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What does a CPAP mask do for you?

Intus Healthcare has been a leader in the field of Sleep Disordered Breathing, also known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, and CPAP therapy for more than 15 years. They offer a comprehensive selection of patient support material and attend to the needs of individuals in over 40 countries across Europe who pay on their own.

Risk-Free CPAP Masks

Use one of their Risk-Free CPAP Masks to eliminate the uncertainty of purchasing a new mask. If any of these masks don’t work for you, they’ll refund your purchase price. You can try any mask in this group for a full month at no risk. Because it may take some time to adjust to a new mask, they give you 28 days to try it out and see if it works for you.

Full Face CPAP Masks

The most typical CPAP mask is a full face mask. Because it encloses the mouth as well as the nose, your CPAP machine will be able to provide the necessary pressure regardless of how you breathe while you’re asleep. Accessible replacement components can be found in their “Mask Parts” section. Be sure to check out the ease of wearing a mask!

Nasal Cushion CPAP Masks

When using a CPAP or BiPAP therapy, a nasal cushion CPAP mask will seal around the nose to ensure that the pressurised air is delivered without disrupting your breathing. If you naturally breathe via your nose and prefer to do so while sleeping, read on. In comparison to full face masks, these ones require less adjustment time. Allergy sufferers can choose from nasal cushion masks with soft cloth cushions, gel cushions, or silicone cushions.

Why We Choose Intus Healthcare?

Intus Healthcare is the perfect choice for businesses and individuals who want to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Each of their plans is tailored to meet your needs, budget, and overall health goals. With options for affordable, proactive care packages and access to a team of certified professionals and specialists, you’ll have the support needed to live an optimally healthy life.

Intus Healthcare is the ideal choice because they place your wellbeing first and strive to provide devoted service that goes above and beyond expectations. From medical advice to lifestyle assessments, those who choose Intus can truly take advantage of comprehensive healthcare at its very best.

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