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What do you do using makeup brushes?

About Glisten

Hello, my name is Natalie and I am the creator and CEO of Glisten Cosmetics. They’re a tiny British company run by family and friends. Since my main source of income (teaching) wasn’t enough to meet all the expenditures, I launched the brand as a side company in 2017.

Since selling glitter could be done from home, I gave it a try. I had my first child in 2018, and while I was on maternity leave I bought my first makeup pallet. I conceived it, formulated and sampled it in various colours and forms, and finally saw it come to fruition. With the launching of Disco Dynamite, Glisten began to establish itself as more than just a glitter manufacturer.

In the year 2020, Wet Liners were established, and the rest, as they say, is history.

They finished releasing the Split Liners by the end of 2020, and I started working full-time for Glisten. A cause near and dear to my heart is the availability of bright, welcoming, and reasonably priced goods.

I take great pride in providing exceptional customer service and am committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.


Each of their brushes has a hardwood handle and a synthetic bristle head. Completely animal-friendly and vegan, it’s ready to spark your imagination.

What are the makeup brushes used for?

Makeup brushes are essential pieces of makeup application equipment. They can be used to blend eyeshadow, highlight, contour and define features, apply foundation, powder and blush, and more. Different sizes, shapes, and textures can help the user to create a range of looks from natural to dramatic.

Additionally, applying makeup with a good quality brush provides a smooth finish which helps ensure the makeup lasts longer. As such, keeping quality brushes on hand is important for anyone who uses makeup regularly or professionally.

Glisten – Brushes

Thick Liner Brush Set

The Thick Liner Brush Set from Glisten offers a professional quality and true convenience, giving you all the brushes you need for a full makeup kit in one easy purchase. A perfect choice for experienced makeup artists and beginners alike, the brush set includes ten durable, synthetic-bristle liners that allow you to create precise and bold lines that can emphasize anything from eyes to lips. Glisten ensures your satisfaction with each brush’s easy control, so you can easily apply eyeliner or lip liner with confidence.

Proper care of the brushes is simple, and Glisten offers product support should any issue arise. Don’t hesitate – upgrade your collection today with Glisten‘s Thick Liner Brush Set!

Flat Brush Set

If you need flat brushes that are as versatile and elegant as you are, then look no further than this incredible flat brush set. Crafted from the finest quality synthetic fibers available and with a comfortable handle design, these tools promise to make your painting projects faster and more enjoyable.

Their special glisten-infused bristles provide the perfect amount of color payoff with minimal stroking for a natural-looking, airbrush finish every single time! As an added bonus, these brushes are easily cleaned to maintain their impeccable shape. Try this set today and discover why it’s our most popular flat brush option yet!

Full Brush Set

A full brush set should be something that every beauty enthusiast has in their collection. These must-haves come with such an array of sizes and types, making them an essential item for completing any look. From bronzer to setting powder, your brushes can give you a perfect canvas for all kinds of colors and styles.

With a full brush set, you’ll be able to achieve a professional look with ease. When applied delicately and properly, makeup will glisten on your face and bring out its natural features. Invest in the best quality brushes for the best results; at least then you know that you can rely on your artistry always looking flawless!

Why Shop From Glisten?

Shopping with Glisten is an easy way to access the best and most exclusive products, services and experiences. They take pride in our selection of luxurious items, carefully chosen for their high quality, attention to detail and uncompromising fashion standards. What makes us stand out is that we also offer unbeatable levels of customer service; you can enjoy personalized support as soon as you walk through our doors. Their team of experienced shoppers is always ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whatever your style or budget. With Glisten, shopping has never been more enjoyable or rewarding.

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