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What is an air pump used for?


When it comes to pond supplies, Pondkeeper is the go-to company in the United Kingdom. They’ve been doing so since 2005, making them a veritable institution in the industry.

Get the right tools for the job every time with the help of their free expert advice; they have years of experience with ponds, water gardens, and pond construction. Oase, Hozelock, Laguna, Fishmate, Blagdon, pondXpert, and many other top brands are just some of the many that they carry.

Air Pumps

These devices will oxygenate the water in your pond, which is an essential service for the fish and other wildlife that lives there.

PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 210 Pump

If you’re looking for a high-quality pump at a low price, look no further than the PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 210. Currently, the price of this air pump is discounted to 50% off of its original list price!

This pump has a high-end feel to it thanks to its sturdy casing and high-grade included accessories and fittings. In order to properly aerate your pond, you can find everything you need in the PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 210, which is a high-quality air pump.

Because oxygen levels naturally drop in the summer, air pumps are especially important for maintaining fish health. A more oxygenated pond is a healthier pond because more water is being circulated.

The ElectroAir Compact 210 is perfectly suited for the following ponds:
• No fish: 1,500 litres (330 gallons)
• Fish: 1,100 Litres (240 gallons)
• Koi: 500 litres (110 gallons)

Accessories included with the ElectroAir Compact 210:
• 2 x 4mm air lines (5m)
• 2 x 30mm air stones

IPX4 Rated: These pumps can be installed close to the pond because they are weatherproof. They can operate in the elements day and night.

High Quality Casing: The high standards to which the ElectroAir Compact pumps are manufactured allow for a silent motor and a long service life.

PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 450 Pump

PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 450 pump delivers super value and premium quality. This air pump is presently priced at fifty percent of its RRP!

The sturdy casing of this pump, along with the high-quality accessories and fittings that are included in the package, are clear indicators of the superior build quality of this product. The PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 450 is a high-quality air compressor that gives you everything you require to successfully aerate your pond in a single convenient package.

It is imperative that you have air pumps if you want your fish to remain healthy, and this is particularly true during the summer months when oxygen levels tend to drop. Adding more air to a pond will result in increased water circulation and a healthier environment.

The ElectroAir Compact 450 is perfectly suited for the following ponds:
• No fish: 3,000 litres (660 gallons)
• Fish: 2,500 litres (550 gallons)
• Koi: 1,200 litres (265 gallons)

Accessories included with the ElectroAir Compact 450:
• 2 x 4mm air lines (5m)
• 2 x 30mm air stones

IPX4 Rated: Due to the fact that these devices are resistant to the elements, they can be installed in close proximity to the pond. They are made to operate in the open air around the clock and in any kind of weather.

High Quality Casing: The ElectroAir Compact pumps are constructed to a high standard, which results in a motor that is silent and a pump that lasts for a long time.

PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 600 Pump

Affordable and high-quality, the PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 600 Compressor is a must-have for any serious aquarist. This air compressor is currently fifty percent off the initial price!

This pump has a premium appearance and feel due to its high-quality construction and fittings. ThePondXpert ElectroAir Compact 600 is the highest-quality air generator available for aerating your pond.

Summertime sees a natural decline in oxygen levels, making air blowers even more vital to fish health. More water circulation means more air is being introduced into the pond, making it healthier.

The ElectroAir Compact 600 is perfectly suited for the following ponds:
• No fish: 4,250 litres (935 gallons)
• Fish: 3,300 litres (725 gallons)
• Koi: 1,650 litres (360 gallons)

Accessories included with the ElectroAir Compact 600:
• 2 x 4mm air lines (5m)
• 2 x 50mm air stones
• 2-way chrome manifest with taps

PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 1200 Pump

The ElectroAir Compact 1200, which is manufactured by PondXpert, is an excellent blower that can be purchased at an attractive price. At the moment, you can get this air compressor at a price that is reduced by fifty percent in comparison to its initial retail price!

This pump’s sturdy casing, as well as the high-quality attachments and connections that are included with it, give it the appearance and feel of a high-end product. Do not look any further than the PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 1200 if you are interested in purchasing an air compressor for your pond that is both effective and comprehensive.

Because of the natural decline in oxygen levels that occurs during the summer, air pumps are especially essential for the continued health of fish. Because more water is moving around in the reservoir, it has a higher oxygen content and is therefore healthier.

Why choose Pondkeeper?

Pondkeeper provides a comprehensive range of products and services to suit all types of ponds. Every product from their wide selection is made from high-quality materials, designed to maximize longevity and performance while minimizing maintenance needs. From traditional supplies such as pond liners, pumps, and filters to natural elements like lily pads and aquatic plants, Pondkeeper has something for everyone. What’s more, there are experienced experts on hand ready to provide helpful information and assistance when needed. With Pondkeeper you can be sure that your pond will look its very best – without the hassle of extensive upkeep.

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