yard.

Why We Choose Gardening Direct?

Gardening Direct is the go-to choice for gardeners of all skill levels who need quality supplies and inspiration for their outdoor spaces. Their knowledgeable staff will guide customers with expertise, allowing them to explore our extensive and diversified collection of products. They also offer a wide variety of in-store courses and certified gardening advice for when customers want to get more hands-on with their projects.

Across their online store, blog and physical stores, customers can access all the information they need to make informed choices about their outdoor space. They strive to be an inspiring resource and support network that helps gardeners at every step of their journey – from novice to pro!

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